This is no trouble to do.

When everything was ready, Yamanaka Ino was sent to light the fire.
Since she wants nature, she has to help with some work.
And seven nights once again lying in the living room with Hinata Hyuga’s legs on his pillow.
It’s sudden and a little nostalgic
"It’s still softer every day!"
It may not be good to say that seven nights’ EQ.
Where can I praise other girls in front of my fiancee?
This will make people unhappy.
Hinata Hyuga can’t help but pout.
But I thought that this guy would make out with her sister in front of her for seven nights.
Instantaneous and think it seems nothing.
Continue to feed for seven nights
There are guests outside the shrine.
It’s Jiraiya
Jump to the living room and sit outside the eaves without taking the main entrance.
"You really enjoy it."
Jiraiya doesn’t seem too happy.
Maybe Gang Shou rejected it again? Or did you get caught peeking?
Maybe both.
Anyway, it’s just a bachelor. Some people just feel uncomfortable making out in front of themselves.
Seven nights without giving a hand.
It’s not that he knows how to enjoy, but that he is simply lazy and comfortable.
Jiraiya has always been helpless to him.
It’s been like this since I was a child
Get down to business directly.
"Xiao organization has already started to act. Won’t you help?"
"Help? Help Xiao organize? This suggestion seems good, maybe destroying the world is more suitable for me. "
Seven nights said so.
Maybe I really want to try it, because I am eager to try it after I finish my face expression.
But isn’t it everyday for others to set it up?
Or lazy every day?
Anyway, Hinata Hyuga is trying to vomit.
Jiraiya also wanted to vomit, but rolled his eyes.
"I want you to help me deal with Xiao."
"Do you think I will do that troublesome thing?"
"Trouble? Isn’t it troublesome to destroy the world? "
"It is certainly troublesome to destroy the world, but it is not so troublesome to destroy mankind."
"… your idea is very dangerous, young man."
Destroy mankind. What
This is more extreme than Xiao.
Good Jiraiya is also a white night. It’s just talk
But seven nights without help still made him a little frustrated.
Seven nights is very strong, and it might be much easier if you have seven nights to help.
More importantly, Snow Country will not sit idly by if it helps for seven nights.
Now the sea is a snow country, and all kinds of new cruisers patrol everywhere, and pirates have been wiped out
Small countries in the sea have also been swept clean and become administrative regions under the rule of Snow Country.
And those big names were either caught or escaped.
I won’t let them continue to do things anyway.
Obviously, a new storm has appeared. How can we stand still …
"Forget it, I don’t expect you to help. Just don’t make trouble."
Jiraiya is very nai to say this sentence.
Is the original don’t expect seven nights can help.
Seven-night character He knew that he didn’t want to be troublesome, but he just wanted to be lazy in the shrine.
Perhaps the only ambition is to conquer the world.
This seems to be almost a seven-night cash sale, but it’s scary
Snow country also brought more troops.
But I didn’t understand what he said for seven nights.
"When did I make a mess?"
"Is it not chaotic that the water country has been destroyed?"
"They asked for it."
Seven nights pie pie
Head Hinata Hyuga legs Ceng Ceng in a more comfortable posture.
Hinata Hyuga still blushed but didn’t interrupt.
Jiraiya also don’t want to say more.