At this time, 6 can’s body blue gradually dispersed, and the enemy potion has gradually lost.

"There are hundreds of bugs waiting for us in Lianjiabao … Let’s go …" 6 Can pulled up 6 Cher and prepared to go out.
Unexpectedly, after getting up, Cher seemed to suddenly remember something and asked nervously, "Is it just the three of us who live in seclusion?"
"What’s the matter?" 6 Can’t be white 6 Cher, why do you have this question? "Do you really like Gu San?"
"That if aunt said aunt fairy? Doesn’t father like her, too? " 6 cher language amazing said
"Uh …" 6 can immediately language just at that time the excitement didn’t expect to speak there is such a big bug.
See 6 can reaction 6 cher pouting said, "don’t worry, mom said that my father is a great man, and there won’t be a woman behind a great man …"
"eh? Why does this sound awkward? Didn’t you say that there is a woman behind a successful man? How did it become more than one woman? " 6 Can was puzzled for a while, but it was unwise for her daughter to discuss how many women she likes.
So 6 can patriarch eyes a stare fierce said "children don’t worry about these …"
Talking about the group to send with 6 cher away.
"Hee hee ….." 6 Cher made a face behind 6 Can, and her pathetic little face was still full of tears and could not say naughty.
Just as Chan appeared in Lianjiabaoting’s own guest room, she felt as if she had stepped on something and looked down.
A masked man in black.
In a closer look at this room, there are four men in black who are turning things around in their hands and feet.
"Ha!" 6 Can sneer at one foot, one strength, and the unlucky black dress person was trampled to death on the spot.
"I sent five immortals to my room to steal things?" 6 can some cry don’t know is sacred so funny.
From 6 Can and 6 Xueer’s appearance in the house, except that 6 Can stepped on his foot, all four of them gawked at this mysterious person who appeared in the closed room.
These four guys woke up when 6 Can trampled his companion to death with one foot.
"Killing" a man in black for a cold drink is probably equivalent to Luo Tianxian’s later period, so the ancients were crazy and ridiculous.
"Interesting …" 6 can play with a big heart and 6 can show strength during the day. It is normal for thieves who come late to come here in 6 can to think that the worst thing should be to repair talents around the late Xiandi period.
But in more than a hundred immortals, the master didn’t touch it. These five Luo Tianxian actually touched it and became interested in life behind them for a moment.
"step on the waves!" 6 Can sing softly, without moving fairy aura, hidden dragon, 6 Wushu, stepping on the waves, 6 Can’s body left a shadow in the room.
Listen to the four-collision sound for a moment, get up and restore calm, and put one hand on the head of a man in black.
The other three men in black were 6 can wear belly head and immediately gave up the ghost.
"That is, I will control my strength in Luo Tianxian’s six martial arts self-defense, and these people are not my opponents …" 6 Can is a little angry and forced to break the minds of people.
Poor man in black, when he was caught in a fog and still confused, he felt that his soul had completely lost control of his body when he trembled for a moment.
"Interesting … Lian Chengbi, this is what you deserve …" After a while, 6 Can removed the gods and sighed. The cold old fox in Lian Chengbi felt sad.
"Don’t … don’t kill me …" The soul regained control of the body, and the black dress person turned out to be begging for mercy for the first time.
Originally prepared to kill him 6 can hear this heart movement actually let go to put the black dress person.
That black dress person’s begging for mercy is just a conscious act. He didn’t react when he was 6 Cansong for a long time. Obviously, he didn’t believe that 6 Cansong would spare him in his heart.
"Save your life and help me with a message …" 6 Can said.
But the man in black is still confused, obviously scared to death by 6 Can, and he hasn’t come to his senses yet.
6 Chan Qian gave him a slap in the face.
"Adult command! Adults command! " The man in black is lying like a dog.
Is that man an idiot? You can do this with your hands?
See 6 can smile weird 6 cher sitting in a chair a little curious, er, looking at the black dress person is not white, a little Ronaldinho fairy around too ancient, what would make his father care so much?
"Let your Lord see me and tell him I sent him an enemy potion!" 6 can secretive mouth said
"Huh?" The black dress person stared at the red eyebrows in disbelief and knew that this potion was severe. 6 Cher was also a face of consternation.
She knows her father a little now. Since knowing that this potion is precious, the baby doesn’t know how it can be so generous now.
"Why? Don’t want it? That’s … "See black dress person a face of not letter 6 can some unhappiness said.
"yes! Of course I want it! " The black man’s face was ecstatic, and the five brothers were so bold in Lianjiabaoting. That’s the Chinese medicine.
6 Can nodded with satisfaction and said, "Tell your Lord that I am willing to marry him … to show my sincerity, I will give you a drop of potion, and you can take it back to show your Lord that I am one …"
The man in black nodded stupidly. This man in black has an illusion in his heart. Is this red eyebrow rare? Is it a fool who just stepped on his brother as soon as he entered the room and killed the other three brothers in cold blood? But then he said that he would get along with himself and gave himself a drop of proof of the enemy potion. The man in black was confused.
Cher is also at a loss, but her mother told her father that he is a very independent person, and his ideas do not go against everything. Cher also obediently didn’t speak and quietly watched what 6 Can did.
See 6 can actually take out the blue bottle, take out a drop of medicine from the bottle and put it in a white jade bottle.
"This medicine can be delivered in a quarter of an hour after I leave this bottle … can you deliver it?" With a white jade bottle 6 can some don’t believe this black dress person.
Men in black are busy nodding their heads. Don’t say that a quarter of an hour is a wick of incense. He is desperate to deliver it. It is possible to have an enemy potion master. Even if he dies, his family will be treated well by his master.
See the black dress person eyes staring at the white jade bottle 6 can heart did Sarah laugh give the white jade bottle to the black dress person.