Sun Hao cultivated to Dacheng, which was not long after Sun Hao advanced Mahayana friar.

It didn’t take too long for Sun Hao to build the Avenue of Times in a natural way, which made two people who were struggling to get into the Avenue in those years feel miserable.
There is really no harm without comparison.
People are better than popularity, which is their own soul. Otherwise, they will not be able to sleep, which is abnormal and outrageous.
The two men looked at each other in order to build wood at Tianlang and said, "Congratulations, friends."
Sun Hao’s heart was full of surprises. The horse responded, "It’s really a surprise to be happy together. When I was refining sand, I was able to make myself a great success. I didn’t think I had a trip to the white hole, but I was a great success before."
Tao cat’s mouth said slowly, "Many races, especially those that are stronger than the old ones, have a special race. There is no doubt that the witch is the ancestor of Wuyuan, and if I am not mistaken, the actual white hole is the most suitable for practice. It is a real chance that you can choose the witch and go to practice inside."
Luo Pengfei also burst out laughing. "It’s really interesting. I estimate that the white hole is far more important for the practice of Shidao than for the practice of Power Avenue. Hahaha, and the old guy of Zuwu never thought that the white hole was important, but it made you take a big advantage."
Corleone’s face smiled faintly, but he knew that he owed the witch a great favor again, even if he really needed to leave some blood for the witch.
Tao Tianji sighed and said, "Of course, Xiaohao, you can achieve the present practice effect, which is inevitably related to your reasonable practice collocation and the magical discussion book of Shidao. If you don’t have a better understanding of Shidao and practice so many five-element evasion techniques in front of you, it will be difficult to push Shidao to Dacheng this time when you enter the white hole."
Luo Pengfei also lamented that "it is true that agarwood originally planned to practice the first basic avenue of Yin and Yang Avenue, but it was adjusted into the Four Great Paths in the actual practice process, which proved to be the best combination. Besides, I thought that agarwood’s practice of evasion was really a mountain out of a molehill. Now it seems that it is really necessary to achieve spiritual accumulation in one step without success."
Sun Hao said with a smile, "Thanks to the help and confusion of two Taoist friends, I can achieve my current practice. I owe it to two Taoist friends."
Tao cat and Luo Pengfei burst out laughing.
Neither of them asked Sun Hao if he would advance to the middle of Mahayana. They all knew that Sun Hao had laid a very good foundation and nine Mahayana roads had been paved, so he would never easily enter the middle of Mahayana.
And now they have a lot of confidence in Sun Hao’s nine Mahayana roads. Although it is difficult to practice on the main roads, every main road is not a road to look for Sun Hao. They have discovered a fact that they have to admit.
In those days, when they were practicing, they all groped for it bit by bit and accumulated it bit by bit. In that way, many times, their way of thinking was limited and restrained unconsciously, and they unconsciously went into the routine. The more anxious they were, the slower they were.
Sun Haoxian’s biggest difference lies in the word Daolv. Two Mahayana monks gave him advice, and a group of friends helped him. Hao Anyi, Zuwu and Poseidon all helped Sun Hao unconsciously in his practice.
All these add up to make every step of Sun Hao’s practice full of purpose
It feels as if the avenue is a towering mountain, and the Mahayana monk stands in the field like a mortal climbing a mountain and sees the top of the mountain and the goal from a distance, but the ordinary Mahayana monk can’t find the right way to go forward step by step through difficulties.
But Sun Hao found the way to the top of the mountain in various ways and climbed it step by step with tenacity.
This is the difference
There is another important reason why Tao Tianji and Luo Pengfei didn’t ask. They all know that Sun Hao sometimes has sand and sometimes a sandbag in his hand, which is a sharp weapon in practice and there are quite a few such things. How can Sun Hao not?
After these things, maybe we can directly push Sun Haoshi Avenue to dzogchen.
Time Avenue dzogchen overbearing dzogchen If we push the Four Great Roads to dzogchen, there is no doubt that Sun Hao can really advance to the middle of Mahayana.
Sun Hao didn’t worry about refining. Sun Hao’s body was always in this ripple state when he sat cross-legged in the ancestral temple, and he seriously realized some changes after his own time.
Soon after, Sun Hao left a shell ancestral temple to continue practicing himself, but went to Sumeru Tower to seriously understand himself. When the road was completed, the road changed.
Shidao is a very magical and sometimes realized avenue, and it is also a sensible avenue.
The first significant change after the completion of Shidao is that Sun Hao has been able to instantly perceive the surrounding wormholes.
And can instantly perceive the nature of the surrounding wormhole, and the corresponding nature of evasion will appear instantly.
It’s a kind of almost magical instant movement, almost from the heart to the body, and almost instantly you can appear and think of a position.
This is a very clear change. Brother Mahayana can move a lot in an instant, but after moving in an instant, he can judge the general direction and distance, but he can’t really point to where he can appear 100%.
After all, there are many changes in it, and it is difficult to finish it. It is great to have a good position as your own mind.
Sun Hao shows that the instantaneous movement error of different ordinary monks will change by about three feet. When the avenue is completed, Sun Hao’s error will not exceed one foot.
Moreover, Sun Hao’s instantaneous moving speed and distance are not the same as those of ordinary monks, which is quite different. Please browse and read the mobile phone for a better reading experience.
Chapter DiErLiuSan Wu blood marriage
For example, the normal instantaneous movement can actually turn the position, while Sun Hao’s instantaneous movement has combined the escape technique and has been able to travel thousands of miles.
This is still one of them.
The second response of Dacheng in Shidao is Sun Hao’s timely response.
On that day, Tie Kun-peng was in the state of dzogchen, where the speed was too fast and the mastery was too fierce, which led to his spontaneous combustion. If he had not mastered some Tao, he might have turned to ashes directly.
At that time, when Sun Hao met Tie Kun Peng, he was able to make and go out every day. Every time he changed, he took two to three interest rates.
This iron Kun Peng is really much weirder than Sun Hao, who is surrounded by a border shepherd, who doesn’t know how to die.
In the past, when Sun Hao didn’t practice the time avenue, the fishing effect was very general and far from the level of Tie Kun Peng.
Every day, Sun Hao can make no more than three times of fishing, and the change is always very short and fleeting. Sun Hao needs to be careful to finally change the battle result at that moment.
Now, when Sun Hao practiced time avenue and put it to use again, the situation changed completely.