The scouts replied, "It’s a little far away, but obviously they don’t have heavy weapons!" "

The chief of staff frowned, but it was easy for the other side to find out that this action was extremely secretive. Once it was discovered, the commander’s cabinet was bankrupt. Now it is 30 to 40 miles away from the rear forces of the Chinese Revolutionary Army, and its scheduled position is coming soon. It must be little effort to beat them first with a surprise and annihilate them in one fell swoop.
The chief of staff shouted, "Order to immediately mobilize the ambush on the edge of the jungle in front of Lingchuan Brigade to prepare for an ambush for them. It will be eliminated quickly!"
Scouts hurriedly stand at attention to one side, and the staff officer is going to order a large Japanese army. That’s 500 people, which is equivalent to a battalion of troops. There is no problem in eliminating hundreds of elite Chinese revolutionary troops in the heart of the chief of staff.
This chief of staff was sent by Li Jian Shang Wen to attack the chief of staff of the 12th division behind the Chinese Revolutionary Army. This time, Li Jian Shang Wen sent a whole division of troops, but a brigade went straight to the north and planned to go straight to Taipei along the Yushan Mountains in an attempt to seize the capital of Taiwan Province. More than two brigades were led by Dong Cun and entered the Ali Mountains.
The Japanese plot against Taiwan Province has been established for a long time. Shang Wen began to pay attention to Taiwan Province’s terrain in Taiwan Province 20 years ago. He got information from spies three years ago that there is a wide mountain road in the Ali Mountains, which can be hidden by infantry guns. Now he has finally sent a field!
Li Jian Shang Wen released Alishan from the two brigades and the artillery wing department and let them secretly go around the artillery wing behind the Chinese revolutionary army. The current advance is one of the brigades!
At this time, Zhang Yihu, Jiang Baili and others were completely kept in the dark!
Not to mention this.
Lingchuan Brigade received an order from Dongcun and immediately closed its forces and moved towards the edge of the mountain. To be on the safe side, it even pulled an infantry gun and put it high!
Far away, Zhang Yi led the Cang Lang Guard Company to the nearby and experienced enemy, Zhang Yi’s sensitivity to danger approaching. People in this world can be right!
Zhang Yi vaguely felt that the mountains on the west side were unusual and seemed to have unknown dangers waiting for him. Zhang Yi shouted, "Order to stop!"
All the teams stopped. Zhang Zhenhai hurried over and asked, "What happened to the president?"
Zhang Yi’s eyes narrowed again. Whenever this time, Zhang Zhenhai would feel a chill surge, which means that the president is going to kill!
Zhang Yishen said, "I feel that there seems to be some danger in the mountains. Zhenhai ordered two brothers to go into the mountains immediately to check and be careful!"
Two Cang Lang immediately jumped from the horse and rushed towards the edge of the mountain forest.
Zhang Zhenhai looked at Zhang Yi’s dignified face and his heart thumped. But don’t ambush here. Old man, but just take one hundred people to protect the president. If there is an accident, he can’t forgive himself even if he is killed or injured ten thousand times!
Just when two Cang Lang were approaching the mountain forest, suddenly a gun rang out in the forest. Two Cang Lang, also a battle-hardened elite, knew that it was not good to turn over and lie down and roll out far away!
Far away, Zhang Zhenhai shouted, "If there is an ambush, immediately prepare for the battle!"
Everyone jumped from the horse to face the ambush in the forest. Now the horse has become a burden and can’t play!
They just jumped out of the war horse and started before they finished preparing for the Japanese ambush in the belligerent mountain forest!
Countless bullets were shot out of the mountains, and everyone quickly found a place to hide!
Opposite the mountains and forests, Zhang Yi and others are located in a large flat land, even if they want to hide, it is very difficult!
Zhang Yi looked at a big mound in the distance and shouted, "If we go to the mound and fight here, we will die!"
Zhang Yi first rushed toward the mound, but the Japanese attack was constantly launched!
Fortunately, by hand, these 100 people are all elites, and soon they rushed to the mound. Only a few people were injured and others were safe and sick.
When I came to the mound, Zhang Zhenhai just gasped. This place can at least fight back.
At this time, the gun suddenly sounded, and Zhang Zhenhai’s face changed. * * * * * The other party actually had guns!
Aside, Zhang Yi shouted, "Scattered and hidden!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-five Unexpected war
Zhang Yi brought these 100 people, each of whom is an elite, and has rich experience in how to protect his life on the battlefield. When he heard the gun, he immediately leaned over to avoid the shell bombing!
A shell landed on the mound, and the soil was blown up and splashed everywhere. Together with the two dwarf trees on the mound, Zhang Zhenhai was destroyed and raised his head in shock. It was too dangerous.
Zhang Zhenhai shouted, "Cang Lang, the first group, immediately go around the mountains and kill the enemy artillery. It’s too dangerous for us to go like this!"
Cang Lang, the first group, that’s bloody Cang Lang!
Now the bloody Cang Lang Cang Lang Brigade is led by John Zhang, but now Zhang Shengqi has gone far to the northeast to stay here, and the leader is the vice captain Zheng Biqing. Zheng Biqing has also found that the other artillery is too dangerous. If you are not careful, you will be blown to pieces. These people are dead to nothing, but if you hurt the president, the Republic of China will collapse half the sky!
Zheng Biqing roared, "Brothers, follow me!"
A dozen bloody Cang Lang rushed out from the team and made a detour to the side and rear mountains!
At this time, the Japanese army has begun to rush out of the mountain forest and come here. The rifles in their hands keep shooting at least three or four hundred people, and they are still increasing their strength.
Zhang Zhenhai gasped in a gasp. How did so many Japanese soldiers hide in the Ali Mountains and a tiger commander didn’t even notice it! This is a deadly thing!
However, once the Japanese army rushed over from the mountains, it was more convenient for the revolutionary army to launch a counterattack. Now Zhang Yi is relieved. It doesn’t matter. Hundreds of Japanese troops still can’t stand asking Zheng Biqing to get rid of the Japanese artillery, so there is no problem.
Zhang Yi shouted, "Brothers fight back!"
Cang Lang’s guard company, each of which is an elite, has raised its hand and launched a counterattack against the Japanese!
This Japanese army suffered a big loss, but they were armed with rifles. Where could they stop Cang Lang’s fierce offensive at close range and detain a large number of Japanese troops? The Japanese army had to retreat to prepare for a new offensive.
At this time, another shot went off and everyone leaned over to avoid the shell attack.
At this time, the Japanese army on the hill started to charge again, and two heavy machine guns were added to the roadside to suppress the fire!
Fierce fire will be all a hill to suppress it.
Zhang Yi shouted, "Snipers got rid of the heavy machine guns across the river for me. * * * * * Where did this Japanese army come from? Zhang Yihu, a waste, was inserted into the rear by other people’s troops. I don’t know!"
In Cang Lang, two soldiers immediately put submachine guns and lifted their rifles. Their rifles have issued the prototype of sniper rifles, but the sight is still short of some, but they still have a lot of confidence in killing a few ghosts in three or four hundred meters!
Two people aim and shoot together. Two Japanese heavy machine gunners should fall.
Captain Lingchuan, the Japanese position, gasped in a gasp, killing two heavy machine gunners with two shots at a distance of more than 300 meters. What a magical marksmanship it takes!
At this time, the Japanese army has been less than 50 meters away from the hiding place of mound Zhang Yi and others. Cang Lang put submachine guns and grenades in their hands and threw dozens of grenades at the Japanese army. The instantaneous explosion in the Japanese crowd killed and injured the Japanese army, and the Japanese attack had to be stopped under the threat of grenades.
Captains Lingchuan were completely shocked by the fact that only a hundred troops had such a strong fighting capacity. It was amazing that in just ten minutes, the number of Japanese casualties had exceeded one hundred. If we played for an hour or two, our brigade would not be broken up by others.
Captain Lingchuan shouted, "Someone will immediately send a letter to the chief of staff to report on our combat situation and ask him to increase his strength, so he will be wiped out in the shortest time!"
A dull explosion suddenly occurred in the forest just after Zhang Yin of Lingchuan Brigade fell!
The cannon suddenly went dumb, and the captain Lingchuan was surprised that the tunnel was broken. An enemy sneaked into the forest and destroyed the cannon!
At this time, the mountain forest was shot suddenly! Rifle sound, submachine gun sound and Grenade sound have become one!
Lingchuan only left a team in the mountains to guard the artillery. Dozens of people are so bloody. Even a hundred people can’t stand more than a dozen Cang Lang!
In just a few minutes, the movement in the forest stopped.