"Dad, you also build one for me!" Lu Sanxia also shook his hand for nothing and cried.

Lu git said, "I didn’t do this?"
"Jiang Tai, where did you come from?" Lu Yixiama came running.
"No, just this one. You want craftsmen to create a fake bar!" Jiang tai laughed
"Xiao Tai, this can’t be that …!" Manzhong awkward way
"Yes, that’s the lotus my mother left me. I let it sprout and grow!" Jiang tai laughed
Man Zhong nodded blankly. How long has this grown so big?
"What lotus?" Little witch curious way
"This is Jiang Tai’s mother leaving you or don’t ask again!" Man zhong said to them
"Oh!" The little witch nodded
"If it’s fake, will you make it?" Lu Sanxia pleaded.
"It’s not difficult to make a fake. I can also carve it. It’s amazing. Just paint it black when it’s carved!" Lu git wanted to think a way
"Then make one for me!" Lu yixia call way
"I want it, too!" Lu sanxia call way
"Master Lu, I want one too!" Little witch excited way
Lu git "…!"
Chapter 13 Da Lei Yin Temple
After dinner, Jiang Tai found Manzhong.
"Uncle Man, do you know how to sacrifice magic weapons?" Jiang Tai asked.
"A magic weapon? Is it yourself or someone else? " Manzhong asked
"Generally speaking, other people’s magic weapons have their own marks, but as time goes by, the marks will fade away and they want to be sacrificed. I know a way. First, blood is fed one drop a day for a while, so that you can brand your marks, and at the same time, you can constantly freshen up your magic weapons every day and make your telepathy resonate. You can slowly master the characteristics of the magic weapon during the sacrifice period!" Manzhong explained
"Oh?" It is not difficult for Jiang Tai to move.
"Why do you ask this?" Manzhong laughed
"Er, I got some magic weapons for catching Zongli!" Jiang Tai explained
Man Zhong’s eyes suddenly lit up, but he didn’t continue to ask. He patted Jiang Tai on the shoulder and said, "Well done! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Jiang Tai smiled and felt grateful to Manzhong.
At least Jiang Tai can feel that Man Zhong is kind to himself.
"Uncle Man, I know you can’t let go of Teacher Chen Yi. I don’t think you should stick to it. I heard that Teacher Chen Yi is about to break through the ground. It’s not easy for you to chase her again!" Jiang tai laughed
"Don’t mind my business!" Manzhong wry smile way
"I this is not the heart you! Besides, good cabbage can’t make Chen Wang’s pig arch! If it weren’t for Mr. Chen’s not my type, I might have a vigorous teacher-student relationship. "Jiang Tai teased.
"Well don’t say! My horse back to Wanqiu "Man Zhong wry smile way.
"Hahahaha, I am waiting for the good news of Uncle Man!" Jiang tai Xin Dao
"By the way, you are full of uncles, and I also succeeded last month. Now it is a great place!" Man Zhong said
With that, Manzhong jumped towards the distant mountains.
"What? Uncle Man, you didn’t tell me! " Jiang tai immediately angry call way
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha a secret!" In the distance, there is a full middle tone.
Jiang Tai smiled naturally not talkative.
Jiang Tai is also full of joy in the land of Teng Teng.
Twist Jiang Tai’s head and step into the Hall of Ursa Major.
Climb the black lotus platform
Jiang Tai took out the lock of Wujin God, refined it according to the method of Manchu, and a drop of blood immediately dripped into his fingertips.
Blood is absorbed by Wujin Shensuo, and Jiang Tai tries to pour essence into it.
Sacrificial refining for an hour seems to consume a lot of energy. Jiang Tai stopped offering refining and recovered.
Ten times the vitality of heaven and earth, this practice speed is also extremely fast.
The white essence of the abdomen has become more and more intense in the cultivation period in recent months, and the original rotation has suddenly collapsed at this moment.
A small vortex suddenly appeared.
The vortex of white essence rotates in the abdomen like a tornado.
"Essence into a spin? Oh, my god. I just reached the third place in the essence state some time ago, and this is the essence? The essence is the fourth most important? "
"It’s too fast, isn’t it? It’s no wonder that the statues in the temples in previous lives talked about the fact that the Buddha and the Bodhisattva had a lotus platform, so the lotus platform was so powerful?"
Jiang Tai’s eyes flashed off, and now the science of uniting is getting more and more serious. If you don’t make good use of this treasure, you will be damned-
The construction of Da Lei Yin Temple continues.
One hundred brothers work hard every day to subdue the magic stick, which is a first-class achievement method and can be cultivated very quickly.
Although it is not as good as Jiang Taihe and Erlu, it is much faster than Wanqiu.
It was another five months before all craftsmen slowly withdrew.
There are dozens of palaces built in Sifang, many of which are occupied by a hundred brothers who still live together in some rooms.
Jiang Taian, another mountain valley not far from Tai Hao Mountain, has pig farms, chicken farms, duck farms and a fish farm.
At the same time, let a group of brothers cultivate fertile fields to grow crops, vegetables and fruits, and arrange a medicine field to learn to grow medicinal materials.
Everything went on in an orderly way.
There is a stone mountain just south of Tai Hao Mountain, which stands like a stone pillar.
Jiang Tai also asked the craftsmen to carve four giant Chinese characters vertically.
Da Lei Yin Temple!