"When you go to Jiahua Hotel at six o’clock in the evening, someone will take you there. If you want to change into a handsome suit, I will have someone prepare a gift for you."

GongSunQi motioning with his hand, "It won’t be six o’clock in the evening when Jiahua Hotel knows."
GongSunQi heart really curious about what Li Lu will be in the past, arguably, she didn’t go back with Li Yuhan, or did she go for another purpose?
When Li Jianhao left with his back to Sun Qi, his face was full of tricks, but Sun Qi also showed the same face.
I don’t know if I should finish that before I came to Gongsunqi. Now it’s like an act of god that Li Jianhao sent the door. Can God miss it?
"I don’t know which stage of training is forbearance now." Gong Sunqi decided to go to the suburbs once. He has gained the advantage of entering high school. He doesn’t need to take the senior high school entrance examination now. There is still a day or so before the evening party, which is enough for Gong Sunqi to try something.
If you want to go out of the suburbs, it is a dangerous zone. You will often encounter animals that eat grass. Fortunately, if you encounter carnivorous animals, you will die if you can’t beat them.
"There are often some herbivorous animals here."
Gongsunqi is not sure about carnivorous animals. Carnivorous animals are fiercer than herbivorous animals, just in case Gongsunqi intends to find a herbivorous animal hand.
When looking for prey, Gong Sunqi was more than one meter tall and looked like a rabbit. When such an animal came out of the grass, Gong Sunqi was scared to retreat.
After careful observation, I saw that the animal was covered with snow-white head and that the long ears were blood red. I couldn’t help but scold, "Shit, isn’t this a red-eared rabbit?"
Red-eared rabbits are herbivorous animals in a week. Adult red-eared rabbits can reach up to one meter. Red-eared rabbits are gentle and will not take the initiative to attack humans. Even if they are annoyed, they will not eat people, but they will kill people. It weighs 200 kilograms and kills people.
Red-eared rabbit closed its eyes and sniffed in its nose, slowly approaching Gongsunqi. Gongsunqi sniffed what was delicious and made sure it was not delicious. After that, Red-eared rabbit turned and left.
"water dodging water shooting"
It’s rare to find such an opponent. How can Gong Sunqi let it go? Immediately, a water shot was fired at the red-eared rabbit. At the same time, a Taidao appeared in his hand. This Taidao was found in the ruins of Gong Sunqi and buried in the ruins of his house.
Cold light flashing blade is also engraved with’ He Yin’. GongSunQi doesn’t know who this knife is, and GongSunQi didn’t tell him that there is no impression of this knife in his memory. It seems that it is estimated that someone buried it before GongSunbuilt the house.
Gong Sunqi came to the side of the red-eared rabbit and stabbed the red-eared rabbit with the knife handle. This just stabbed the tip of the knife and easily cut the skin of the red-eared rabbit. "It’s so sharp!"
Gently stroke the tip of the knife and leave the red-eared rabbit body with blood. "This knife is too sharp. This is simply an artifact. It is said that exotic meat is very resistant to beating and injury, but this knife cuts the red-eared rabbit body as soon as it is cut."
When the injured red-eared rabbit screamed, its limbs kept digging and splashing dust, and it was not easy for Gong Sunqi to eat a face of soil. When the dust dispersed, the red-eared rabbit didn’t know where it had gone.
"It’s a bad start. I’m so embarrassed that I got away first. No, I’ll kill the red-eared rabbit anyway. If I kill the red-eared rabbit and kill a few more animals, I’ll have another ninja coin to smoke and endure."
Looking for the trail of the red-eared rabbit leaving "Aha here"
I saw a pool of blood on the ground and blood in the distance. "The red-eared rabbit was injured just now. This blood must be it."
Chasing all the way along the blood trail, Sun Qi is really a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. He didn’t know that the blood of exotic animals would attract the taste buds of carnivorous animals and make them hungry and want to eat meat.
Gong Sunqi brushed aside the bushes and heard a few low growls and a scream in the distance. "What is this? Is it a red-eared rabbit?"
Gong Sunqi put a pot in his head to bring the red-eared rabbit family to the end, so that he can not only get the money, but also get fresh rabbit meat. The red-eared rabbit body is very valuable, and the rabbit hair is also valuable
The sound is getting closer and closer. Gong Sunqi quickly pushed through the last block to realize that the grass came out of the grass. This drill was embarrassing. It was embarrassing.
"Hey, hey, that, that, that, I passed by and I went the wrong way, so I won’t keep you ~ ~ I won’t keep you ~ ~"
"Aha ~ ~ I told you how I couldn’t believe you when I passed by, and I chased for help! Help! How can I be your food when I am so thin? Your food is over there."
GongSunQi was chased by four animals and wolves.
These four exotic wolves are one-week exotic spotted wolves. Spotted wolves are a group of carnivorous animals. Spotted wolves are very strong. One spotted wolf has to eat food for at least five days a day, and spotted wolves are generally gregarious. Even the E-class strong ones will have a headache when they come over.
These four-spotted wolves were attracted by the bloody smell of the red-eared rabbit, and they found it all the way. When they were about to enjoy the food, they met Gong Sunqi, who was stirring up.
These four-spotted wolves are too hungry. How can a red-eared rabbit fill the stomach of four-spotted wolves? Then they look at the signs to Gongsun Qi. Although Gongsun Qi is not as fleshy as a red-eared rabbit, it is still food at least. They can’t abandon it. They won’t dislike Gongsun Qi’s lack of flesh.
"Boo-hoo! Help! My meat is not delicious. If I eat it, I will have diarrhea to help."
Gong Sunqi grabbed Taidao and shouted that the spotted wolf was chasing after him. Gong Sunqi had exercised to be patient, and his speed was not bad.
"I don’t believe you wolves can climb trees when you meow." Gong Sunqi aimed at a stout giant tree and jumped to the branches with both feet.
Chapter 1 People are too good to be true
Just because a wolf can’t be a tree doesn’t mean that an animal can’t be a tree.
Gong Sunqi made a face at the tree. "La la la la, come and bite me if you have something to do, so that you can be arrogant."
The tree-spotted wolf drooled and watched the food fly away. It was too unbearable. The wolf didn’t give up jumping and wanted to catch Gongsunqi and catch Gongsunqi from the tree.
The ringing of the ear came from a bad feeling in the heart of GongSunQi behind him, and he quickly jumped up in the same place.
Good GongSunQi is quick to react and make a decisive decision instead of turning to see what it is, which makes GongSunQi escape.
A python with crisscross red and yellow stripes pounced on the snake’s head, breaking a branch just set up by Gongsun Qili, and it fell suddenly. Its snake body was long and tough enough, so that the whole snake body did not fall to the ground.
When Gong Sunqi saw the python’s appearance, he gave birth to a stratagem in his mind: "I’ll give you a hand when I’m old." Gong Sunqi quickly printed "Water dodging water shooting" behind him.
This water shot is aimed at the python’s entrenched trunk body. After one hit, Gong Sunqi comes again. After three consecutive water shots, the python opens its mouth and growls in great pain.
"It’s really tenacious." Gong Sunqi pulled out a knife and jumped toward the body of the giant python. This knife went to the rough snake body of the giant python, and blood was flying everywhere.
The python’s blood smells fishy and attracts the four-spotted wolf. The four-spotted wolf becomes more violent because of the smell of blood. "Go with them." Gong Sunqi is another knife to make the python hurt and hurt, and one accidentally falls to the ground.
The tip of Taidao fixed the trunk and looked at the fallen python and smiled. "I’ll wait here for you to fight to the death."
The four-spotted wolves have been attracted by the blood smell of the python. It is estimated that now that Gong Sunqi is coming and going before them, they will all think that Gong Sunqi is in the way, and the python is left in their eyes.
Tigers can’t cope with wolves, which Zhao Yun knows is that the python will definitely die in the end, so that they can fight to the death to pick up cheap gongsunqi and get rid of it.
"water dodging water shooting"
This level of Ninjutsu was perfected by Gong Sunqi and specially attacked the eyes and nose of the spotted wolf, or the spotted wolf on the 15th of the month was shot by Gong Sunqi, and was more or less seriously injured.
"Have a rest without chakra."
Continuous water shooting chakra limited GongSunQi leave some chakra unprepared, just sit on the trunk and watch the tree kill two kinds of animals.
"The spotted wolf is a carnivorous animal, and the viper is also a carnivorous animal. I’m struggling with a carnivorous animal now. If it weren’t for this knife, I guess I would still be able to treat a carnivorous animal."
Gong Sunqi calmly analyzed, "If it’s one-on-one, maybe I can travel around with this knife, but if it’s two, I can run."
Gong Sunqi’s analysis is clear and correct, and it comes from me. The shortcoming is that he forgets that human beings are wise, and they have issued many gadgets, guns and ammunition, which can also be used against a strange animal.
Having a good rest, GongSunQi jumped from the branch and the knife was already drawn. He was aiming at a spot of wolves, and the tip of the knife pierced the unlucky spot of wolves, and the spot of wolves was killed on the spot.
Ding Tong shows congratulations to the host for killing two spotted wolves and getting a forbearing coin’
GongSunQi eyes stare big "two star-studded Wolf! !”
Gong Sunqi was scared to death. He was still a one-star animal. Who knew it was a two-star animal? "If I hadn’t waited for them to kill me just now, I would have died."