She didn’t expect that the gap between love and not love was so big in this man five years ago and five years later.

When Riemann woke up the next day, it was near noon. At this time, she had slept in the bedroom big bed and there was no man beside her.
She moved a little, and the pain was twice as severe as yesterday.
Forbear to get out of bed and just get out of bed, I saw a well-dressed man coming out of his coat and hat.
She glanced at him and dragged herself on to the bathroom.
"Are you going to find it?" He held out the bottle in his hand, and his deep voice was a little faint and cold.
Riemann looked at the bottle lying in his palm and stretched out his hand to take it away.
Section 1
Just as she touched the bottle, the man suddenly closed his hand and lips and drew a radian of temperature. "Are you addicted to medicine?"
"Don’t eat it after the drug effect passed yesterday …" Riemann pinched her lips and didn’t want to answer. "Don’t you want to have a physically disabled or mentally retarded child to wake yourself up at any time? Are you stupid these two nights?"
Giggle and giggle with sarcasm.
"Don’t eat!" The man gave her a cold look and then threw the medicine bottle in his hand into the trash can without saying a word, because some pills were spilled.
"I was born lucky when I was pregnant, but I was unlucky when I gave birth to a healthy child. I want to see if you are sad or I am sad!" He grabbed her wrist and dragged her to bed.
Riemann don’t know where to strength a dumped man crouched down to pick up pills.
The man in the middle school stopped her hand and the man’s gloomy polar line sounded above his head. "I said no eating. Can’t you hear me?"
"Bo Jing said that you are crazy!" Riemann can’t stand yelling, "Are you underage or short-circuited and should you take medicine?"
The man clutched her wrist and tightened his hand. "I think you didn’t enjoy enough last night and want to do it again, don’t you?"
Riemann felt that she was almost angry with this man. She suddenly felt that it wasn’t him or herself, and she was really funny. She thought that she suddenly laughed out of breath. "Bo Jing said that you are a city company boss, and the public in the industry have sex with your own sister. Aren’t you afraid that the news of’ chaos-LUN’ will be spurned and abused, and the decline of Bo’s stock will affect Bo’s development?"
"Compared with your 40-year-old lover, I’m still young and long. What’s wrong with taking a few steps?"
Bo Jingyan dragged her to the bed and pulled the quilt to wrap her whole person. Her long finger swept her cheek and set her red and swollen mouth. Her eyebrows screwed up.
But soon his eyes returned to cold indifference. "You stay at home honestly today and don’t go anywhere!"
The man stood up and walked to the trash can to take out the garbage bag, and picked up a few pills that had spilled outside and took them out.
After Bo Jing left, Riemann finally felt that the world was quiet.
Hate him? It seems that I hate him, but I can’t seem to hate him. He is a real victim just like her.
She felt so dirty that she ran in to wash her hands regardless of her discomfort. She looked at herself in front of the mirror and was covered with embarrassment, bruises, kisses and resentment, and completely washed herself from head to toe.
Then fill the bathtub with hot water and soak yourself in the bathtub to expose your head.
She doesn’t know how to get along with Bo Jingyan who knows the truth, and she doesn’t know whether he is angry at the moment or wants to torture her all the time.
Riemann took a deep breath to escape, too afraid to think about it again …
She wants to call Ruanyuan to see if they have booked a plane ticket or are already on the plane.
But I was smashed by Bo Jingyan yesterday.
And …
She has a headache and thinks that the contraceptive pill has been taken away by Bo Jingyan. She hasn’t come to take the medicine yet.
She decided to go out to buy medicine after washing, and she happened to buy a …
I didn’t expect her to fall asleep and sleep soundly. When I woke up, I found that the water temperature was completely cold. When she got out of the bathtub, she brought a cool breeze and made her sneeze.
When she got dressed and came out, she found that it was already 3: 30 in the afternoon, and she was equivalent to soaking in cold water for two or three hours.
After sneezing two or three times, she was afraid of catching a cold, went to the medicine cabinet, took some cold medicine, dressed herself and was about to go out when the doorbell rang.
She hesitated for a few seconds before hitting the door.
Outside the door, Bo Jing smiled and smiled at her "Hello Miss Li"
Riemann nodded "Hello"
Bai Mi smiled at her. "Miss Li, can I come in and talk?"
Riemann will body side by side woman flash place to come in.
Sitting on the sofa in the living room opposite Riemann, Bai Mi handed the lunch box in his hand to Riemann and said respectfully, "This is Bo, who always asked me to buy you dinner. He always said that he would have to work overtime tonight, so that you don’t have to wait for him. Aunt Xin gave him two days off to come back early."
Riemann pulled a lip. Last night, she bit her own wound, but it stung. She nodded in response.
Then Bai Mi took one out of her pocket and moved it to her again with a box of ointment. "Bo always said that you were broken and asked me to buy you a card and reissue it for you."
Riemann glanced at the table and nodded. He threw it at her, and now she just needs it and picks it up without affectation.
"This ointment is always told me to buy it." Bai Mi looked at her lips and was embarrassed to look back. "This ointment is very easy to rub for a day. Just try it."
When I was eating at noon, manager Bo came to the company with a long face, and then he told her these things in a scratching way.
Only when she met Miss Li did she know what thin books always made her buy ointment.
Don’t miss li corners of the mouth … Is always thin?
What about the lip wound? It’s Bo who always bites …
I couldn’t help shuddering at the thought of this white secret.
Riemann was stunned when he saw the ointment, and then responded with a low voice, "Thank you."
"You don’t thank me. I did what General Bo told me." She smiled awkwardly and got up. "If it’s nothing, I’ll leave first."
"Well …"
Riemann was left alone in Nuoda Hall. She took a look at the food that seemed to have an appetite, then moved it aside, picked up the ointment and walked to the mirror. No, she even forgot two wounds on her lips.
One is Ge Shu-ta. Although it can still be seen that it is swollen, it is much better.
The other lip is obvious. The wound was bitten by herself!
She smiled at herself, took out the ointment and put it on the bruise.
Just after wiping off the new purchase, it suddenly shook up. She went over and picked it up. It looked like Ruan Yuan. She picked it up directly, but it was Ruan Yuan who had never had a quick line. "Man Man, how can you answer the phone!"
Riemann one leng explained, "I forgot to tell you that I was dropped by Bo Jingyan. What happened? What happened? "
She listened with tears in Ruan Yuan’s voice. "I’m sorry, Maman, I lost Ruirui!"
Riemann himself misheard "Yuanyuan, what did you say?"
The head RuanYuan milli fear to cry out "I lost the farce! When I turned my head, my kung fu was gone! "