It seems that all these things are unlucky for her to go back to bed after taking a shower, but she can’t sleep at all. She can’t send a message to the man until dawn to ask him to withdraw money himself, and then completely destroy this card and never contact him again.

I hope everything goes well. Rui Danni prayed in her heart.
On the other hand, Yimo was lying in the arms of a strategist and heard someone reporting the progress to him. He couldn’t help smiling at the corners of his mouth.
"That Ruidanni is really stupid." Yimo hugged the strategist’s neck. "We easily got 500,000."
"You’d better listen to me after everything, or the conversation will be even worse than her." The strategist said Yimo and kissed him hard in the face
"Don’t worry, I’ll be good," Yimo said, a little uneasy. "Isn’t it troublesome for that person to find that he has no money when the time comes?"
"I’ve sent people to guard there, and then they will be quietly dealt with. It’s normal for fugitives to disappear." Otherwise, the military adviser
"You are so clever," said Yimo, taking the initiative to kiss the strategist’s lips.
The result naturally surprised the strategist. They were not waiting for the man and plainclothes policemen. If they weren’t good enough, I’m afraid they would really steal chickens and costly rice.
Fortunately, the strategist didn’t show up when he found out something was wrong, so both the man and the policeman failed.
There is no money box or money, and that number can’t be reached anymore.
When things get into trouble, it is not easy to investigate because of the foreign number office, and this woman seems to be very cunning and sophisticated
Bai Yinting was also very angry after getting the news. How did this happen?
However, it was proved whether Yimo Institute Bai Yinting finally gave the photos of Yimo and some photos of her woman to the police for the man to identify.
Of course, everyone showed their eyes, but the man denied it
Of course, there is no photo of Rui Danni, and Bai Yinting would not have thought that this matter had something to do with Rui Danni.
Things have become more complicated. Although the man is willing to cooperate, there is no clue.
Is it really Zhao Jie? Bai yinting finally mixed Zhao Jie’s photo in and identified it to the man. After seeing Zhao Jie’s photo, he hesitated for a moment and actually identified it.
There is nothing that can be done. The man came to cooperate with the police to reduce his crime, but there is obviously nothing. At this time, it is better to save himself according to the instructions of the employer.
Rui Danni showed him Zhao Jie’s photo, so he would recognize it at a glance, and he could accept his fate regardless of the outcome.
Bai Yinting looked at Zhao Jie’s photo and narrowed his eyes. What could Zhao Jie be?
I really don’t know what enmity she has with Xia Zhu. Is it because Qu Lu’s obsession with Xia Zhu made her disgusted and she chose to take risks in the future?
Bai yinting’s anger welled up in her heart. It’s good to dare to touch his woman. Then let her know that there is a price to pay.
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Where have I sinned against you
Bai Yinting came out of the police station and went directly to Tianhao Group. He broke into the chairman’s office without being notified.
Of course, Zhao Jiemi didn’t dare to stop him. When Zhao Jie saw him, he was stunned and immediately smiled and said, "What can I do for President Bai?"
"Zhao Zong, you have been very busy recently." Bai Yinting walked over and looked very sharp.
"President Bai, this is HuaLiYouHua. Where have I offended you?" Zhao Jie couldn’t think of it at the moment.
"I think Zhao Zong knows about what happened with my wife recently. Is there anything you want to tell me?" Bai yinting asked
Zhao Jie just laughed. "Oh, it seems that President Bai Da blames me for not visiting the hospital. I’m really busy recently and I heard that Mrs. Bai was seriously injured and didn’t bother. Haven’t you woken up yet? See you kind of injury is not light. "
"Zhao Zong people look at the sky, even if you sew the sky, there will still be loopholes." Bai Yinting’s eyes are getting cold.
"What do you mean? I can’t understand President Bai’s decision that I did all this, can I? " Zhao Jie feels incredible.
"That man has been arrested. Do you want to know what he said?" Bai yinting cold face much a few minutes serious.
Zhao Jie didn’t do anything, but she didn’t know what would make her feel guilty. All this had something to do with her, but she had to say that she was gloating when she heard that Bai Yinting and Xia Zhu had an accident.
After all, for Xia Zhu, that woman is her heart disease, Qu Lu is her only son, and it is always not a good thing to think about other people’s wives all day long.
Besides, the successor of Tianhao Group, his future wife must be suitable for darling daughter, and Xia Zhu is not worthy even if he has no marriage history.
At the moment, Bai Yinting’s eyes are staring at Zhao Jie but she doesn’t say a word. It seems that waiting for Zhao Jie’s answer is to test her.
"President Bai, I really don’t understand what you’re saying. If you are deliberately picking on me today, then I’m sorry. I’m really busy." Zhao Jie is ready to see Fujian.
"Zhao Zong, I heard that the company is secretly negotiating a great cause?" Bai yinting words half corners of the mouth with a bad smile.
Zhao Jie’s face turned ugly at once, but she made a lot of efforts, and the hard-won opportunity was also her first big move after taking the position of chairman. If this contract is signed, her company’s position will be stable, and there must be no mistakes.
"President Bai has some jokes to make, and there is nothing wrong with having money and earning together?" Zhao Jie feels that Bai Yinting is trying to get rid of it.
"Think about the consequences before doing bad things, and I will make you pay." Bai Yinting was a warning.
"I didn’t do what you did with me." Zhao Jie was anxious about this matter and she had to clarify it.
But if it wasn’t for her, why did the man immediately identify her when he saw the photo showing her eyes?
Moreover, Bai Yinting can clearly see that when he saw Zhao Jie’s photo, the whole person was hesitant, so he considered whether to identify her or not, and he would not hesitate if he had never seen her.
Besides, Zhao Jie’s position, they should have no chance to meet each other, and the man just came out of prison not long ago, and Zhao Jie rarely appeared in the news, and it is unlikely that she will be seen elsewhere. It is preliminarily concluded that she should have met.
Of course, it does not rule out that someone deliberately planted the frame, but after all, Zhao Jie also has proper reasons to be suspected, and it is also very large
Two people confronted Qu Lu and broke into the office. He knew that Bai Yinting had come and hurried over.
Zhao Jie went over as soon as she saw her son have a backbone. "You know the most about Lu’s recent trip. President Bai said that I found someone to plan the kidnapping incident between him and his wife. How is that possible?"
Qu Lu smiled unconsciously. "Bai Yinting, are you deliberately finding fault?"
"Qulu, I have evidence and all this is because of you." Bai Yinting stared at Qulu, apparently blaming him.
"Me?" Qu Lu feels inexplicable.
"That’s right. It’s because of your obsession with my wife that your mother frequently wants to ruin Xia Zhu’s face. Do you blame you or who?" Bai yinting is guessing, of course, but looking at Zhao Jie only to find that her face has changed.
"Impossible" QuLu shook his head and looked at Zhao Jie.
Zhao Jie didn’t expect that the final target was her panic. "I admit that I don’t like Xia Zhu very much and think she delayed my son’s future, but after all, she is the wife of President Bai, even if she hits the dog, it depends on the owner. I naturally dare not touch her easily."
"Since what is half admitted?" Bai yinting is aggressive
"If I did it, I would admit that I didn’t do it. Of course I wouldn’t admit it." Zhao Jie was also worried
"It’s really not you?" Bai yinting’s eyes are sharper
"If it were me, I would have been killed by a car when I went out, right?" Zhao Jie swears
"Mom, come on." Qu Lu is worried that although the oath may not be realized, it will always make people feel uncomfortable.
However, this oath is not worth a lack of sincerity in Bai Yinting’s eyes.
Zhao Jie could tell from his expression that she nodded and said, "I can’t help it if the president doesn’t believe me, but all the evidence proves to be me in the end. So I will immediately adopt Tianhao Company to Qu Tianhao, the illegitimate son of a king."
Bai yinting couldn’t help but pick an eyebrow, and this oath is a bit awesome.