Speaking of this shallow water, Qing sighed a long sigh, "It’s a pity that it’s not you who hold the flying snow. If I can get him to misjudge the deployment of our troops, it won’t be difficult to fight in Beijing."

Speaking of this shallow water, suddenly his mind flashed and he seemed to think of something.
Unequal information resources in the war is the most important factor for the examination officers. There are many stupid mistakes in the wars of past dynasties, which are often not due to the commander’s ability but to the lack of such information resources.
A little change can often change the whole battle.
If I can give a wrong message to Bao Feixue,
At that moment, the shallow water brain spun rapidly, and he suddenly realized something.
He suddenly asked Mu Xue, "Mu Shao assumes that I will send a 300-strong army to the head of Jingyuan City. If you are holding flying snow, how many people will you send to meet and how long will it take you to regain control of this area?"
Soaking blood and thinking for a while, "There are more than 500 people in the far city of Beijing, and there are happy races and ambushes to kill soldiers, so it is not necessary to enter the encirclement. It is a wave."
Shallow water Qing nodded with satisfaction. "Yes, that’s the reason. There are always many wrong answers in this world, but there will always be a first-place champion who will stop the water by flying snow. It will never be a person who easily waves troops to make such low-level mistakes."
Shallow water Qing thoughtfully: "If we can make Bao Feixue misjudge the strength of our troops, maybe we can kill him by surprise."
Soaking blood, he asked, "How did you miscalculate?"
Shallow water is clear. Hey, hey, a smile. "I have always wanted an army, but Heaven and Man have never got it, but I want to try and see if I can have them and get them. I believe I will definitely surprise Bao Feixue."
At that moment, he suddenly woke up and shouted, "Do you want to recruit those bear warriors?"
"Yes, it is to recruit them!" Shallow clear voice fell a punch on the sand table.
"If you have the strongest melee infantry in the world and make it reasonable, then Najing Yuancheng is also changing hands!" He sank and said
Chapter 9 The storm has resurfaced
"I object!" A wild voice roared in the camp.
It is thunder and fire
At the military meeting, Shallow Water Kiyoshi explained his plan. When he said that he wanted to go to the bear clan by himself, sure enough, it attracted everyone’s opposition.
"Shallow a are you crazy? The bear clan is not that one who reason with you! If you used to lobby them for a bad thing, they might just eat you alive. "
Shallow water Qing patted thunder and fire on the shoulder to signal him to be quiet. He smiled and looked at the crowd before saying, "I’m not going alone. I’ll take another bear with me. I’m naturally violent and fierce, but they have their weakness. They are proud of their fighters. If I take the whole camp to negotiate with them, let’s not say whether we soldiers can win them. First of all, this negotiation will not show sincerity. I show the enemy is weak and treat others sincerely. Naturally, they won’t give me what they want. It won’t be much more difficult to negotiate."
Everyone in the field paused to look at each other, then soaked in blood and said, "You are the head of the camp. Since you are determined to attract bears, I will go for you."
Shallow water Qing immediately shook his head. "The most despised people of the bear clan are timid and afraid of death. I want you to go to this negotiation for me. I haven’t lost half of it before. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I want to accept the bear warrior into my general, but I have never seen anyone succeed." What is this? It is because they want to benefit the strength of Xiong samurai on the one hand, but they don’t respect them on the other. "
Speaking of this shallow water, Qing smiled. "Believe me, no one knows how to respect soldiers better than me."
This sentence immediately said all remained.
The number of generals in the Tianfeng Empire is very few, but it can really climb from soldiers to generals.
Shallow water Qing is a fierce flame and a Lian Shaoyi. The son-in-law of the water general can at least be counted as half.
Compared with them, Yun Feng dancers are all from a noble family.
They may really have generals and know how to cherish soldiers, but there is one thing they can never compare with shallow water. They don’t climb from the position of soldiers. They may love soldiers on the surface, but in their bones, they have their own aristocratic pride. They can never blend in with other soldiers from the bottom of their hearts.
When all the generals who want to recruit the bear family look at these inferior barbarians with a high voice, it is impossible to negotiate on an equal footing.
But shallow water can be in his position, and he can see more clearly than anyone else
What’s more, shallow water now has other generals without a special trump card, the rich corps
"Well, it’s settled." Shallow water laughs. "I will negotiate with the bear family and bring them into our group."
Fang Hu woke him up coldly. "The bear family has a population of more than 10,000, but there are almost 3,000 soldiers. Your camp in this area is greatly overstaffed. This southern governor alone can cut your head off."
Shallow water clear hey hey smile "I have my own way to solve this matter"
Looking at everyone, there is really no excuse to object. "Well, now let’s discuss what you should do while I’m away."
"We?" Several people were stunned. "Aren’t you waiting for you here?"
Shallow water shook his head again and again.
He asked Mu Xue, "Mu Shao, how many of our brothers can be as big as those recruits and young soldiers except those veterans of the Third Guard?"
When this question comes out, I sneer at "I can kill the 4,000 people in one breath with the third guard without much loss."
At present, there are too many key recruits in Youzi camp, and there are not many who are lack of training and experience.
Shallow water Qing asked again, "Then you say that the difference between soldiers is so big?"
Fang Hu said "it’s psychology"
"Yes, it is psychology!" Shallow water clear a punch in his palm.