It’s night. Kang Peng is still sulking after dinner. It’s been two years since she married Fu Yu, but she’s still cold and indifferent to herself. She never takes the initiative to make love. This is not to mention that she has a younger sister who didn’t know it until today. This shows that she was wary of Fu Yu’s family, who once went to Chang ‘an with her family. Obviously, Fu Yu’s family is also careful to prevent theft. Both Bao and Fu Fu’s relatives are like this to themselves. What other people in Luoyang think of themselves can be imagined. If I really regain control of Luoyang now, I’m afraid it’s still hard to win the hearts of the people.
Kang Peng shook his head with a wry smile and tried to throw these upset things at QinBing and said, "Bring those two eunuchs in."
On the day of Wang Yun’s punishment, Feng Bin and Feng Guo escaped by luck, but they also became frightened birds. From then on, they hid in the people’s lives anonymously. The luck of the two brothers was not generally good. Luoyang’s several disturbances did not hurt them. At the beginning of this year, after the chaos in Xin Wang, the palace re-recruited the unrest and separated eunuchs. They were unwilling to be lonely. The two brothers took the opportunity to sneak into the palace and quickly became eunuchs trusted by Emperor Han Xian. Two months ago, the two brothers finally made their dreams come back. The position of Huang Men left them in michel platini. Chang Shi’s position is getting closer and closer. This time Dong Zhuojun returned to Luoyang. The first reaction of the two brothers was that they wanted to escape, but they were blocked by Dong Zhuojun in the city. Ma Ridan and others also suggested that Lu Su send someone to monitor them. The news that Kang Peng went to town today came through. They were all ready to commit suicide by poisoning themselves, but they were stopped by Dong Zhuojun’s soldiers who came to Kang Peng.
"A surname forgives! A surname forgives!" Just entering the tent, two brothers Feng Bin and Feng Guo jumped on their knees and kowtowed in front of Kang Peng, bleeding. "A surname knows that it’s a sin to say this plainly. Please ask a surname to look after you in front of the little people and spare them a dog’s life."
Without saying anything, Kang Peng gave a kick to Feng Bin and Feng Guo and said directly, "Do you want to die or live?"
"Want to live and want to live" Feng eunuch brothers heard that they had the chance to live without being kicked by Kang Peng. The horse kowtowed, "A surname, young people want to live and young people listen to everything." Feng Bin also got the nerve to add that "a surname villain has registered Luoyang beauties through the emperor’s selection of beauty machines, and I want to dedicate this list to a surname."
Kang Peng is very angry. When he heard the word beauty, he went on the rampage and conveniently picked up Feng Bin. "Cut the fucking crap and ask you to do something for the old man. You can not only survive, but also give you a little reward."
"A surname please don’t hesitate to command" Feng Bin spit out a tooth interrupted by Kang Peng, and his mouth was full of blood. "Little people will certainly do it even if they are afraid of daoshanhuohai"
Kang Peng is heavy to give him two slap in the face "don’t you daoshanhuohai you are not approachable? No matter what you play, you must let the little emperor promise. "
Brother Feng Eunuch was overjoyed. "It’s easy to tell a surname that the little emperor has been at the mercy of our two brothers, and even the young people who are afraid that the surname will dig his ancestral grave are sure to make him promise."
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Chapter 47 Scourge of Cao Cao (3)
"Old minister Dong Zhuo kowtowed to the emperor. Long live my emperor. Long live my emperor."
In the early morning of June 20th, the third year of Chuping, in Luoyang City, the newly renovated palace during the golden period, the well-dressed official Kang Peng took a group of civil servants and military commanders to kowtow respectfully to the Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty. Although Boss Dong claimed that he had a sword and shoes when he entered Luoyang that year, he didn’t worship him, but Kang Peng still gave the veteran officials a few heads to the Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty.
In just two years, I don’t know if I have lost my mental stress or really lived a pampered life. It turns out that the skinny Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty has gained some meat and gained a lot of weight in vain. After being edified by a group of old fogies such as Ma Ridan and Zhu Xie, the temperament has become more dignified and dignified, and there are also some imperial demeanor. However, Boss Dong has made a terrible impression on him in the past, and he is still in the Han Dynasty. The Emperor Xian said with a trembling voice, "All the people love Qing Li, stand upright and return to his father, and come to give a seat hard."
Behind Emperor Han Xian, Feng Bin trotted to move a red wooden chair and put it on the left side of Emperor Han Xian, holding Kang Peng. His two brothers were arrested by Kang Peng last night and paid for their own death. I didn’t expect Kang Peng to beat them up and let them go to save their lives. Today, Emperor Han Xian was invited out of the maid-in-waiting bed to wait for Kang Peng to arrive.
"Saint, this is the old minister’s tribute. Please check it." Kang Peng took out a gift list from his sleeve and handed it to him. It was also behind Emperor Han Xian, and Xiao Huangmen Feng Guo hurriedly took it and handed it to Emperor Han Xian.
Han Xiandi’s gift list is not just money and food. These things don’t matter if he has no money and no food, he can collect taxes from the people around Luoyang. It’s not good. There are also a group of old ministers who will give their property. His flower situation and this ugly old brother-in-law will help a Han Xiandi from time to time. The real heart of Han Xiandi is that the eunuch brother Feng gave him a pill last night. Although Han Xiandi was only thirteen years old, he could even imperial ten women in one night. That’s a real blessing for men! Emperor Xian of Han was not disappointed. His old and ugly brother-in-law gave him more than 300 panaceas, which was almost enough for him for a year! And there are ten beautiful Qiang female slaves, which is also very popular with Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty.
At the end of the ceremony list, there was a sketch of the palace. Emperor Xiandi didn’t know anything about architecture, but when he saw the sketch of the palace, he asked Kang Peng, "Shangfu, this palace is gorgeous, so I like it very much. I don’t know what it is." Is there something strange? "
Kang Penglang said, "The name of this palace is Guangwu, but the old minister has searched everywhere, and the skillful craftsman has been thinking hard for years. Only then can this gallery be built. The waist and eaves are high and the teeth are high, and the water diversion lake is piled up with five steps and ten steps on the first floor. If the Luoyang palace is built, it will be compared with the tile house and the jade building."
Before Emperor Han could speak, Ma Ridan, Dong Cheng and a bunch of stubborn old men turned white. They all said, "What the hell are you doing?"? Luoyang is like this bear now. Can Luoyang afford to build a palace on a large scale? But Han Xian emperor took the words and almost didn’t knock this help a stubborn old man over. "Dare to ask Shangfu how much this palace is estimated to cover? How long will it take to build it? "
"Covering an area of more than three hundred miles" Kang Peng said lightly, "Luoyang City should not be such a big palace. Fortunately, Luoyang City has a plain construction. This palace should not be a problem. It should be built in three years with enough manpower." Speaking of this, Kang Peng’s left hand and middle finger played three consecutive signals.
Brother Feng Eunuch understood that Feng Binma gathered in the ear of Emperor Han Xian and whispered, "The emperor just caught your wedding." Feng Guo did the same thing. "The emperor’s palace is dilapidated now, no matter how it is renovated, it is difficult to show its past style. It is better to take the opportunity to build this Guangwu Palace. First, the emperor can live and play in the future. Second, it can show my royal style. A surname and his old man’s house imagine that the week is really loyal."
Feng eunuch brothers whispered to Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty. Ma Ridan and Wan Fu, Zhu Xie and a group of old fogies immediately knew that it was not good. Ma Ridan led five Fuzheng ministers to kneel together. "The emperor and I are now struggling with the national luck, and the government’s taxes are in constant turmoil. It is really not appropriate to make a big move to shake the country to build a palace. It is better to take a long-term view."
Kang Peng still closed his eyes and said nothing, but the eunuch brother Feng jumped out to Feng Bin and said in a drake’s voice, "Your honor, I am a great man, and I am as rich as the sea. Is it difficult for the country? Huang Ying, SHEN WOO, the whole life of the people drum up their bellies and eulogize the people. Last year, Master Dong wiped out the Qiang soldiers who committed border riots in one fell swoop, making me a big man to impress the northwest, as if talking about people’s misery? " Feng Guo also pointed and said, "Is it necessary for the emperor to work so hard to live in a better palace?" Don’t you adults have the heart to watch the saints toil in their humble homes? "
Feng eunuch brothers argue irrationally. Immediately, a bunch of civil and military officials who are good at observing words and feelings echoed and expressed their support for Emperor Han Xian’s new palace. Ma Ridan and others were so anxious that they could refute Lu Su among the officials, but they were gloating. Who told you to resolutely oppose the little emperor’s crusade against Cao Cao? Most of the officials agreed, but you Fuzheng ministers opposed it. If you cooperated with the surname, you wouldn’t have so many hands and feet. The most hateful thing is that some of you colluded in secret and supported Cao Cao, trying to use Cao Cao’s hand to contain our army’s encroachment on Luoyang’s economic population. Can this surname promise?
Lu Su arrived in Luoyang earlier than Kang Peng, and handed it over to Kang Peng to protect the secretariat of Yanzhou, Kong Rong, and asked Emperor Xian of Han to order heaven to attack Cao Cao. However, Lu Su was resolutely opposed by five ministers of Fuzheng, or these old fogies didn’t want to see the turmoil in the sky. But Lu Su soon found that some of the five ministers of Fuzheng not only opposed attacking Cao Cao, but also had a good word for Cao Cao. Lu Su became suspicious and quietly sent dark moon troops to investigate, only to know the amazing scene. It turned out that some of these five ministers of Fuzheng had secretly linked with Cao Cao, and for the second time, they begged the Dong League Lu Su didn’t dare to neglect Kang Peng, who was still on the road. He sent someone to send the evidence to Kang Peng’s office. Kang Peng didn’t have those strange behaviors until he arrived in Luoyang yesterday, and he was in a very bad mood.
At this time, Lu Su saw Kang Peng’s right hand finger flick the horse out of the class and knelt down. "I have reported to the emperor that I have seen the celestial phenomena at night recently, and I am afraid that traitors will plunder the weather and intend to usurp the throne and build a palace on their own. It is better to postpone the discussion."
Ma Ridan and others are confused. Just now, they almost tried to lure Emperor Han Xian to build a large scale and consume manpower, thus losing the people’s hearts and minds. Typical ulterior motives can be seen. It is strange for Dong Zhuo to speak out against Ma Ridan and others. Isn’t Dong Zhuo a mischief? Han Xiandi is also very strange. How can anyone dare to oppose that horrible teacher? Is he dying?
Kang Peng saw that the time was ripe and handed over, "Report to my emperor on November 30th last year, I showed that the old minister would depend on the weather to make the gods auspicious and sacred, and Wang Kuang, the river satrap, and others. Only after a month, Cao Cao, a captain of the Xiaoqi, was good at attacking the soldiers and killing the court ministers in Wang Kuang, taking away the gods auspicious and disloyal, and the thief army burned, killed and looted and made a river tragedy! Finally, he forced the people of the river to move to Chenliu, causing several people to die of cold and hunger on the way, and all kinds of sins were countless. "
Speaking of which, Kang Peng took a meaningful look at his two old fathers-in-law, and then continued, "The old minister asked the imperial edict to make the heaven beg for a total of cao thief, and he would like to personally lead the troops to crusade against Cao Caotian in addition to the thieves in this country."
Cai Yong is the most impatient of the five Fuzheng ministers. He said first, "A surname Cao, a captain, is good at attacking Wang Kuang with swords and soldiers, but when the crisis in Luoyang, a Han official in Wang Kuang, the people stripped the bark and ate the grass roots to feed their hunger. Court officials stayed close to the river overnight, but they didn’t pay tribute to the food and taxes. The emperor also had a surname, Xian Di, rice, meat, Cao Cao, Xian Di, silks and silks, and Cao Cao attacked Wang Kuang. It was also considered that the country was harmful to the country and moved to the river. The people were also worried that
Cai Yong’s grandiose words are very clever. He not only takes off Cao Cao’s crimes, but also describes Cao Cao’s forced relocation of the people as Cao Cao’s intention to save the people. His old son-in-law is also good at reversing black and white.
Kang Peng sneer at all don’t talk is quietly and send a signal von eunuch brothers one is to save lives but always Cai Yong don’t jump out to the horse Feng Bin tearing drake voice shouted, "Cai Bo shu you said kung fu is very severe? If that Cao Cao is not malicious, then why didn’t he give the auspicious sign to the saints after he stole it from the gods? That auspicious thing, the weather is lucky, and what does Cao Cao take? What do you think if you don’t want to make a mess? " Feng Guo also pointedly shouted, "Xiangrui should be handed over to others. It is predestined that Cao Cao would rob Xiangrui, which angered the saints in heaven and refused to sprout."
Brother Feng Eunuch made a hullabaloo about and returned to Han Xiandi’s side. Feng Bin rubbed his shoulders for Han Xiandi. "The emperor Cao Cao really deserves to die. A surname is a saint. He must not live up to a surname’s loyalty." Feng Guoze hammered his thigh for Han Xiandi. "The emperor Cai Yong has been saying good things in cao thief, and there must be collusion with cao thief."
Kang Peng nodded with satisfaction. I can’t believe that these two eunuchs can really benefit from Cai Yong, but the words of eunuch brother Feng are forward-looking. It’s difficult for him to have the Han Emperor. After all, the child’s legal defense has to turn his attention to him and rely on a teacher, Ma Ridan, to see what his opinion is
Ma Ridan is the most neutral and open-minded of the five Fuzheng ministers. Although he thinks that Cao Cao is indeed guilty, it is bound to cause another great chaos if the princes crusade against Cao Cao. This is the last thing Ma Ridan wants to see when he coughs. He is about to persuade Kang Peng to let Cao Cao go. Kang Peng suddenly said to himself softly, "If you don’t crusade against Cao Cao, you can concentrate on building a palace with the support of the old minister."
Kang Pengyin was just dumbfounded when Ma Ridan heard Ma Ridan’s words. He had already presented a sketch of the palace to the emperor. If the Fuzheng Minister opposed the crusade against Cao Cao, Dong Zhuo would support Xian Di to build a palace, and the eunuch brother Feng would fan the flames of the new palace. Ten things * * would make it a reality to make Xian Di lose the hearts of the people and further weaken the majesty of the Han Dynasty.
Ma Ri Dan Heng still gnashed his teeth again and again. "The emperor’s old minister thinks that Cao Cao’s evil deeds are so numerous that it is time to get rid of this country’s thieves." Ma Ri Dan said that it is better to let the emperor commit mischief than to let Dong Zhuo attack Cao Cao. Besides, Cao Cao is indeed guilty and not wronged him. And the auspicious thing may be that it is because of his seizure of Xiang Rui that the emperor refused to germinate. Now he has let Dong Zhuo get all kinds of gods from Dong Zhuo again in the future.
Ma Ridan spoke to Zhu Xie and Dong Cheng, and he painstakingly spoke in favor of Manchu civil and military affairs. Except Cai Yong and Wan Fu, Master Dong also agreed that it was reasonable to give Cao Cao a lesson, and begged the emperor to make a letter to crusade against Cao Cao. Although Cai Yong and Wan Fu were opposed to being weak and adding Feng eunuch brothers to fan the flames in Han Xian’s ear, Han Xian’s emperor soon issued a letter to Cao Cao, which should be destroyed with a door full of crimes, and ordered the emperor to crusade against Cao Cao and seal the secretariat of Yanzhou, Kong Rong, as instructed by Kang Peng.
Kang Peng immediately ordered Lu Bu, a pioneer in the front of Lu Bu, and Zhang Xiu, a deputy pioneer, to lead 10,000 troops to Si Shui to be stationed in the army and then attack Cao Cao together, and sent people to send Emperor Han Xian to cloth the princes and make the days rise up and attack.
When Kang Peng issued the order, Cai Yong and Wan Fu had been secretly wiping their heads and sweating. When Kang Peng issued the order, the two of them were about to resign. Kang Peng suddenly said to Cai Yong, "Your father-in-law can’t be named. You are the best scholar in the world. Please write an imperial edict to let heaven and man know that the little husband is punishing Cao Cao for heaven instead of heaven."