Those evil spirits were very afraid of black and white, but when they saw that Black Third Master openly cheated with black and white, they probably thought that Black Third Master had the backing of Yan, and they all came again and again. When Black Third Master made these evil spirits rush to surround me, they hugged my arms and thighs.

Although I tried my best to resist, there were so many evil spirits that I was finally held tightly by them and could not move at all.
Black Third Master’s eyes were red at this moment, and he saw that I was firmly under control. He rushed to raise his hands again and drank, "Yan Sigou is the king of heaven, and I will break your soul and let you die completely!"
As he binged drinking, his hands slapped me on the top of my head. At this time, I couldn’t move and watched him hit me. At this time, I was desperate and thought that this time it was over, but it was a pity that I couldn’t save Nellie from suffering. The garbage hand was too wronged
Just as I was about to close my eyes and die, a golden light flew from the entrance of the main hall. This golden light flashed behind Black Third Master in half a second, and then bypassed his body and directly entangled him. I held my arms high with the golden light, and I saw clearly that the golden light was a ghost rope. When the ghost rope entangled Black Third Master, it wrapped around Black Third Master’s wrist again and again.
"ah! ! ! ! ! !”
Black Third Master gave a miserable cry. His wrist was tied tightly with a ghost rope. When the ghost rope meets a ghost, it will naturally emit bursts of golden light. This golden light will burn the ghost like a high pressure.
Looking into the black third master’s body again, I saw that his body was shrouded in golden light, and at this time he was already suffering from the ghost rope.
I looked down the ghost rope and saw that it was just at the entrance of Heichang Hall that the ghost rope was thrown to entangle Black Third Master, which saved me.
At the same time, Bai often shouted at his ghost, "Don’t let go!"
Those evil spirits saw that Black Third Master was caught by the ghost rope. For a while, the dragon heads were all scared to let go of me after Bai Changyi rebuked them.
I saw my body move freely. I was so angry that I was so angry when I looked at the ghost rope tied in front of me. I came over and kicked the black third master in the chest, but I never thought that the black third master was tied with the ghost rope and the golden light shrouded me. I am also a ghost at this time. How can I stand this golden light? After I was hit by the golden light, I screamed and my body was absorbed by the golden light.
Chapter 26 Black Snake
I never thought that although I am now a ghost, I still subconsciously think of myself as a normal person. At this time, I was absorbed by the golden light, and I realized that I was careless and it was impossible to get rid of this ghost rope.
In less than three seconds, my body was burned by this golden light, and my soul was about to fly away when I saw it. At this time, I suddenly heard a scream from the black, and he immediately rushed over at the door, and his body came to me like a flash.
"Four dogs, are you okay?" Black often pulls me away from the golden light adsorption. He always cherishes words like gold. He finally said a word.
I was dizzy with the golden light, but it’s okay. Black often comes over and burns for a while. I think I’ll die. At this time, I’m moved by watching Black often cut my face, and then I look at White often coming from the door. I’m very worried about surrounding me with Black often.
I don’t know what to say at the moment. Before I entered this hall, Black and White often showed their attitude. They didn’t want to fall out with this black third master, not because they were afraid of him, but because there was a Yan behind him. But at this time, I was cornered by the black third master, and Black and White often came to help me. This really moved me and I didn’t know what to do.
Look at the black third master. At this time, his arms are still tightly wrapped with a ghost rope, and he can’t move at all. The golden light from the ghost rope has burned him out of shape. I think it won’t be long before he is scattered by the power of the ghost rope.
At this moment, Bai Chang frowned. He glanced at the tortured Black Third Master and suddenly said to Black Chang, "Let go of this small bar and tie it again. Something will happen."
Black often listened to his face and became gloomy again. I heard a "hum" in his mouth. Obviously, he didn’t want to let go of this black third master. However, White often persuaded him at this time. White often persuaded him that he was reluctant to put the ghost rope away. This black third master was out of the golden light and collapsed.
The whole hall was in utter silence. Dozens of evil spirits watched black and white and often dared not speak. At this time, they stared at Black Third Master, who was a relative of Yan. He was bullied like this when he was in the underworld. Today, it must be endless.
That’s what I thought in my heart. I thought that black and white often happened this time. I offended Black Third Master. I’m afraid that black and white will be blamed if I disturb the Yan later. I feel very guilty when I think about this. I thought that if I implicated black and white often, I would feel at ease.
At this time, Bai Chang seemed to have guessed my mind, and he patted me on the shoulder and said to me, "Four dogs, you don’t have to worry too much. Lao Hei and I have put up with this black third master for a long time. If Yan favors him this time and blames us both, then Lao Hei and I will quit and take you and Xiaolian away with us!"
Bai Chang often said that when he looked at the black face consciously, there was still no expression, but he nodded his head gently at this time, which meant that he agreed with Bai Chang’s point of view
I didn’t know what to say when I heard this feeling in my heart. My heart was warm and I was always grateful for black and white. I didn’t know how to repay it. At this time, I saw that black and white were always so firm. My heart also had a bottom. At this time, I watched Black Third Master hate my teeth and saw that this guy couldn’t get up like a dead dog. I went over and kicked him in the soft spot.
Black Third Master was kicked in pain by me, but there were two of them. Although they were tied with ghost ropes for so long, he recovered from lying on the ground for so long. When I kicked him, he suddenly rose up and shouted at dozens of evil spirits, "Come with me to die!"
Black Third Master yelled at this voice and then flew to the entrance of the main hall. He didn’t dare to stay here for a while. He also saw that there was a black and white field at this time. His friends were afraid to help him deal with me, and they couldn’t get a bargain here, so they thought of complaining to the Yan.
As soon as those evil spirits heard it, they wanted to follow Black Third Master to Yan Wang, but as soon as they moved, Bai Chang suddenly shouted, "Which one of you dares to follow?"
I hugged her in my arms and cried with her. At this time, all kinds of unbearable memories came to my heart, which made me forget that black and white in this hall often hugged with Nellie with the evil spirits.
It’s been a long time since I let go of Nellie. Seeing that Nellie is still motionless, my eyes are in tears. I wonder what happened to Nellie.
Wondering, I began to carefully examine Nellie’s body. Seeing that Nellie’s body was nothing strange at this time made me feel puzzled. If I can’t find out what happened to Nellie, I have to find Master Black and force him to tell me what happened to Nellie.
Just when I was wondering, I suddenly saw a small snake head in Nellie’s mouth. The small snake head was black and about as thick as a little finger, which made me suddenly surprised and I couldn’t help but take a breath. Seeing that the little snake emerged from Nellie’s mouth as an outcrop, it quickly shrank back and refused to come out again.
I’m so surprised that I don’t know why there’s a small snake in Elaine’s mouth. Is it because there is a small snake in her mouth that Xiaolian can’t move and can’t speak?
Thought of here, I can’t help but reach out and gently pull Nellie’s mouth to look inside. It doesn’t matter if I see that Nellie’s mouth is full of that little black snake that just emerged. This snake is not too long and its body length is more than ten centimeters. At this time, it is just inside Nellie’s mouth. I just saw that I suddenly turned my head to Nellie’s throat and my body was very flexible. I just got into Nellie’s stomach with a shake.
I was so surprised that I cried out, thinking that it’s no wonder that Lillian can’t move her body now. It seems that this little black basilisk can’t calm down when I see this. I can’t hold Lillian up and stand her body upside down. I’m really in a hurry and want to control the snake in Lillian’s stomach.
However, I didn’t see Nellie’s body stand upside down by me at all. Instead, she made Nellie frown. I saw that this move worked hard and I was so anxious to put Nellie back to the ground quickly.
At this time, black and white often saw that something was wrong, and their two feet flew up and jumped in front of my located.
"Grandpa Seven, look at Xiaolian. Why is there a little black snake in your mouth?" I was so anxious that I asked black and white often
At this time, black and white often came to Nellie and looked at Bai with his mouth slightly open. At this moment, he frowned and bit his teeth and said to me, "Four dogs, this is all about the black third master doing good things to see Nellie’s present situation. There should be a black snake in her stomach."
Chapter 27 Catch snakes
When I heard Bai Chang’s words, my heart suddenly thumped and I thought, This is really bad. A little black snake got into Nellian’s stomach. Now I hear Bai Chang say that there are many black snakes in Nellian’s stomach. Is this good?
Seeing that Nellie can’t even speak, her body is moving, and my heart is dripping with blood. I can’t help but think of that damn thing, Mr. Black. It’s all his fault that Nellie has become like this for a while. If I catch him, I will kill him.
Although the third master is a man who dares to provoke people, I have already killed him a hundred times in my heart. Now if I see him say anything again, I will not let him go.
Anger is anger. Now that the damn black master has disappeared, maybe you should go to the underworld and save Nellie first. Let Nellie open her mouth and talk, and everything will be white.
But now there is nothing I can do. I can’t help but look at black and white. I put all my hopes on them. I really hope they can find a good way.
"Grandpa Seven, is there any way you two can save Nellie?" I couldn’t help looking at the black and white often almost willing to ask them.
Black is still the same expression as usual. I can’t see the worry from his face, but white is better. He thought about it and said to me, "Four dogs, these little black snakes are all black three masters. He usually trains Nellie to be like this. He just wants these black snakes to control Nellie, and these little black snakes can make Nellie unable to move at his mercy and can’t open his mouth to talk."
I’ve heard Bai Chang say so much, but I didn’t say how to save Xiaolian. At that time, I was in a hurry and asked Bai Chang, "Is there a way to save Xiaolian?"
Bai Chang pondered for a while before he said to me, "There is one way to do it, but you have to take some risks."
Bai often said that he stopped talking here. He looked at it motionless. Nelly looked at me again and then turned his head and sighed.