More than half of the fans in the stands at the Bernabeu Stadium cheered Lazio’s goal.

They are either Lazio fans or Hertha fans.
The total number is slightly higher than that of Bayern Munich.
This phenomenon is more obvious in the neutral fan area.
Because there are not many tickets for neutral fans, Hertha fans have packed a lot.
But it doesn’t mean that no one will play against them here.
There are two people in the cheering crowd who look very different.
A middle-aged man bowed his head and spat and said to the young man next to him, "China people are always so lucky!"
Golka didn’t echo his father and didn’t say anything.
"But don’t worry! He is sure to lose! I promise you! Because Bayern Munich’ Lazio nemesis’ title is not in vain! He’s one goal ahead now, and he’ll lose three more goals! Not four! They will throw more goals … "
His father kept cursing Lazio and Changsheng, but Golka didn’t listen to a word.
He is staring at those cheering Lazio players in the stadium.
Who was the initiator of Lazio’s goal just now?
That’s the one who used to be overwhelmed by Hertha’s youth team to replace center Sai Passareira!
This time, he didn’t rely on Pa Wen to help him. He did it alone.
Break the ball and send the football to the front to launch this quick counterattack.
This is one of the many highlights of his game.
The waste that was laughed at by myself has now shone on such a top stage.
He felt a twinge of absence.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Don’t choose Bayern Munich
The more Fan Jiaer saw that Ronaldo was restricted by Lazio, the more he decided to modify his tactics and let thomas moorer take on more offensive responsibilities.
Then draw the Lazio defender’s defensive attention and then give the football to Ronaldo.
That’s a good idea, but Ronaldo is already in the defensive state of Cesc Passareira and Pa Wen.
He did get a chance that looked good before the end of the half-game.
But it just "looks good"
Because he just got the ball plug in the penalty area, Passareira forced it, and it was stuck on his side, forcing Luo to control the ball with his right foot
Luo’s left foot is world-class, and his right foot is not much different from the amateur level …
Not only can Luo not pass the ball with his right foot, not to mention shooting.
Finally, he forced the shot and hit the plane directly.
Didn’t even catch a corner kick.
It was Bayern Munich’s best chance to score at half-time.
At the end of the half-time, Lazio temporarily led Bayern Munich with cazorla’s goal 1 at the half-time.
Although there are not many goals and the lead is not great, anyone who wants to watch this game will think that Lazio has completely dominated the wind.
Advantage is not simply reflected by the number of goals.
At halftime, the atmosphere here in Lazio is much more relaxed than that in Bayern Munich.
This kind of relaxation is different from that of AC Milan, which leads by three goals at half time and champagne is relaxed at half time.
Lazio players want to hurry up at half-time. They have a strong desire to fight and win.
Their fighting spirit is high.
Not proud of underestimating your enemy, not lax.
Always win a sentence to praise the team’s half-time performance.
Then he told everyone what would happen at half-time and what to do.
Everyone can see that the core of Bayern Munich’s midfield is Shi Weins Tiger, mainly because ledesma is limiting him in the half. If Weins Tiger doesn’t perform well, Bayern Munich will be able to profit.
Thomas moorer has aura, but he is not expected to be a center.
Luo’s poor performance and Olic’s average strength are forcing Muller to be a center.
What did he do well?
Lazio play a fantastic attack like Barcelona, but their defense hardness and strength are not inferior to those who really defend and counter-attack.
The other is to prevent Ram and Van Bommel from shooting forward.
Of course, the most important thing is to stick to Lazio’s own pace.
"Bayern Munich can’t keep up the pace and speed … just like our goal at half time, we are fast and Bayern Munich will eat ash behind our ass! Keep playing like this at halftime! Let’s grow up and let them eat our tail gas! "
One word. Come on!
Two words soon!
Three words are very fast!
This is the core idea of winning Lazio.
Heaven’s martial arts is the enemy only if it is fast and unbreakable.
It’s like a tornado sweeping through quickly, so opponents can be rolled up and run for days, or dance with them in the same rhythm as Lazio, but this kind of physical exertion is very fast, and it is difficult for ordinary teams to last for ten minutes without professional training.
Or it was completely destroyed by a tornado and torn to pieces.
This kind of speed is unreasonable, my Lord
Once again, all players can participate in the attack and become organizers, making it impossible for opponents to guard against it.
This is why many people are now analyzing and studying Lazio tactics. They have a lot of research results, but there are still not many teams that can beat Lazio.
My strengths and weaknesses are there. Anyone can see me, so let me know, but you still can’t deal with us!
What do you mean unreasonable?
This is unreasonable.
I was almost there, so I dragged you away. What?
Come with me if you need anything!
Come or die.
Of course, in fact, it is also a dead end in the end, because few teams can keep this fast pace in just ten minutes. When they are slow, it is when they die.