These people’s facial expressions are wooden and stiff, and their eyes are cloudy and dim. But when they see this, they all open their mouths and laugh. Especially Norman, who is half lying in the sun against the wall, is the ragged and thin man who is the most sad, but now he laughs and rolls around with his belly.

There are some miserable and lowly people here, and nothing in life can make them happy. Probably, it is only when they see someone worse off than them that they can laugh.
While laughing, they stared at Norman’s coming to walk over, and several people stopped, standing in the same place and waiting for the theatre to see Norman, who scolded Lou’s family, but they were doomed to be disappointed.
Norman held his head up and his mouth was about to scold, but the words came to his mouth but he didn’t have the strength to send them out. Finally, he could swallow and sigh. His right hand reached over his shoulder and swept a piece of feces hanging on his face, and then he walked on without focus.
He really didn’t have the strength to scold this one-meter-long man. At this moment, his strength seemed to have been cut out and his ears echoed with the words he had just heard.
"Emma? ….. Oh, it’s the Julius family, right? ….. They lived here but moved away a long time ago … I don’t know, but it’s definitely not Cá rdenas anyway. I heard that they are going to Santa Vita … "
"No more Cardenas."
"No more Cá rdenas" …
The words kept repeating in his mind, tugging at his heart and torturing him to the last ounce of strength.
Norman finally had an expression, desperate eyes.
Why not? !
This year, the harvest in the village was poor, and his father, old Norman, was starved to death. Seeing that the food at home was not enough, he could survive the next year. He could escape from Ashley village and come to Cardenas to find what this old Norman called "Aunt Emma". How could she not? ! What will she do if she can’t help herself? ?
Ashley Village must be unable to go back. He still owes Master Barton the rent this year. This time, he will definitely be arrested by the agricultural officer, and there will be no human appearance-the serfs who lack arms and legs in the village have broken their hands and feet like this.
But staying in Cardenas is not the way. He has been in Cardenas for seven days. During these seven days, he has learned the rules of many cities besides looking for Aunt Emma’s house. For example, he can’t do anything but farm. In a big city like Cardenas, he can’t get a job and beg on the roadside, and that field is a dead end.
He has seen several starving roadside beggars these days.
Norman walked all the way in despair and consciously, only to find that he had left District 9 when he came to his senses.
Cadenas, the sun always seems to be very big. When Norman walked for such a long time, his urine was dried. It smelled bad, but he couldn’t get rid of it. His clothes were also dried in several places. The urine was as hard as a board, and there were still a few strands of hardened red hanging on him. That was dry menstrual blood.
Passers-by saw Norman walking around like this, and no one wanted to get close to him. Their eyes were also contemptuous and sneering.
Obviously, this is another country bumpkin who has been accidentally splashed with urine. This situation can always be seen by Cardenas.
"Goo goo woo"
No matter how desperate and depressed Norman is, it will always come. For example, he hasn’t eaten for three days, and his stomach began to twitch. He also obviously felt the last bit of fat in his stomach trembling and jumping, pulling his belly muscles one by one.
I can’t hold on. I have to eat something
Norman thought about this, and unconsciously backhand touched the back and touched a hard object wrapped in cloth.
This cloth is tied up and the bag contains all his possessions. A small piece of pot is missing. A piece of clothes that old Norman stripped from him before he was buried, a rake and a steel head.
There were two bags of beans, a handful of shepherd’s purse, and a hoe and iron head that he sold to the blacksmith’s shop. That’s why he was able to eat something four days ago.
Pot … Still can’t sell? ……
Norman’s hand moved to the rake steel head and touched it through the cloth.
Then still sell this?
Just when Norman didn’t know what to do, a man in front of him caught his attention.
He is at an intersection. There is a big wall in front of him on the left, and a lot of paper is stuck on it.
He has never learned letters, and he doesn’t know what is written on the surface. Now a man walks up to that wall and sticks a piece of paper on the surface.
Norman’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and the focus was instantaneous, and he stared at the paper firmly.
The writing on that paper is somewhat different from that on his paper.
There are some strange patterns on that paper.
These patterns may seem inexplicable to others, but Norman seems to have different meanings. Since childhood, he has always seen similar patterns in his left eye, and at the same time, he can hear many sounds from his own heart, which often make him have a splitting headache and have tortured him for more than ten years.
For example, now his left eye can see that this pattern is constantly drifting, and he is constantly hearing noisy sounds from his heart that he can’t understand.
“¥! @≈ ……@#……¥%”
Fortunately, Norman has been able to stand it more and more after more than ten years’ experience, and Ki will not be rolled around with his head ached as he was a child.
Norman walked quickly two steps ago and came to the front of the wall. Looking carefully, he found that many patterns on this surface were indeed the same kind as those seen by his left eye.
I don’t know if he lives in his heart and those people can also see things outside. The patterns he saw in his left eye gradually changed into the same patterns arranged on paper, and the sounds he heard were in the same tone and rhythm.
The sticker man noticed Norman strange and took a step back next to him. Looking at Norman, he frowned and asked hesitantly, "What’s the matter? ……”
If Norman’s expression wasn’t too weird, he would even ignore this local bag with a strong urine smell.
But for a moment, the man’s eyes suddenly widened
"The remuneration for hiring an old-fashioned tutor is negotiable. Address: Jordan Road, District 6 …"
Norman consciously followed him to hear those sounds.
He has been listening to this kind of sound for more than ten years, but he is restless and tortured. He has long been familiar with it. Although he doesn’t know the meaning, there is still no obstacle for Norman to follow him to hear the pronunciation of those sounds.
"Are you a mage? !”
Hearing the strange pronunciation like Mr. Sen’s, the male voice was high and sharp. Looking at Norman with an incredible face, shouldn’t all nobles be as noble and elegant as Mr. Sen? But what the hell is this before him!
Messy and messy, like a chicken nest, the hair is knotted together, and the face is black and yellow, and there are excrement and nose hairs in the eyes. Even if the clothes are covered with patches, there are still several holes to see the flesh inside-this guy turns out not to wear clothes! Not to mention his big hands covered with dirt, his arms and body smelling of urine, and even a small piece of black stuff on his shoulders … combined with the urine smell of this person, it won’t be shit, will it?
This will be a mage?
Norman also doubts a frown like this man.
The strange words running out of the man’s mouth made him improper. He wanted to ask the mage when the man suddenly spoke again.
"You see what I said, I should be damned to question your identity! ……”
The man’s repeated apologies were mainly frightened by Norman’s frown, and Mr. Sen’s words flashed through his mind
"I’ve heard people say that even the issuing of mage badges by the church is fraudulent. If you want to help your daughter find a real mage to teach her, you can’t look at those things. You can tell the truth from the false … Take this paper. If you can understand what I wrote, you must be a mage. This is a fake thing, and you won’t be cheated."
Although I don’t seem to have any contact with a mage, I can know the old saying and read it, and it seems to be similar to Mr. Sen’s pronunciation. This big one must be a mage! How can he question each other? ! Look at each other, they are angry!