"Come on in!"

I didn’t wait too long, but a moment later, Hao Hongdong’s entrance was banned, showing a wide and deep passage. At the same time, there was a slightly old and dignified voice from the abode of fairies and immortals.
Hao Hongyin also came out from the entrance passage of the abode of fairies and immortals. Qiu realized that he should be noticed by Hao Hong, and did not expose the flaw. Qiu was unwilling and unwilling to bow to the abode of fairies and immortals and respond respectfully.
Bowing to a strange monk of the same rank, although unwilling in his heart, he knows how to take care of the overall situation and has always been able to bear it, so his face looks very respectful and he can’t see anything unusual at all
After expressing Xiao Hang’s response to Hao Honggong’s respect, Qiu went to the entrance passage of abode of fairies and immortals with a slightly uneasy expression.
In autumn, when the figure disappeared into the entrance passage of the abode of fairies and immortals, the original automatic forbidden entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals was naturally closed.
After walking along the forbidden passage in autumn, I finally walked out of the end of the passage for less than half a quarter of an hour and came to a large hall.
Compared with the Godsworn in the Foundation Period, the status of Godsworn in the Dead Ghost Sect is even more different than that of Godsworn in the Foundation Period. Just from the size of Hao Hong Xiao Xing Ze’s abode of fairies and immortals, we can see a thing or two.
I have seen Xiao Hangze’s abode of fairies and immortals in autumn, and the total area is less than 100 square meters. However, Hao Hongdong’s mansion has only one hall with a size of 1,000 square meters, which is larger than Xiao Hangze’s total area.
However, if you think about it carefully, it will be a little clear. It is precisely because of the fact that the corpse ghost Sect sent many grades of Danling Sect that the monks in the then Dan period were paid more attention to, and some in Zongmente would be much bigger.
Chapter three hundred and four LingShi
After the automatic forbidden passage to the abode of fairies and immortals, the autumn footsteps kept coming to a hall with an area of thousands of square meters. At the first sight, I saw an elderly monk sitting in the most position in the hall.
"Meet Uncle Hao!"
After entering the hall, Qiu saw the old monk and immediately realized that he should be Hao Hong, so he looked at him and hurriedly bowed his head and said respectfully.
Autumn is now Xiao Hang’s identity, but I dare not look at Hao Hong boldly. At first glance, I showed a little fear and bowed my head.
It’s just a glance. I saw Hao Hong’s appearance clearly in autumn. From the appearance, this person should be in his sixties. He looks like a sage like type, but he is also a monk with successful practice.
Hao Hong took a picture of his face and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally able to determine that Hao Hong was indeed a monk at the beginning of the then period. He should not see through his own quasi-technical changes and become a face.
Godsworn’s life span is generally longer, and the aging degree is slower than that of ordinary people, but this does not mean that godsworn is not old and immortal, and when he is old, he will also show a kind of aging situation, which is true of most elderly godsworn in the cultivation of immortality.
Hao Hong, a senior monk in the early stage of the then period, is not too low, but seeing that he is older, his life span should have consumed a lot, and he is gradually stepping into old age. According to autumn speculation, Hao Hong’s latent power is almost exhausted, and it is difficult to make further progress.
It is self-evident that Hao Hong can hold a high position in the knowledge and experience department, which specializes in inquiring about and receiving news about the ghost clan. It can be seen that he is an old man with the ghost clan in autumn.
"Xiao Hang, I’ll tell you what you do. In recent years, can there be strange monks or suspicious monks in the sphere of influence?"
In autumn, after showing respect for Xiao Hangze, Hao Hong looked slightly satisfied. In his eyes, his eyes were like looking directly at Xiang Qiu, and at the same time, he said with dignity.
"There are no strangers or suspicious people in most strongholds back to Uncle Hao, but there are three strongholds in charge of reporting the existing anomalies."
For Hao Hong’s eyes, Qiu didn’t face up to it and looked a little timid. He bowed his head and replied
"Oh, which three strongholds are abnormal now, please tell me in detail quickly."
When the voice just fell in autumn, Hao Hong showed a little eagerness to ask quickly, and it seemed that he attached great importance to the news brought back by autumn.
When searching for the soul, Xiao Xingze learned from his memory that the power of the company was really huge. After a hard work, he immediately found out some monks whose sphere of influence was suspicious.
Xiao Hang is in charge of contact and information. There are more than a dozen strongholds of the employer’s company. Most of the strongholds are under normal supervision, and only three strongholds have abnormal conditions.
Will get the information from Xiao Hangze’s memory. Qiu Yuan, the plaintiff, learned about Hao Hong, especially the three stories about the abnormality in the company’s stronghold. Qiu focused on telling him that he had nothing to hide.
Hao Hong listened attentively to the information told by Qiu, and attached great importance to the appearance. From this, Qiu’s heart was more sure that there must be something abnormal about this corpse.
Xiao Hang got a lot of information from his contact with more than a dozen positions of the professional side, and now he has been talking about it for nearly an hour.
At this moment, Hao Hong listened carefully to everything the Mid-Autumn Festival said and didn’t miss anything.
"Well, it’s good that you did well this time. This is your reward." After listening to Qiu for nearly an hour, Hao Hong was satisfied with it and nodded slightly at Qiu and said, "Well, you can retire."
Before Hao Hong waved his hand slightly to let Qiu retreat, he took out a bag and threw it at Qiu.
In Xiao Xingzhe’s memory, Hao Hong not only has excellent ability to cultivate high standards, but also keeps the company in good order. Moreover, this person has always been dignified and ordered to prohibit rewards and punishments. Whether it is for Hao Hong’s reward or his departure from the autumn is a matter of one mind.
"It’s Uncle Hao"
Took the bag thrown by Hao Hong, Qiu disguised terms replied, and then turned around and went to the forbidden passage of the abode of fairies and immortals again.
After leaving Hao Hongdong’s mansion, Qiu’s footsteps did not stop at all. He returned to the west from the east and went back to Xiao Xingze’s abode of fairies and immortals.
"Ha ha, let me have a look at this reward."
Most of them were completed by Xiao Hangze, and autumn was the last time I went to the magic ghost city stronghold, which really generated some interest in rewarding him.
As soon as the mouth of the bag was dumped towards the ground in front of it, a small pile of lingshi fell from the bag in a light sound of "scratching"
"Not bad. One hundred pieces of stone."
A small pile of lingshi yards was immediately identified by a sweep of consciousness in front of us. This is a whole hundred pieces of lingshi, that is, 10 thousand pieces of low-order lingshi, which is not a small number
Ten thousand pieces of low-grade lingshi are a lot of wealth for the monks in the construction period. Even in autumn, there may not be ten thousand pieces of low-grade lingshi in the bag during the construction period.
Of course, autumn is different now. He has become a monk in the then period and has the status of a deacon in Danfeng. Every year, Danfeng gives Lingshi ten high-order Lingshi.
Moreover, the monks in the then period have extraordinary strength and do things at will, such as hunting some monster beasts, killing people to win treasures or relying on some forces, and so on, and there will be a lot of lingshi in the bank, not to mention autumn.
There is a magic medicine garden in autumn that can cultivate a large number of Millennium elixirs, and if you want to sell them, you can exchange them for a large number of lingshi.
When Qiu Xiu was still in the foundation period, he didn’t dare to sell a thousand-year-old elixir in large quantities, because at that time, his practice was relatively low and he was afraid that his wealth would be revealed, which eventually attracted the high-ranking monks to covet it.
Now it’s different, but the monk in the autumn period has the strength to ensure that he can naturally come up with some Millennium elixir to replace it with lingshi and then buy some things he needs.
Chapter three hundred and fifty Land exchange market
After reporting to Hao Hong in the autumn, the corpse ghost clan was idle without receiving another report. However, the sensitivity of the autumn has always been somewhat detected, and the atmosphere of the corpse ghost clan gradually became dignified, as if something was brewing.
I got some information from Xiao Hangze’s memory. Qiu Jia speculated that the corpse ghost clan must be preparing for a big event with a strong force. The longer he stayed in the corpse ghost clan, the more sure he was of this inference.
"It’s no good. After such a long time, the corpse has not acted yet. It seems that I’m going to lure the snake out of the hole."
It’s been half a year since the ghost clan was mixed with the corpse, and the atmosphere of the ghost clan became more dignified. However, in the autumn speculation, there was no major event, which made him wonder if he was wrong.
From Xiao Hangze’s memory, he knew that the corpse was abnormal in the Mid-Autumn Festival, but he had no idea where the abnormality was.