"In the painter’s view, fate comes from" Thomas said seriously. "He believes that fate is human beings, who make a set of laws in their own consciousness. They must be washed away from fate because if they don’t follow it, they will be rejected by fate. Destiny is the sky. He is stronger than human beings. The more people like Lucifer bow down, they will still be destroyed by fate."

Huo Junzhong said, "Man is not always untouched by all the heavenly ways in the world."
Thomas smiled slightly. "The word" Heaven "has also been heard in this volume of scripture. Do you think heaven and fate are one?"
This ordinary sentence is like a lightning strike in Huo Junzhong’s mind, and he even stopped thinking for a moment.
In my mind, it seems that these two words are hovering earth-shaking. These two words suddenly merge together and suddenly turn into two dragons, killing each other and flying scales in Huo Jun’s mind.
In the end, the two dragons disappeared and the world was in chaos. It was a spiral that was more comprehensive than deep and huge, but it was all-inclusive.
Huo Jun’s consciousness turns around in the dark at the moment, and his consciousness seems to be trapped in a spiral.
In this instant, Dan, who has been condensed into a shape, suddenly swelled up and swallowed Huo Junzhong’s consciousness, so that Huo Junzhong felt that the world was dark, and he was sleeping in a chaos like an egg.
In the silent world, subtle sounds rapidly expand and engulf heaven and earth.
Two sounds burst in the corner of the world at the same time.
Destiny is inviolable!
My life is up to me. God!
In this heavy thunderous sound roaring in Huo Junzhong’s ear, Huo Junzhong can bear it no matter how hard he has concentration. When he earns it, he can hear it click, and the dark world is as broken as an eggshell, and the dazzling light shines on him.
Huo Junzhong couldn’t see anything when he finally regained his vision, but he was still in the museum and still in front of the painting.
Huo Junzhong took a step back with horror. What does this painting contain?
Then it dawned on him to look at Thomas. "Who the hell are you? What do you want to do? "
"Just now, Xiao Huo, you should pay more attention to it. This is the president of the Wizards Association, the dean of the Avalon Academy of Wizardry, and the golden mentor Thomas Maguire." It is almost a sigh of relief to appear beside them. Although Thomas seems great, he respects it with ridicule and hostility.
Thomas was a little surprised. "It’s Miss Yongcun. Is this your master’s brother? It won’t be surprising if Zhu Zhenren can teach such an excellent brother, but the temperament of this young man is too different from Zhu Zhenren. "
Huo Junzhong took a step back again. "I am not Zhu Daoyou’s younger brother."
Thomas saw Huo Junzhong on guard and smiled. "Little friends need to be nervous. I’m not malicious to you."
Huo Junzhong thinks that if he wants to kill himself just now, he is already dead.
"Mr Thomas, did you just cast a spell on me?"
Thomas shrugged his shoulders and started at such a big age, but it gave people a sense of freedom. "I didn’t realize that you just entered this painting, but it wasn’t my magic. Can you tell me what you see in this painting?"
Some of Huo Jun’s paintings are not white. Does Thomas still know the mystery of this painting? Huo Junzhong was just sucked into the soul by the power in the painting, but instead of feeling hurt, Dan was more energetic.
It is not difficult to cultivate Jiedan. After coagulation, Dan can transport the primordial energy in the opposite direction and input it into the mud pill palace of the head through the heaven and earth bridge, and then combine with the soul and coordinate with the flesh to form the physical energy.
If you can’t input the vitality of Danhua into the Mud Pill Palace, the condensate Dan is called fake Dan, which is also called external Dan.
Only the root of physical strength that can make Dan vitality can be called then.
Huo Junzhong broke through nine turns in destroying the shadow ghost and benefiting his yin fire, and then Dan entered the second turn. However, although Dan was tangible, it was not stable. The combination of jade liquid and soul gave birth to Yuan Shen, which turned Dan into a physical force.
However, a trip to Huo Junzhong’s Dantian, where the dragon and tiger meet, is full of vigor and vitality, which hinders the import into the Mud Pill Palace. At this moment, Huo Junzhong can be regarded as the second floor of the road.
However, although the power in the painting benefited Huo Junzhong a lot, he really explained what he saw and felt in the painting because he saw nothing and felt nothing.
Thomas asked Huo Junzhong, "Mr. Thomas, don’t you know the source of strength in this painting?"
Thomas said with a wry smile, "I don’t know if this is a different force from our magic. I have no idea. Since this painting was exhibited here, I will come here to see it sometimes, but it has never been shown to me."
Yongcun Saya sneered but did not speak.
Huo Junzhong has a good impression on Thomas. He wants to know the secret of this painting, but he didn’t collect it to study it privately. The president of the Magic Association is not a greedy man. "May I know what you want to know about the mystery of this painting? The strength of your Magic Association is more valuable than this painting, right? "
Thomas did not answer, but directly asked, "Will a great doctor of physics know anything about biology?"
Huo Junzhong shook his head and said, "Not everyone’s ability and experience are limited after all. No one can know all the knowledge in the world."