Sure enough, during Cao Yi’s speech, the boy had noticed the girl and showed great interest in inviting her to sit and chat with him.

Qu Yong was stunned and said, "Boss, you are awesome."
"It’s nothing. It’s almost a little bit better when you come out to play more." Cao Yi, though modest in mouth, still can’t help but be proud in his tone, obviously very satisfied with his speculation.
"Do you want to guess another one?"
QuYong was also aroused the interest "how to guess"
"It’s very simple." Cao Yi patted the table on the glass of wine. "You just point to a girl and I guess. I guessed wrong and killed this glass of wine. If you are wrong, you kill it."
Qu Yong said, "It hurts my stomach to drink a cup like this."
"You’re a martial artist, and your mother-in-law and mother-in-law are settled." Cao Yi Avenue "Men come out to play. Is it a brother’s heart to play for one night?"
"Good" Qu Yong was also very heroic. He carefully looked at the scene and finally chose a remote table. There was also a girl with a delicate and beautiful makeup neck and a shiny necklace skirt. He pointed to the girl and said, "Don’t guess me. I guess she must be looking for food."
"Are you sure?"
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five Street Wars
"Are you sure?"
"I’m sure"
"That you will lose" Cao Yi corners of the mouth with a sly smile "look at it, she is actually waiting for someone, I guess not waiting for warmth.
A blind friend is a boyfriend. "
QuYong see he said so sure asked "are you sure"
"I’m sure"
Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I saw a boy wearing a necklace of the same style walking straight towards her, and the girl smiled and hugged her.
"You won." Qu Yong drank the glass of wine in one breath and felt that it was rich and fragrant. He returned to taste "good wine."
Cao Yi saw that his face was not red at all after drinking a cup. "Good capacity for liquor. This cup of tequila has a 39 Xiaoyong elder brother. You go well."
Still gambling? This time the gambling is strengthened. "
Qu Yong said, "Tell me first what this girl is waiting for her boyfriend."
"It’s very simple," Cao Yi explained. "First, you see that her beautiful dress is short, but she paints a pretty dress and is not a seductive dress.
Although short, her legs are tightly clamped, which means that she is dressed beautifully to please special people, not to hook up with all men.
And the most important thing is that the necklace is designed by German Niessing for oriental couples. Do you think if she comes out to look for it?
Will "eat" bring a couple necklace? "
Qu Yong bowed down and said, "If you win, I won’t gamble. It’s really amazing."
"Good talk, good talk"
Two people talking and laughing Cao Yi didn’t go to find a girl, but accompanied Qu Yong to say some interesting things. Qu Yong didn’t pinch after drinking the first cup.
State with cao yi a cup after cup and then drink all kinds of mixed wine to strengthen, in the end, both of them are a little drunk.
"I told you that Brother Xiaoyong was looking for me to eat, drink and be merry."
Cao Yi took Qu Yong and giggled, "Okay, that’s enough. Do you want a girl after drinking here tonight?"
Qu Yong said, "I’d better not."
"Then let’s go back." Cao Yi is dizzy to get up. This is a bell-bottoms 17-year-old boy at the same time.
Get up and they hit each other.
"Do you have long eyes?" The boy seemed to have drunk a little wine and fell to the ground on the spot, swearing "Sabie"
Cao Yi touched his head and said, "I’m very arrogant. You hit me. Well, don’t apologize and bite back."
"Hit your sister!" The young man seemed to know that he was indefensible and would leave without patting his ass when he got up.
"Wait" QuYong suddenly shouted at the boy "Wait a minute"
The young man shouted, "Why should I pay for your old medicine?"
"Medicine belongs to medicine and stealing money belongs to stealing money." QuYong’s eyes shot at him and bulged out slightly. "Return my friend’s wallet."
Give it to us. "
"Wallet" Cao Yi touched his pocket and found that his wallet was missing. The money in it was still a small card.