Li Feiyang’s heart thumped and pretended to be panicked. "Boss, you promised me that day that you would help me hide things from Elder Lei …"

"I promised you! But I didn’t let you move the ruby mirror! " Xuanji said angrily, "Do you know how long I have been able to see through the ruby mirror? You actually took the mirror soul away … but it’s really amazing to say that there is such a wonderful way to get rid of the soul. "Speaking of this, Xuanji looked at Li Feiyang with bright eyes." Don’t try to play any tricks with me. If you dare to get me a fake heart sutra, I will kill you immediately! "
Li Feiyang hurriedly bowed his head "flying dare not"
"Good" Xuanji tone YiHuan "I won’t mistreat you if I want you to treat me sincerely. I promised to help you refine Lei Jing Yuan Ying. Now is the time for you to let him out."
Li Feiyang suddenly hesitated, but saw CV 21 staring at his eyes coldly. Li Feiyang suddenly became white and had no choice but to put his hand into the sleeve and release the thunder from the cultivation ring.
A fuzzy humanoid light and shadow twisted and appeared in front of the two people. Xuanji reached out a finger and gave a white light to imprison the Yuan baby, and then his body went to Li Feiyang and grabbed his arm.
Li Feiyang suddenly felt that a vigorous strength had invaded his meridian body and could not move. In my heart, I quickly started the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu, who was going to recruit the thunder Excalibur and want to force it to be cut every day, but I heard a surprise and said, "Nothing? Where did you put this baby? "
Li Feiyang understood that Xuanji couldn’t see the cultivation of immortals, and his heart relaxed and said calmly, "The master … imprisoned him in the body according to the method of Ya Heart Sutra …"
Ji’s face was surprised again, but soon relieved. "It’s really wonderful. It’s really wonderful. Okay, I’ll help you refine it now."
Chapter 6 sinister CV 21
Xuanji played several spells all over the four corners of the room, and then bit his finger to squeeze out a drop of blood, causing the whole room to suddenly become an independent circle.
Then Xuanji withdrew the shocking imprisonment of the thunder, and the distorted human figure shook for a few times and gradually became clear.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Ray TC looks a little confused. After a while, he seems to wake up and suddenly fly up and rush toward the outside, but as soon as he got together, he was immediately bounced back by the surrounding circle.
At this time, Lei Jingtian saw a gloomy face and Li Feiyang with malicious intent.
Impressive yuan baby broke a thunderous drink "CV 11" What do you want to do in collusion with this little beast? !”
Xuanji looked at Lei Jingtian lightly and raised his hand to reinforce the surrounding circle again. "Elder Lei, you slandered Li Feiyang’s rebellion and killed him without the permission of the head. Do you have anything else to say?"
Lei Jingtian snorted, "I want to see the elders of the Discipline Hall, and they will have a fair evaluation!"
"Ha ha ….." Xuanji smiled contemptuously. "You don’t have that chance."
Lei Jing felt the murder in Xuanji’s words and immediately looked at him with horror. What did he want to do? "
Xuanji stretched out his hand and folded several strange handprints on his chest, and then took out the abandoned ruby mirror from his bosom, and a strange six-pointed star-shaped pattern appeared on the mirror.
"Six Yin seize the spirit array definitely … it would be such an evil heterodox …" Lei Jing was horrified and stare big eyes, Yuan Ying hurriedly stepped back, but before he could finish, Xuan Ji had stretched out his hand to offer the ruby mirror to his head, and a powerful suction came out from it, and then Yuan Ying sucked him in.
As soon as Yuan Ying entered the ruby mirror, the whole mirror suddenly jumped violently, and a burst of crackling explosions continued to make Li Feiyang feel even more horrified. It was a surge of coercion that actually swept from the mirror to the whole room, and an anger, sadness and fear mixed with Nai and deep unwillingness went straight to Li Feiyang’s mind. Li Feiyang felt that there was a loud bang in his head and the whole person was so excited that he almost fainted.
"Steady mind this is his yuan baby in the impact of your yuan god at this time is very dangerous attention! !” Xuanji drinks a lot with his hands, and constantly turns the white light on his chest like a blade into the ruby mirror. The ruby mirror beats more violently, and it is very faint. Obviously, Lei Jingtian has struggled to the extreme.
Li Feiyang can sit cross-legged at this time and stabilize his mind according to the practice of Ya Heart Sutra, but Rao is so. The strong impact still stimulates Li Feiyang like waves.
I don’t know how long it took when Li Feiyang was about to lose support. The ruby mirror in Xuanji’s hand suddenly flashed a green light and went straight to the sky. Although it was in the circle, the harsh light easily penetrated the circle and went straight to the sky
Of course, the five elements of Zongdi and the elders saw this vision and were suddenly surprised and rushed towards Lingyunge.
Li Feiyang also woke up from the meditation and just saw a sigh of relief on his forehead. Li Feiyang hasn’t come to say anything yet. Li Feiyang has thrown something in front of him.
Li Feiyang consciously reached out and caught it, but it was thrown to the ground again and again. "What is this thing with thorns?" Randomly, I realized that it was wrong. Although the fingertips came to acupuncture, it was not the kind of injury and pain, but the numbness.
Xuanji smiled grumpily, one by one, and a drop of blood was dropped in its yuan god, which became your unique instrument. You are lucky, and I have refined a lot of instruments. This is the best thing. You have to finish the micro-repair to urge this instrument to be far from effective. "
Li Feiyang, a face of gratitude, said, "Thank you for your kindness." After that, he was really hesitant and didn’t know what. He vaguely felt that CV 21′ s eyes were flashing.
Xuanji shook his head. "Just write the Ya Heart Sutra for me as soon as possible. Just drop blood and collect it. I’ll protect it for you."
Want to protect the law? "Li Fei Yang Yue hesitated. How could he feel that CV 21 was a little too big for the ruby mirror so refined? And gave it to yourself so easily?
"hey!" CV 21′ s body flashed a brush and rushed to Li Feiyang’s side, grabbed his arm and palm, and touched his fingertips gently. Li Feiyang felt a drop of blood flow out at his fingertips, but before he could react, CV 21 had thrown it at the multiplier.
Li Feiyang’s heart was shocked, and he felt that he was going to be bombarded by the result. A whole person’s flowers appeared in a white dreamland at the moment.
Clouds of white fog gradually dissipated, and the scene in front of me gradually became clear as before when I was in the ruby mirror. Li Feiyang was blinking and wanted to see clearly when he heard a roar. A blue humanoid monster with flashing light rushed to him and held out a hand at him, but it seemed to be blocked by something. Generally speaking, Li Feiyang could not touch his body.
Li Feiyang got a fright and rushed to the front of him. The monster was one foot tall, red-eyed, blue and muscular, and his skin was blue. He was surrounded by filar silk beating thunder and looked fierce than fierce.
"Tiger monkey, I want to kill you! !” The humanoid monster roared in vain, waved his arms and struck Li Feiyang with great power.
Li Feiyang’s heart is a little safe. It seems that this thing can’t touch himself.
"What are you?" Li Feiyang actually has the answer in his heart, and he still wants to confirm it.
"What am I? ! Ha, ha, ha ….. "The blue monster smiled and met Li Feiyang now. He had stopped and his eyes were burning with anger." I am the thunder! ! Xuanji trapped my baby here forever! It’s really for your sake that you don’t want him. I’m telling you that he has been banned in my baby. I can blow myself up at any time. If I combine two instruments, I’ll be under his control forever! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You have become his puppet just like me! Ha ha ha ha … "
Li Feiyang’s face is cloudy or sunny. After a long time, his lip corner reveals a smile. "What if we make a deal?"
Chapter 69 Raytheon hanging chain
"Deal?" Lei Jingtian’s voice was full of disdain. "What deal can you make with me?"
"I’ll help you break the prohibition of Xuanji, and I can also give you freedom at an appropriate time, but you must promise me one condition.
"With you?" Ray tc smile staring at the Li Feiyang "you want to break to CV 21 at the end of the repair banned? Ha ha "
Ray TC laughed at the two words behind him. He didn’t say it. Obviously, Li Feiyang didn’t have such strength.
Li Feiyang also sneered, "Since I said it, I am sure that if you don’t want to, you will always be his puppet."