A spirit who can move alone from his master is definitely not just intelligent.

But before that, he had never seen Sister Pan make this lamp, but he kept hanging it around his waist. When the pendant was more than half a month ago, the lamp was still hanging around her waist when Sister Pan was robbed, which means that Sister Pan refined this lamp for only half a month, maybe even shorter.
This fire is extraordinary!
Pan Hui didn’t know that her lamp had made people find something unusual. She just thought it was not bad to have a smart lamp to run errands. Besides, Mu Cong didn’t like to stay in her life palace and let it run around. It would be more heart-warming. Although she didn’t know that this instrument spirit would be so different, Mu Cong had always been well-behaved and obedient, and she didn’t explore too much except for being playful.
Anyway, Mu Cong is now a magic weapon for her life, which means that she actually has two life-long lamps, one more than anyone else, so it’s a good thing to be happy!
Pan Hui went straight to the mountain where the Second Martial Uncle lived after leaving the forbidden area in the back hill. Since the Qin Dynasty, when the elders were rewarded and punished, they rarely appeared in the deep temple foundation, either in the reward and punishment hall or in their own peaks. The reward and punishment hall was not far from the forbidden area in the back hill. Pan Huifang had already been there and didn’t see the figure of the Second Martial Uncle.
Qin or at this time is reading a secret letter, which was sent to him by Duane Feihe. He said that he recently settled in the Western Song Dynasty and planned to practice in the Grand Canyon of the Broken Tooth Cold Water Mountain, so that the Second Martial Uncle didn’t have to worry and told Qin or Guan Feier that he had left him two days ago. According to his imprint on his body, Guan Feier seemed to have gone to Yee Soul Peak.
Qin or after reading the letter, he carefully checked it again to make sure that no one had touched it before him. He safely erased the writing paper and put the paper crane in his sleeve.
Over the years, he Duane has been sending him a paper crane. Every time, he just reported peace, and this letter wrote something else …
Officer and son went to yee soul peak? !
This reminds Qin or suddenly reminds him of the theft of Soul Canon at the top of Qi Soul five years ago.
The root of the long friendship between Changxuan and Qiyun Peak can be traced back to 5,000 years ago when the Sect was founded. Everyone knows that Changxuan and Qiyun Peak are the oldest sects, but no one knows that these two schools were founded near the hill. Later, Changxuan moved to the broken tooth mountain and Qiyun Peak also moved nearby.
However, more than 1,600 years ago, the war between ghosts and gods caused chaos in the seven realms. Naturally, there was no one’s heart. One or two sects changed and joined together. Therefore, no one ever doubted that the hostility between the two factions and the Fire Palace’s Changxuan made everyone ignore the top of Yee’s soul, knowing that this sect had been wandering in the middle reaches of the Twelve Halls of the Magic Gate, never squeezed into the first three columns and never fell out of the Twelve Halls.
Qin, the second brother of Changxuan’s 126th generation, knows something about the origin of Changxuan’s Qi Soul Peak, so he also secretly investigated all the five lantern people at the behest of the master elder brother five years ago, and the two factions have been going back and forth for more than five years because of this incident.
Chapter 266 Heart of doubt (a)
When Duane Guan Feier was expelled from his legacy, Chang Xuan didn’t tell the various factions of Mormon the whole story, but Chang Xuan’s origins are quite deep, but the story is very clear. Supposedly, there is no reason for the two factions to have a bad relationship with each other because of the Soul Canon. Unless …
Guanfeier has been collected by Yee Soul Top after being expelled from his legacy by Chang Xuan and is already Yee Soul Top Brother!
Is yee soul top unexpectedly dare to accept brother deposed by Deng Zu! I don’t know if it’s Gu Xiuhua’s meaning or if some people are playing tricks behind her back?
If Gu Xiuhua means, it seems that the whole yee soul peak has already betrayed the lamp ancestors; If some people are playing tricks behind their backs, it seems that Qi Soul Peak is as haunted as Chang Xuan now, can he suspect that the theft of Soul Canon is also haunted? !
The mountain gate ban alarm interrupted Qin or his thoughts. When he left the hospital, he saw Pan Huizheng waiting for him before the ban.
Every mountain peak and cave dwelling place is forbidden by elders themselves. Once someone approaches or breaks into it, there will be a warning. The only exception is the Jade Temple in Tiandu Peak, where the ban was imposed. In those days, Deng Zubu always entered except Yu Niang, and even the Xuan master was no exception. This is the way that Deng Zu left checks and balances for Chang Xuan.
Portrait and memorial tablet of Deng Zu have been served in the Jade Palace in the past. Yu Niang, the elder holding the lamp, was in a daze in the morning. It was not until the posture was sealed that he moved from Tiandu Peak to Tianwu Peak. But strangely, since the portrait and memorial tablet of Deng Zu were moved, the guardian mountain array has become weaker than before. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the blood of the elder holding the lamp. After all, the elder holding the lamp in the past is the blood of Deng Zu.
The elders who hold lanterns have never held portraits and memorial tablets of the ancestors of lanterns, but the long porch protects the eyes of the mountains! It is the core barrier of the whole Changxuan protection!
Qin will ban Pan Huijin to see her with a dignified face and ask, "What’s the matter?"
Pan Huidao: "I just went to the forbidden area and heard from Brother Fang that Uncle Yixuan was closed yesterday."
"Yes" Qin or Tao "and closing is death"
The so-called death is an indefinite period of time. If you don’t practice to a certain extent, you will never be disturbed by others unless the external force forcibly breaks it, but generally, if it is not for the enemies of life and death, no one will forcibly break it, which will definitely hurt people’s lives.
Pan Hui consternation is unexpectedly is dead!
Anyone who cultivates immortals will only choose to die when they are near a breakthrough. Otherwise, if they can’t break through in a year and a half, they won’t even know what happened outside. If they can’t break through all the time, will they wait until Shou Yuan runs out in death? !
Although the fairy has been in Shou Yuan for 200 years, there are many fairy people who have spent their lives. One or two of the ten people can successfully soar. The others are either exhausted by Shou Yuan or killed, so they will really choose to close their doors. They are all talented people with high talents and rich opportunities. To be honest, Pan Hui really doesn’t believe that he can achieve the fairy soaring in just a few years unless …
Unless the "Dian Deng" is really in his hand!
"Did the Second Martial Uncle and the Third Martial Uncle find the Lantern Festival from the forbidden area?" Pan Hui nasty asked
The more she thinks about it, the more she thinks that this possibility is the greatest.
At the beginning, everyone’s residence was searched after the theft of the Lamp Canon, and the residences of the Master Xuan and the elders were no exception, but the only place that was not searched was the back hill forbidden area. At that time, everyone did not think that the man would hide the secret book in custody, so he ignored it.
Now think about Guan Yuchen’s practice from four lights to five lights in just two and a half years after he was taken out of the forbidden area. Even if he practiced diligently in the forbidden area, it would never be possible to do so in five years. After all, Guan Yuchen’s qualification is still slightly inferior to her. Now she has more than doubled her meridians and can become an immortal in a short time with the help of Deng Zucheng. This speed of Guan Yuchen’s qualification will never be achieved unless he practices the "heaven and earth" method but the more advanced method recorded in the "Light Code"!
Qin or shook his head and said "never"
Pan Hui wondered, "Isn’t it in the forbidden area?"
Or when the official Yuchen came out, he took the "Light Code" out?
This is not impossible. At that time, the supervision of the martial arts brothers was already lax than when they were stolen. Everyone did not doubt going to the forbidden area. Therefore, it was impossible to notice whether Guan Yuchen had brought anything out of the forbidden area. What’s worse, no one would have thought that someone could practice in confinement.
No, he’s closed. That man must know! And the person in charge of guarding others absolutely knows! Now Pan Hui can’t figure out what’s the connection between Uncle Yi Xuan and Uncle Yu Chen? You know, Guan Yuchen is the brother of Xuan, and Uncle Yi Xuan rewarded and punished the elders and kept this fair and strict image. Is it time to get together? Is it because of getting mixed up again?
Pan Hui is puzzled and afraid that her guess is wrong.
Qin or said, "It’s not necessarily that we searched the sect department once, but we didn’t find the only place that the Light Code missed was the most likely hiding place. However, we are not familiar with the forbidden area. Your Third Martial Uncle did say that he noticed some unusual smells in the forbidden area, but he didn’t find the source."
Pan Hui became more and more confused. "Would there have been no search of the forbidden area?"
"Nature is searched" Qin or Tao "When I went to Yue Bai with B Xuan for verification, Lord Xuan had personally searched and found that the" Light Canon "was lost, and then the" Soul Canon "was stolen and the soul peak came to find the door, so we re-locked our eyes to those elders who were forbidden to go there."
Pan Hui slightly one leng heart suddenly seems to hit a window, a lot of things have found a clue to follow the trail, a sudden lang up.