Just now, Pingya Road was heavily shadowed.

Chen shou’s vision is blurred, and the bastard has drugged the sword.
Will you die here today?
Don’t. He’s got his wish. He’s got his revenge.
Can’t die, but no matter how you think about it, you can’t resist the despair in front of you. Section 891 The bloody case surfaced.
Seeing Chen Shou dying in this world is always an accident.
Just now, he was on guard against those people at the tea stall, but suddenly the men in black drew swords and fought and saved him.
Chen shou was quite surprised when he fainted, and he couldn’t figure out whether these people had come to save themselves. They didn’t look like people in the government, but he fainted because he couldn’t prove it.
When he wake up again
What caught my eye was a face carved in pink and jade, but my eyes were indifferent.
Chen Shouyi sat up in surprise.
Then he found himself in a bed.
Looking at it, I’m probably in an inn.
Master Huangfu, thank you for your help.
When Chen Shouxin was in a hurry, he just thought that the bed suddenly jumped down with an unstable center of gravity. Fortunately, he was able to hold the edge of the bed effectively so as not to be particularly embarrassed. His feet were weak and his strength was unstable. He embarrassed me.
Xiaobao, even Xiaobao, can be calm enough not to lend a hand when he falls.
That looks like a treasure is quite heartless.
Let’s have a rest before the ecstasy goes away.
Thank you, Chen Shou, for sitting in your heart carefully, and you can’t finish. The young master is not easy to provoke enemies or friends, and he hasn’t been long yet.
Xiao Bao stepped aside, poured a cup of hot tea on the table and said, Come and have a cup of tea.
Chen Shoudian wants to cry. He knows that he can’t even drink just now. He also calls for a cup of tea in the past. Let me drink tea for a while.
At this moment, Xiao Bao seems to have noticed something. He picked up the tea and handed it to Chen Shou to drink.
Thank you. I’m flattered. Xiaobao poured tea, even if it was poison, Chen Shou didn’t have to refuse.
Chen shou drank tea and actually found himself relaxed a lot.
Xiaobao also said that I was looking for Mujing.
Chen shou dazed.
This is what I promised a person to help her find it for two months. Now it’s been more than half a day. Xiaobao’s delicate and pretty eyebrows are frowning gently. I have spread the news as quickly as possible. Now I’m waiting for it. It’s obvious that his little murder case has surfaced. Truth 3
Chen Shoudao, who did you promise? It seems that you guessed someone vaguely.
Xiaobao glanced at Chen Shou and looked like a king. He asked people, and no one could ask him.
He won’t continue to ask if he doesn’t say Chen Shouran.
A long time ago, Xiaobao told me what happened that night. I have already read the information in the DPRK, and I went to Hancheng to check it once. It is a clue that it is rare to die in such a large area in such a short time. Even I can’t do it.