It is inevitable that dozens of people are in Xiao You’s hands. If what she said just now is fooling them, then they are not finished. Bai Yifan doesn’t want such a big joke.

And Xiao You answered irrelevant questions, "Prepare a speedboat. This bomb can change the explosion, but it can’t completely disintegrate it."
Ji Yu recruited his hand and told them to get the speedboat ready as soon as possible. Although there are no people here in Fiona Fang 1, it is not a big deal that several yachts are parked at the seaside because of the growth of Ji Yu today.
Suddenly, the infiltration of "drip, drip, drip" stopped, and everyone gasped in a gasp. Ji Yu held Xia Yu tightly in his arms. This conditioned reflex made Xia Yu feel very warm at that moment, and the softest nerve in his heart throbbed.
After half a ring, there was no huge explosion, and everyone was nervous and stretched again. They all slowly breathed a sigh of relief.
Xiaoyou slowly got up, her feet were numb, and her hand touched something the size of a watch carefully. From her expression and movement, she was so cautious.
I have been delayed for three minutes to lead the way to a speedboat man. I must come back in these three minutes and destroy this bomb in 2 nautical miles. The shortest words are urgent and clear.
Bai Yifan immediately said, "I will go with you."
Everyone present gave Xiao You a way. Xia Yu’s eyes were worried. "Xiao You promised me that I must come back alive." She choked with a vibrato. No one expected what would happen in less than a second. This is a game with death. Xia Yuxin has reached his throat
Xiao You nodded a little bit dignified like a promise, and then followed Bai Yifan straight out of the villa, while Xia Yu and Ji Yu followed them until they saw the speedboat and Xiao You and Bai Yifan disappeared into the dark night.
Ji Yu held Xia Yu’s shoulder and wanted to take her back, but Xia Yu’s feet seemed to stay there motionless.
"Be good and obedient. Pregnant women who have caught a cold at night, such as the sea breeze, can’t take medicine casually." I know that Xia Yu is still worried about Xiao You’s specially moving the child out, otherwise she will not be able to fight obstinately.
"But I’m worried about Xiaoyou." Xia Yu leaned against Ji Yu’s strong shoulder and said that his strong heartbeat felt so stable.
"Don’t worry, they’ll be fine with Bai Yifan here, and I’ll send someone here to keep watch. Let us know as soon as you have any news, shall we go back to the villa and wait?" Ji Yu said softly.
Xia Yu made signal with the lips and said nothing more. Ji Yu knew that she had compromised. She held her shoulder and walked back slowly. It was really thrilling. Xia Yu remembered that it was enough to be scared. She was too nervous to think about the cause and effect of this incident. Now the sea breeze has blown her brain awake a lot.
This matter is really like what the city will become like, which makes Xia Yu never think that he can break it like this. It’s not like what he used to be. He shook his head in the past and his heart became so distorted. Although I can’t believe it, the truth was in front of me. The man was desperate, but now this man is desperate. This change has made Xia Yu confused.
You can see what Xia Yu is thinking at a glance by looking at his little face and wrinkling a piece of Ji Yu, but he didn’t say anything. He wanted Xia Yu to distinguish between right and wrong. Although Ji Yu didn’t dare to say that he was a good man, he wouldn’t touch something beyond the bottom line.
Back to the villa, Ji Yu intimately asked the servant to prepare supper and sit at the dining table. Xia Yu quietly ate her belly and ate those cakes, which had long been digested, and she was hungry after being pregnant.
The picture of two people quietly eating supper is so harmonious, just like an old couple who don’t need words, but they know what the other person is thinking.
After eating, Jiyu will hold the Xiayu Building to rest. "Sleep for a while, and I will call you if something happens, okay?"
They sat on the bed and gently stroked Xia Yu’s hair, but Xia Yu had yawned repeatedly. It’s 1 o’clock now, and her eyes drooped slightly, and she replied softly, "Waiting for a while."
"Well" Ji Yu didn’t stop her either.
Xia Yu feels that the embrace of Ji Yu is so warm at the moment. Listening to his strong heartbeat, it feels so stable that people are so tired. Unconsciously, the eyelids have finished breathing and breathing.
"Stubborn little woman" Ji Yu lovingly rubbed her skin as soft as jade, and put her on the bed for fear that she would feel uncomfortable when she slept in a dress. She changed her pajamas, secured her quilt and made all this before turning around and leaving the bedroom.
Take the stairs. Wu Junfeng has been waiting for Ji Yu. He respectfully called a "boss" and his eyes were worried. Therefore, Bai Yifan has not come back yet. The three of them are considered to have made a life-and-death relationship and don’t need too many words. Sometimes men’s eye contact is better than all languages
"Don’t worry about Bai Yifan’s reluctance to give up this worldly world," Ji Yu said lightly with a half-ridicule.
Wujunfeng nodded heavily, feeling very heavy.
"Wait a minute. You have people waiting on the shore to tie Peng Xiaoyou up. Remember that this shore needs to be expanded." Ji Yu ordered coldly sitting on the sofa.
There was a hint that Wu Junfeng in Jiyu was slightly stunned for half an hour, but with the reaction, "Boss, you mean he will let that woman go."
Ji Yu took out a cigarette and didn’t return to Wu Junfeng’s words. He slowly spit out a smoky expression and couldn’t say a complicated half ring before he gently opened two sexy lips. "Since he treated us like this, don’t blame me for being unkind to him."
Wu Junfeng certainly knows who he is referring to. These days, Wu Junfeng is anxious that the enemy has cornered him, but the boss is still indecisive and unwilling to act. In fact, he and Bai Yifan are both very old. It is Gu Xia’s feeling that when the boss was bound by feelings, he lost his resolute personality.
"The boss I’ll go to the shore to wait" leaned WuJunFeng quickly left the villa.
Bai Yifan can’t see the edge of the marginal sea in the speedboat night, which can’t help but make people feel a sense of fear. The fear of not seeing the shore is about 2 minutes later, and they finally reach 2 nautical miles offshore. This speed must be impossible in normal times. Bai Yifan knows that they are racing with life, so he dare not be vague.
Finding the right position, Xiaoyou rope tied the stone, sank the bomb to the bottom of the sea, and did all this well. Bai Yifan turned the speedboat head neatly to form a big arc and increased the yard force to drive back.
"Wait a minute, I’ll find a place far away from the villa, then you can go." Bai Yifan’s expression was not visible in the night, and his tone was very gentle.
Xiao You was startled. Of course, she knew Bai Yifan’s words meant that Ji Yu wouldn’t let her go easily this time. Bai Yifan had already made plans to let her go even if he disobeyed Ji Yu’s orders. Xiao You had a different feeling in his heart.
Although this woman is their enemy, he still wants to let her go. I don’t know why he let this woman go again and again. When did he become so hesitant?
Chapter 79 Brothers turned against each other
At this time, Bai Yifan’s face was a little annoyed. He once disdained women and threw himself at him. There are countless women, and in his eyes, women are like clothes. But when did this woman actually enter his eyes and he let her go again and again? Even if she touched his bottom line, Bai Yifan was even more annoyed. He couldn’t find an excuse to restrict his psychological balance. What did he want to help this woman?