Lin Sheng’s soul persisted for a while and became depressed again, and his consciousness became blurred. But just as Lin Sheng’s defense line of knowledge was about to collapse, the bronze bell rang again.

Lin Sheng’s eyes are clear again but the bronze bell horse is silent again!
"Minister to me I tell you strength! I am the only one in my world! Minister to me … "
It’s still the same tone, but Lin Sheng found himself a little longer in this arrogance, but in the end it was still unable to resist the depression and the bronze bell rang again.
I don’t know how many times this cycle has been repeated. In the end, magic eye almost gave up. Generally, he just couldn’t completely defeat Lin Sheng’s consciousness. Finally, a raven merged into the rock wall again!
Lin Sheng is free again.
"That was close!" Lin Sheng wiped his forehead sweat heart way at this time he found that his clothes have already been wet by his sweat, it is conceivable that just hard work.
At the same time, a message from the bronze bell reached Lin Sheng’s mind, which made Lin Sheng’s doubts suddenly much less.
This eye-named magic emperor’s left eye has a breathtaking magical power. Once controlled by him, the controlled person will not have the slightest resistance, and it will sink into the magic road when controlled by this magic emperor’s left eye. This is the most powerful magical power of the magic emperor in those days. With this magic emperor’s left eye, I don’t know how many contributions he made, and his generation died in the hands of the magic emperor or became his puppet.
"Not the kui is a generation of magical powers such as the magic emperor, which are not possessed by ordinary people. If the bronze bell didn’t wake itself up at the key moment, I was afraid that I would become a puppet of this left eye. Although the magic emperor is dead, once the left eye of this magic emperor is contaminated with the will of the magic emperor and evil spirits, I am afraid that I will completely lose myself and be controlled by this magic emperor’s left eye!"
Lin Sheng carefully looked at the cliff surface has been restored calm magic emperor left eye heart andao.
I just want to leave, only to find that my soul force has become several times as tough as it was just now. The original Lin Shengcai has just advanced to the later stage of Wu Zong. Although he has been concise, in addition to the time law, his soul force is still just set foot on the later stage of Wu Zong.
At this time, my soul strength is actually like a rocket soaring, and it is just one step away from the peak of the late Wu Zong!
"Old chap! Thank you! " Lin Sheng, this is the name. Just now, the bronze bell woke himself up at the key moment, but he didn’t finish waking himself up. He actually wanted to raise his soul strength through this!
It seems that this bronze bell is no longer a dead object as before since it entered here. At this time, he already has some basic wisdom. Although Lin Sheng can’t communicate with him, Lin Sheng still said a thank you to this bronze bell in his mind.
No matter whether the bronze bell will leave him or not, at least he has saved his life more than once!
Lin Sheng didn’t delay any longer. He also went out along the big hole that was hit by Mo Tao Tian and Mu Shuang. At this time, the two-person war was over. The final result was that both of them were seriously injured. At this time, they didn’t know where to go. A few people were still searching for it to see if there were any other things missing.
These people are all here to pick up bargains. If they don’t, where will they be willing? Some people even take away some materials in the hall. Many of the building materials in this hall are rare, and some of them are already stunts in the fairy mainland, so they can’t help but act.
But Lin Sheng didn’t do it. First, these things are nothing to him. There are many things he got in the ancient dragon treasure, but there is no shortage of these materials. Moreover, he benefited a lot from it, such as getting several ancient martial arts in the cliff face of the tunnel, and then getting a ban. When he practiced for more than ten years, he cultivated himself to the late Wu Zong realm, and now he has raised his soul strength several times in this palace.
Don’t be too greedy or you will be damned.
This is Lin Sheng’s idea. Now he doesn’t want others to pull and pull like this in this palace, like demolition.
At this time, he was most concerned about how to get out. When he came out, the road was already lost and probably closed. There must be other passages in it, and now the people of Magic Emperor Gate don’t know where to go or where to go.
Think about it carefully. In fact, the person who got the most benefits here is actually Lin Sheng’s tunnel Gu Wu skill. Although others saw it, they couldn’t practice it, so they didn’t get the benefits. When they came in, there were still many powerful people who suffered serious casualties, and Lin Sheng was a barefoot person who was not afraid to wear shoes. If he didn’t die or get hurt, he wouldn’t lose anything. Thought of here, Lin Sheng didn’t have to be lucky. Fortunately, he entered here alone, otherwise it was really difficult.
Then, although it was attacked by the magic emperor’s door and the ink in the west, it finally benefited. At that time, it was slow to ban, borrowed from heaven for more than ten years of practice, and then got a promotion here.
At this time, Lin Sheng is still standing in his own source and coldly looking at those people who are busy with demolition and competing for materials. At this time, Lin Sheng has already changed, which is not only several times wider than before, but also has the rule of time in it, which is not the same as before, whether it is in firmness or width.
The original lifeless signs of doomsday have become pleasing to the eye at this time. Although there are still no living things, they have already derived some vitality. It is inevitable that life will be derived in the future when Lin Shengshi’s laws can be improved.
Just when Lin Sheng looked at himself with satisfaction, his feet suddenly changed!
Previously, the palace was demolished by these people, which was already out of shape. Many cherished supporting materials were plundered at this time. Eventually, the palace could no longer hold on to crashing and breaking!
At the same time, the strange white light was derived from the ruins of the palace, which fully wrapped things in Fiona Fang’s thyme range directly. Then Lin Sheng felt a great attraction, and even his source could not support it. Although Lin Sheng also mastered the law and part of the time law, he still did not reach the goal of integrating it into the time law. At the root, there was no resistance, and even people were directly sucked in with it.
[53] Fight again.
? The sudden attraction in the ruins of the palace made Lin Shenggen feel that he was absorbed into a strange place, surrounded by brilliance, and drowned him all, including Lin Shenglai’s own source and bronze bell wrapped himself completely, and everything else was not white.
But Lin Sheng soon felt that the bronze bell seemed to land when it rang, but Lin Sheng didn’t come out, but waited for the violent energy storm outside to calm down completely before controlling the bronze bell and looked outside.
At this time, the scene outside has not changed much. It is still a mountain forest, and an old breath is coming head on.
There is no danger to see Lin Sheng. This is the loose bronze bell to protect the source and come out.
"What the hell did I get there? What happened to the ruins of the palace just now that somehow produced such an attraction and sent me to this place? "
Lin Sheng slowly stepped in this mountain forest and said with a frown, but where did the others go at this time? You know, Lin Sheng was not the only one who was sucked in by this attraction just now, but now there is no one here except Lin Sheng.
Others don’t know where they were sent.
It’s very quiet in the mountain forest. Lin Sheng runs around without meeting any creatures. There is nothing here except towering ancient roots. Lin Sheng is very doubtful whether he is still in the tomb of the magic emperor.
Lin Sheng, who had traveled nearly a hundred miles to the west, suddenly felt a tremor in his bronze bell. Lin Sheng didn’t know what happened and offered the bronze bell without hesitation. At the same time, he put his own source to good use and enveloped himself in it.
I don’t dare to be careless about what I know about the outside world. If I am careless in this strange place, I will probably fall into a state of perdition.
But it’s still very quiet outside, and nothing special seems to happen, but the tremor of the bronze bell makes Lin Sheng not be careful.
At this time, suddenly, a huge force came to Lin Sheng and was directly lifted off. However, with the protection of the bronze bell, he was not hurt by anything but was slightly shaken.
"I can’t believe that your life is so hard! So powerful bans have actually been broken by you! " A dark figure directly from the virtual break out and stand in the virtual to Lin Sheng laughed
Lin Sheng a surprised! Actually, it’s the guy with the monstrous ink, but at this time, the monstrous ink has given Lin Sheng a very dangerous feeling. At this time, Xiu seems to have been greatly promoted.
Supposedly, this guy, Mu Shuang, suffered such a heavy injury in a war, even in the later period of Wu Zong, the strong can’t get better so fast, and even the repair has risen to such a horrible level.
Lin Sheng is far away from the peak of Wu Zong at this time, but at this time, I feel that I am still no match for Mo Taotian!
Is this all a disaster? Then those who were attracted in just now were all hurt by this guy!
Lin Sheng thought of here, my heart couldn’t help taking a chill. You know, among those people just now, five of them are the strong since Wu Zong, and among them, there are the strong since Wu Zong’s later period!
Looking down that sound, Lin Sheng feels that the ink monstrous has almost undergone earth-shaking changes at this time, and the power that emanates from his body has become more compelling than that of Lin Shengruo, who can’t resist it if he doesn’t have a bronze bell protection root. At this time, even if the ink monstrous is not moving at all, it is sending out evil’ yin’ cold breath, which makes people feel chilly.
"How can it rise so fast that almost every liter will be’ spent’ at the back? If I hadn’t practiced for more than ten years in that ban, I still don’t know when I would be able to practice to the present state, but this monstrous ink has almost set foot on the state of Wu Zun at this time. How is that possible? Does he … "
Lin Sheng suddenly thought of a possibility in his heart and then went straight to his left eye.
At this time, Mo Taotian’s face is "color" and "yin", and his face is cold without any feelings.
But his left eye is sending out the black light and breathtaking!
"The magic emperor left eye! Mo Taotian really devoured the left eye of the magic emperor. No wonder it has improved so much! " Seeing this, Lin Sheng, the left eye with a black light, finally understood what this ink monstrous will be promoted so quickly. It turned out that it was swallowed up by the left eye of the magic emperor. It can be said that it is a fusion of the left eye of the magic emperor, who is so evil and who devours it?
This is not to exaggerate that the magic emperor’s left eye is indeed more than evil. It seems that there are still evil thoughts in the magic emperor’s left eye. Lin Sheng has just experienced this, and he knows this very well. This is not sensational. It is really possible that he will merge and devour who.
"Hum know children! Today, I will let you see the true strength of my ink. Even with the Buddha’s artifact, you still have no chance! "
Ink monstrous sneer repeatedly Lin Sheng guess yes, this ink monstrous just can’t stand the temptation and confusion. After the fusion, the left eye of the magic emperor really got great benefits. The realm was directly promoted to the peak of the late Wu Zong, and he was almost promoted to the realm of Wu Zun. At this time, his confidence was extremely inflated, and then he was ready to go to the place where Lin Sheng was trapped to find Lin Sheng, and he got the left eye of the magic emperor. At this time, he was very familiar with the large array in this ancient tomb, and he was not prepared to slay Lin Sheng. He didn’t want to get there.
Knowing that Lin Sheng has escaped from the ink monstrous and returned to the palace, the left eye of the magic emperor has a direct understanding of the prohibition in the ancient tomb, which has prompted a large array where everyone has been inhaled and everyone has been strangled. Only Lin Sheng is left, and the rest of the people have to contend with this sudden attack, but Lin Sheng has a bronze bell shelter to live until now.
At this time, the ink monstrous has not put Lin Sheng in the eye. With him repairing his roots at this time, he is not worried that Lin Sheng will escape. Because with his understanding of this ancient tomb at this time, Lin Shenggen cannot escape.
Know each other after the monty left eye Lin Sheng at this time the in the mind is also a surprised each other’s strength is about to step into the realm of Wu Zun is about to say that the characters are generally high, although he is also making great progress at this time, Lin Sheng still feels nervous.
However, despite the fact that Lin Sheng is not very afraid of this ink, it seems to him that he can’t beat the escape with the protection of the bronze bell, so there should still be no problem.
But before he fled, he did mean to have two moves with this ink monstrous to see how bad this guy is after blending Monty’s left eye.
"that person who want to kill me is not born yet! You can kill me because you can? " Lin Sheng sneer at repeatedly at the same time in the hands of pike is in the hand ready to fight.
"Don’t cry if you don’t see the coffin!" Ink monstrous didn’t get angry because of Lin Sheng’s remarks. On the contrary, he looked at Lin Sheng’s hand with a ponder, and the magic gas was slowly condensed into chains, which were directly held in his hand. He didn’t move any weapons, and the magic gas chains in his hands were his weapons.