Gao Lang Zheng heart slightly.

When asking Wang Qian, does he have a heart?
At this moment, his eyes flashed a trace of confusion.
It’s no surprise for Wang Qian to see his expression. Look, you finally admit your own heart.
What’s the confusion? It’s my heart to be eager to get rid of it. She has spent a lot of money now. I-I haven’t thought of anything for the time being.
Hehe, when did you become so stingy? Wang Qian smiled at Lang. I was also slightly attracted, but it was not too deep. I could get out at any time. After all, she had long been attached to me, and I, uh, couldn’t see what she meant to me. It was a failure. It was a great failure. I couldn’t even make her change her name. Just say how charming she was.
Now, do you still laugh? I hum a little gloat. I think how happy he was when the woman pretended to turn a blind eye. Gao Lang is a buddy. Give Wang Qian a pat on the shoulder. Don’t be too sad. I thought I was your predecessor.
The elder means to be regarded by her before him.
Wang Qian gave him a laugh at his elbow and scolded us for being half a catty.
After the two people laughed, Gao Lang gathered up his smile tone and asked, Let’s tell a story. How is her condition? This is what he cares about.
Wang Qian frowned, and he also felt quite confused about this matter.
It’s really strange. Many times, he feels that she is not sick. It’s an ordinary person. Section 1435 is a little surprise and a little accident.
Wang Qiannai said that she didn’t see any improvement. It felt like an ordinary person. There was nothing wrong with it. She didn’t know anything like a child, but she didn’t like not knowing quickly.
After a pause, Wang Qian gently put her back on the sofa and continued to tell a faint story about how she felt. Although she had long known that she was ill but had no common sense, even a person with dual personality should know that she didn’t understand it. It felt like the emperor had lost a blank sheet of paper, and it was really amazing when someone casually described what you drew and she knew what you drew.
And an intuition as if she still kept it.
I always feel that one day she will give people a limited surprise.
Gao Lang is listening.
Suddenly, Wang Qian turned to be a little depressed, but it made me very depressed. She said I was a husband. She said that the master called me Mr. Wang, and she had to call me Mr. Wang, the master’s husband. Ancient people often said that this made me feel that she had substituted herself into a certain middle school or watched a play.
Her words are very obvious.
Master refers to Mr. Gao Langfu, but it refers to him
Really? He’s a little skeptical
What crazy things does that TV play do when she substitutes it?
Rice in the toilet enters the men’s toilet in public places.
And walked to the street car. That almost killed me.
Yes, she knows a lot of things, but the thoughts in her head are like antiques. In modern times, they should be put in museums. Wang Qian smiled when he remembered them.
Gao Lang followed with a smile.
It’s quite depressing, but it makes people want to laugh.
Two people didn’t talk a few words Shen Suer that finished from the inside.
She also washed some water.
Quite thoughtful.
Wang Qian left after sitting for a long time.
At this moment, Gao Langcai knew that Wang Qian didn’t live in this section 1436 at night. A little surprise and a little accident 8
Then Gao Langcai knew that Wang Qian didn’t live here in the evening.
When there are two people left in the room, he doubts. I can’t help but think differently here.
No, she shook her head
I lived here at first, but I stopped living here half a month ago.
Aren’t you afraid?
She shook her head, even if she was afraid, she wouldn’t say anything.
Don’t be so stiff. Come and sit down. He tried to make himself look warm and patted the sofa beside him.
She shook her head weakly.
Blinking with clear eyes, she no longer knows as she did a month ago.
However, she knows that equality is advocated in this country. It is said that there are no masters and arbitrary laws are no longer emperors. Nai still can’t help but feel that Gao Lang is his own master.
This is probably a kind of dependence thought.
Or even she is not white. Most ancient women are prone to form a character in feudal society, that is, they are resigned to being attached to a person who is stronger than themselves for a long time. It seems that this can give them a sense of personal stability.
Come here. I’m not going to eat you. He looked at her and said it with reluctance.
Actually, Shen Suer is a little nervous.