"You just do your thing. Go ahead and do it. I’ll spend the night here tonight." Li Ziyu doesn’t want to say more. He didn’t say anything. He’s nothing but this world, let alone his honesty. Even the old Yan don’t want to threaten him if he doesn’t want to do anything.

Yue blocked a knife for him. He accepted it, but he wouldn’t appreciate her recklessness. Without her impulse at that moment, he could protect himself and wouldn’t get hurt. At most, he was scratched and hurt his skin.
"Yes" Zhao Xing brought life to know that he said nothing once Liziyu decided to speak.
Liziyu came into the room again and saw Yue lying in bed crying. He walked quickly over. "What’s the matter? Does the wound hurt? "
"…" The wound is painful but still can’t compare with her heart. Just look at the cold and calm Liziyu choked. "Are you okay? Am I doing something wrong? "
"Don’t be silly, recover well and wait until your body is well." Liziyu comforted her so calmly. "Are you hungry? I’ll order some takeout for you. What do you want to eat? "
Section 69
"Not hungry" Yue shook her head and refused. Her shoulder was very painful. It should be that she hurt her joint and it hurt badly when she gently pulled it.
At that time, she had all the courage to help Li Ziyu block the knife because she thought she might be able to accept her when she saw this Li Ziyu, but she didn’t know what came out after her operation, but she gave up hope more and more.
It’s strange for her to have such an idea, as if she had been confused and awakened by this knife, or Li Ziyu’s reaction was different from what she had imagined before.
Li Ziyu didn’t pay attention to her reaction that she wasn’t hungry, so he helped her to stroke her quilt and then sat down on the sofa. "I’ll stay here with you and call me if you have anything."
Yue should not be immersed in his own thoughts.
After a while, Li Ziyu’s mobile phone rang to show that it was home. Li Ziyu went to the balcony to pick up the words "Grandma-"
"Where is it?" Grandma Li didn’t sleep when she was holding the words. She hesitated for a long time before deciding to call Da Sun.
"Apartment" Liziyu lied. He doesn’t want to tell her about things at the moment tonight.
"The result came out … it wasn’t you." Grandma Li finally said it. She knew such a result in the evening, and it took her a long time to digest it.
"… well, I know." There was an unspeakable taste in my heart, not hate or resentment. An unspeakable pain was spreading quietly, and finally he let her slip away from him.
For three hours, Li Ziyu was outside on the balcony, dripping a bottle. He didn’t even know Yue called him, and he didn’t hear Yue. He couldn’t ring the bell and called the nurse.
The nurse came into the room and changed Yue’s intravenous drip. Li Ziyu also had no idea that she was as motionless as a lone wolf on the balcony as a statue in Yue’s eyes.
At that moment, Yue didn’t know what Li Ziyu was thinking, but somehow she just felt that he was surrounded by a deep sadness.
Li Ziyu has never seen this before, and when he came out of the closed balcony, Yue felt that Li Ziyu was just like a different person. He was calm and calm, and he was simply a machine without feelings.
-dividing line-
At ten o’clock the next afternoon, Meng Xin finished her work and rested in the lounge. She had already sent a leave of absence to the dean’s office and had not been approved.
At ten o’clock in the afternoon, when she was adding food, she sat there eating, and then Gu Lele came in with a depressed face, filled with water and slapped the glass on the table without drinking a bite.
Meng Xin got a fright. "What’s the matter with you? Who has offended you again? "
"Who else?" Gu Lele was depressed to the extreme and looked at Meng Xin eating cookies. She also took a cookie from her cookie jar and bit it. After that, she sighed faintly, "I may not be able to be a colleague with you soon."
"What? What? " It is said that Meng Xin was the same in baby brain for three years. After a while, he didn’t think about it for a long time before he smiled. "Hey, is my dad willing to accept you? Didn’t you always want to be his special care?"
After thinking for a while, I don’t think it’s right. If her father is willing to accept her, shouldn’t Gu Lele be so happy? How can she be so depressed?
"In that case, do I still need to be depressed?" Gu Lele thought of going to Meng Haidong’s office to find him today, and then she vomited as hell when it happened in the office.
She went to talk to Meng Haidong about intensive care, because when she went to the dean’s office to fill out the application, the assistant dean said that her application needed to be answered by Dr. Meng Haidong, and once he agreed, they immediately arranged it for her.
So Gu Lele went to Meng Haidong. Who knew that he would meet that annoying Luo Ling Luo Ling in Meng Haidong’s office. In the eyes of other women, Luo Ling was really handsome.
Well, objectively speaking, she does think that Luo Ling is not ugly and the operation is quite good. It is that her temper and eccentricity make her dislike at all, especially that her mouth is vicious and makes her want to explode anytime and anywhere.
The most abominable thing is that Luo Ling has been trying to destroy her since she knew that she was intent on doing intensive care of Meng Haidong. Today, she is even more shameless. She told Meng Haidong directly, "Dr. Meng, I came to see you today and I have one more thing to ask. I heard that Nurse Gu wanted to do intensive care for you. Unfortunately, I looked at her work ability before and wanted her to do intensive care for me."
Gu Lele trembled with anger at that moment, and Meng Haidong looked at them again and again. "Well Lele is not that I don’t want to accept you. None of them have made mistakes, and I can’t find a reason to replace them. You Lv Yi is going to retire. You have to wait until then."
This words say Gu Lele root can’t refute Meng Haidong, and he didn’t say that he would help Luo Ling. After all, Gu Lele isn’t in his intensive care yet. Even if he is in his intensive care, he gets hospital money and it’s not his Meng Haidong money. He has no interest in deciding Gu Lele’s future.
In this way, Gu Lele was so angry with Luo Ling that she immediately took her own application and slammed the door without etiquette. Luo Ling was happy with her mouth slightly raised.
Meng Xin chuckled after listening to Gu Lele’s story. She heard that Luo Ling is a cold male god. Is this Gu Lele going to be lucky?
But this girl seems to have no idea that Luo Ling is a male god. Isn’t she always fond of handsome guys? Luo Lingshuai, but everyone agrees that she also heard that some patients are not sick and pretend to be sick, and even which department is wrong, they are directly scolded by Luo Ling.
What does such a male god, Gu Lele, really dislike about him?
And how did Luo Ling fall in love with Gu Lele? Meng Xin doesn’t know much about Luo Ling, but in her opinion, Gu Lele is beautiful and beautiful, but it’s not so beautiful that people are angry with each other. But Luo Ling is different. He is handsome, and even her Meng Xin thinks he is so handsome.
"Lele, tell me if you didn’t tell me anything. Did you do something to Dr. Luo when you were in the stream?" Meng Xin feels that she can think like this, otherwise it is really unfounded for Luo Ling to show’ look’ so clearly.
"What can I do to him? I just don’t like other women so anthomaniac around him and don’t know where this fellow convulsions "Gu Lele gnashed her teeth with anger and left angrily.
"…" Meng Xin looked at Gu Lele’s back for a moment. Meng Xin was probably white, but she didn’t want Gu Lele to know that she felt that she had become worse after pregnancy. She also wanted to see the play. It shouldn’t be too bad, right?
Meng Xin also prepared to continue to work after adding a meal, and she received Zhao Xing dialect.
She took the heavy stairs and Zhao Xing was waiting for her at the hospital gate. She walked over and Zhao Xing handed over a green one. "Miss Meng, this is for you from Manager Li."
"…" Meng Xin took the cover page and the words "divorce certificate" stung her nerves so much that they finally got divorced. Even though Meng Xin always knew it was a matter of time, she still felt heavy when she got this. "Thank you for coming."
"You’re welcome, Miss Meng." Zhao Xing just looked at Meng Xin calmly. Meng Xin’s reaction was too quiet. Didn’t she want to ask anything? "Miss Meng, don’t you want to ask something?"
"How’s Miss?" Looking forward to Meng Xin in Zhao Xing, I finally asked a question, but Zhao Xingxian was very disappointed and nai.
"It’s nothing serious, it’s just a minor injury." Zhao Xing doesn’t like Yue, saying that he doesn’t like Yue, but rather that he doesn’t like all women who are unkind to Liziyu except Meng Xin.
He doesn’t know why he likes Meng Xin so much, but he does think that no woman except Meng Xin can be as simple to Li Ziyu as Meng Xin.
"That’s good. I don’t have any other questions. I’m still on duty, Mr. Zhao. I’ll go first." Meng Xin turned around and walked slowly forward.
Zhao Xing really wanted to chase after Li Ziyu and ask him something he couldn’t ask. He thought so and did so, but he only took two steps to see Wang Yang coming out of an office building and Meng Xin walking towards her with a smile.
The two men said something relatively. Wang Yang naturally held Meng Xin’s arm, and Zhao Xing’s footsteps were just living in the same place. The scene of harmony between the two made him don’t know what to say