If you see him wake up and pour tea to his lips, smile and be thirsty.

Na Lanyu took two sips with his hand with a wry smile.
Does it feel particularly good to let an emperor of a country serve you like this in a blink of an eye?
NaLanYu zheng and then gently sigh, I was seriously ill, and the emperor took care of me at my bedside.
The faint nostalgia on his face makes his eyebrows slightly raised. You entered the palace when you were young. bandu lived in the palace with the emperor all the year round. When he was young, he didn’t pay much attention to rules. When he was sick, it was normal for him to take care of you for a while. Since he was so concerned, what do you know about you? Look at all this coldly.
NaLanYu wry smile I said these things are actually
If you sneer at one thing, I mean not this thing, but all these years
Nalanyu is a fool.
My third brother deliberately made Hu Fei protect you in the hands of his seventh uncle. Hu Fei made courtiers despise you. What is it? The king of Qin was called Jun, and you grew up together. You know what you are doing. Watching all this coldly will neither stop you nor tell you what this time in Yuling County, he can give Zhao Song a secret order in advance so that you can cooperate with him. What does he not do? He would rather let Zhao Song get you great benefits and still rightfully treat you as the crime of killing and committing adultery.
Na Lanyu’s face changed slightly before he said softly, I said that the emperor is in trouble, and he has tried his best to be kind to me. He has endured a good man’s words and is said to be deceived by a traitor and a traitor. Isn’t that enough?
If you are silent.
Over the years, Nalanyu’s reputation has been ruined, and Qin Wang’s reputation has been damaged. It is indeed rare for him to continue to love Nalanyu regardless of his reputation, although the ultimate goal is likely to be profit
If I finally sigh, I promise you, I won’t ask the king of Qin about you, but there is another thing I want to teach you.
Na LanYu a slight frown asked what is it?
If you look dignified, I want to know who was the assassin who stabbed Xueyi in the hunting ground that day.
Na Lanyu’s face was shattered. What suddenly happened to him?
If you’ve never seen a person’s face change so fast and dark, you’ll be surprised that he has taken away the sex virtue.
How is it possible that Nalanyu lost what to shout about?
What else can he do if he stops at once? How could he not know how crazy the man is about martial arts and how attractive the unpredictable power of the sea is to martial arts?
Na Lanyu immediately changed her mind. I always knew that he was always fighting face to face, and never schemed. His martial arts might not be in him. How could he be taken away?
If he sighs for a long time that his martial arts have been abolished, he will catch him away.
What NaLanYu was a quiver almost fell out of bed face is full of consternation.
If you smile bitterly, many things will happen in Beijing.
Sex, morality and martial arts lost. He explained that practicing martial arts was possessed by some Xiao Yi, and everything else was hidden from Qin Chu’s infighting arrangement. Even Xiao Yao was calm about treason.
Na Lanyu listened to the shock and the abnormal look changed.
Until one breath and look at the complex light in his palpitation eyes, I know that he is doing extremely fierce ideological struggle, and I dare not disturb him for a while, but wait quietly.
A carriage was so quiet that it could be heard. It seemed that even the heartbeat was clearly audible in the trance of three people.
I don’t know how long it took NaLanYu to say sorry slowly and hard, but I can’t tell you about him.
When I heard that Nalanyu had room for everything, I refused to pay attention to Nalanyu if my face changed slightly.
Na Lanyu’s face was so pale that he didn’t look like a living person. He tried to turn his head several times to avoid his eyes, but he finally stood firm.
If it’s a long time before you speak the word, I know you can’t hide it, and you don’t want to force it. It’s unpredictable, and my heart is burning, and you understand my pain. I can’t find any other way to trace him except you
Na Lanyu said bitterly, I know I’m sorry for you, but he is too big to lead several people to live and die, which makes Qin peaceful. Although you and I are friends, how dare I risk the life and death of several people in Qin?
If a slight eyebrow and a thoughtful face are so serious.
NaLanYu heart fiercely, he always knew that if some strange things can always be expected, he would never dare to say anything more about Xueyi’s identity. Besides, after the big hunt, he was angry with me for ruining his affairs, and I had already given up even before I knew that he might stay. I knew that the method of finding him together had already worked.
If you immediately say that it has worked, there is nothing to hide. It is necessary not to tell me and let me try it as a living horse doctor.
NaLanYu silent.