Although this kid’s level is really not so good, it is impossible for him to enter the Real Madrid youth training camp according to normal procedures, let alone enter the junior B team, but he always feels that he is a genius. The little junior B team really doesn’t pay attention to it. On the first day of joining the team, he said that the junior B team is his springboard, and he will soon go to the more advanced junior A team and all the way.

When he said this, it was as if he had condescended to train for a few days in the junior B team. His smelly fart made many adults unhappy.
All the coaches don’t really like him, but are there any other options in this situation? Who can send him out to have a father who can’t be taunted by their ordinary coaches?
After ordering this matter, Changsheng went back to the sidelines and continued to direct his game.
Before his conductor was interrupted by the fat duck, he was not sure whether Victor had received all the information he wanted to confirm.
But this time, he didn’t shout directly. He didn’t want his opponent to hear his plan-the venue of the junior team was very quiet. The main sound was that the players themselves called the coaches to shout at the sidelines. Everyone could hear the stands. If some parents were too excited, the sound would make him quickly become the focus of attention-just like that fat duck.
Fortunately, to his satisfaction, when he made a decision to let Diego warm up, the ducks behind him stopped yelling.
The world is finally … quiet.
Soon there was a dead ball opportunity, and Victor Andres, No.14, was called to the sidelines to give him a face-to-face lecture and reconfirm how long he should shoot.
"You have long-range shooting ability, Victor. You have a hard foot. How long-range shooting do you want!"
Victor Andres is a bit contradictory. "But should the coach Real Madrid football system look gorgeous? Too many long-range shots be too rough and direct …"
Ever-victorious dismissive "fart victor! I’ll tell you what Real Madrid football system is. Real Madrid football system is not beautiful but victory! Real Madrid is that most successful team on the planet, right? "
Speaking of this little real Madrid player, he is always the proudest that Victor holds his head high. "Yes!"
"Then do you know what is the most successful of Real Madrid?"
"Uh …" It’s hard for a child to recognize that a long-range shot is too rough and direct, and it’s hard for him to understand this complicated problem again.
Chang Sheng proudly said, "That’s because Real Madrid won the most titles and they were the winners! Because of this, Real Madrid is the most successful team. The victory is Real Madrid, not what is beautiful and gorgeous! "
At this time, the referee was a little dissatisfied with Chang Sheng’s always pulling the players to talk nonstop. He ran to wake up Chang Sheng and noticed that the game would continue.
Always winning, he waved to the referee and waited, then patted Victor. "How many long-range shots can make Real Madrid more glorious!" Ok, now go, go … "
Seeing that the referee was going to be furious, he quickly pushed Victor off the court.
Miguel Parales Celino Castro Hernandez was sitting in the seat closest to the coach’s seat. He saw that his son had been called to warm up and would definitely be replaced in a few minutes.
That damn fool is smart enough.
He thought triumphantly.
The director of Real Madrid club twisted his paunchy body, and even if he squeezed into both sides, the fans didn’t even feel sorry. He looked up at his son Diego with the same name as "the king of the ball" Diego Maradona.
He was oblivious to the four angry eyes beside him.
He is full of expectations for his son’s first junior B team game.
His son did let him in through the back door, but he was confident in his strength and potential. He was convinced that his son was a genius once in a century!
He fantasized that his after-school killing helped Real Madrid’s 13-year-old junior B team win, and then a strange moment passed from this humble game … just like Butragueno, he will become the new leader and representative of Real Madrid in the future!
But Mr. Director’s smug smile faded away.
Because he found that his son had been warming up on the sidelines for five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes and twenty minutes … This half game is almost over, and his son is still warming up … At the same time, Real Madrid finally broke the deadlock with the long-range shot of the 14th player and won the lead again … The deadlock is no longer in Real Madrid, with two goals leading! What’s the point of going by yourself?
I was fooled by this fucking bastard!
The director of Real Madrid finally reflected it.
Chapter two: You should lose weight, fat pig!
When Miguel Parrales Celino Castro Hernandez, director of Real Madrid Club, found out that he had been played by that bastard, he rushed to the front of the stands angrily, grabbed the railing and rushed to the face of the man who had squatted down again, yelling at his back.
"His mama constipation! How long are you going to squat? ! Be careful to shit in your crotch! Damn it, idiot! My son! Diego! Do you hear me? ! Listen-to-no-have-? ! Mom! You’re deaf, right? Don’t pretend to be a coward! Get up if it’s a man! Don’t let my children play and accept my anger! Come on, come on! Come face to face with me! Always beat you up, you idiot! Don’t ask me for mercy when you are lying on the ground! "
He doesn’t care that Real Madrid Junior B Team has already won a two-goal lead, and he doesn’t need his great genius Diego to break the deadlock.
Hearing this duck barking, Changsheng felt the veins stood out on his forehead and the grass stalks in his mouth were bitten off by him.
He spit out the residual part of his mouth in anger and then grabbed another one from the turf and put it in his mouth.
Then he decided to turn a deaf ear to the duck barking behind him.
So everyone can hear a fat man pointing at the coach of Real Madrid’s junior B team, and all kinds of Spanish national abuse pop out of his mouth, and those words are as ugly as they are.
At one time, he became the most eye-catching guy, and everyone turned to see him. He was so popular that even the small players on the court couldn’t help but stop and look at the sidelines and wondered what had happened.
Changsheng frowned when he saw this scene, and he had to get up from the ground again and yell at the little players on his side with that fat duck voice, so that they could not concentrate on the field. A two-goal lead is not an insurance score.
At the same time, he was even more upset with the dead fat duck behind him who interfered with the normal game order.
He clenched his fist.
Don’t fucking push your luck, asshole!
Until the end of the half-time, Miguel director Diego was not changed by the damn coach, but kept running back and forth on the sidelines for 30 minutes. As a substitute, the players all walked to the locker room. Diego dragged himself behind the crowd and was unhappy when he passed a box of mineral water bottles. Diego flew up and kicked it in the mineral water bottle box.
Bang-he didn’t kick the box, it was just a muffled sound.
But he succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, including the junior B team coach Chang Sheng.
I found that Changsheng was staring at him. He felt as good as his father. He raised his head and nostrils and stared back.
With his father’s support, he is really not afraid of such a mere junior B team coach. Who is his father? His father is a club director!
If that coach dares to do anything to him, he can guarantee that his father will find a way to get him out of Chammartin training base! So he is looking forward to what that damn fool will do to himself so that his father can have an excuse …
But he didn’t wait for the manager to be furious or, strictly speaking, he didn’t wait for anything.
After he finally found out that something was wrong and gave up posing, he didn’t see that the coaches were all gone, and some teammates around him were looking at him with a kind of crazy eyes. He stared back angrily. "What are you looking at?" !”
Those teammates hurriedly turned and walked away.
Leaving Diego alone was mad.
I dare to look at his modeling!
This made him angry, but he never dared to turn around and leave without following the team to the locker room, because it meant that he didn’t even have a chance to play as a substitute at half-time.
But if you follow him back to the locker room, it will always make him feel weak. Will it give those people a feeling that they are weak and can be bullied?
Teenagers under the age of thirteen hesitated.
At this time, his hand was caught by a big hand.
"Come with me!"
"Where to, Dad?" The teenager struggled-he couldn’t understand where his father was taking him.
"Go find that idiot coach!"
With that, director Miguel dragged his son and rushed to the dressing room of junior team B.
Then he pushed it with both hands and left the locker room door unlocked.
In the dressing room, the players who always look at their hands in white real Madrid balls are filled with pride-although they are a group of kids up to 13 years old, they are also regular real Madrid teams, aren’t they? I was a fan in my previous life. Who would have thought that I would have the opportunity to coach the Real Madrid team?
It’s not for nothing this time … If it’s in the forum expressway, who still can’t scare them?