"Afraid" Ma Liang nodded truthfully "but I believe you, but I need to know what’s going on"

Xiao Tong smiled sadly.
Before her name was Zhou Ruotong, she was a professional model with great potential, but she didn’t like the chaos in the modeling circle. She used to have a house in the city with Xiao Hu and both had stable jobs, but Xiao Hu was addicted to gambling and lost the RV, which also made Zhou Ruotong owe a lot of money and ran to this town to install a shop, but the positioning of Zhou Ruotong’s character shop did not conform to the actual situation of the villagers.
The income is not much, but Xiao Hu promised to live a good life, but she didn’t complain. Then Xiao Hu said that she had done business with distant relatives and really got back a lot of money, and then slowly got it back.
Zhou Re-tong finally had some doubts and quietly followed him once before knowing that he was gambling again.
She was completely disappointed and angry. She had a big fight. Xiao Hu begged Zhou Re-tong to forgive him because he was a sentimental person, but he had been gambling with Zhou Re-tong in petty theft.
While her mother is seriously ill, although she has a younger brother, this younger brother has been fooling around and mixing roots outside every day, so he can’t get any money, so Zhou Ruotong saved up three thousand dollars for these lucky days.
However, I got news that my illness has worsened and I have to have surgery, and there is no 10,000 yuan that the hospital won’t go to. She just wants to clear everything today and then go home. If she can’t borrow it, she can get to know some bosses, Miss Haidang.
She is almost desperate, and she is in a very bad mood and insists on not touching things. Now she has to take the initiative to do so. She feels deep irony and strength.
If she wanted to, the bosses would still be very generous and tens of millions could get it, but at that time she was not herself now, which was also the place where she struggled most
The good sisters around me are going to fall into it, and their personal lives are greatly increased, but what else?
"I can lend you the money for nothing" Ma Liang nodded.
"You really mean it, but we haven’t known each other for half a day, and I hurt you." Even a cold woman like Zhou Ruotong couldn’t help saying.
"If you don’t believe me, we’ll get the money now," Ma Liang said.
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll take the money and never come back?"
Ma Liang pointed to his chest. "People do things with their hearts. If they don’t pay back the money, they won’t pay it back even if they face each other. Even if they write an iou, they won’t pay it back."
This is also why Ma Liang often teaches students to default these days, not by looking at where there are any vouchers, but by looking at this person’s morality
Zhou ruotong was a little transfixed.
"Let’s get the money first. There are many people later." Ma Liang said when he looked at it.
Without saying a word, Zhou Ruotong went to the village branch with Ma Liang, watched Ma Liang take out a package and told the shop assistant to take 10 thousand to know that all this was true.
"You point a little money" Ma Liang handed the money in her hand.
Her green fingers have some scars, and she moved to accept the money.
"Thank you" she said this sentence is still so dull that she doesn’t know what’s on her mind.
"Nothing or go to the store first" Ma Liang pulled Mengmeng wondering about those clothes.
"Teacher, you gave money to other women like this, and so much is not good." Mengmeng was as dissatisfied with the novel as a little housewife.
Zhou Re-tong has always been a little stunned behind, a little far away from the market, but he can’t hear anything when it’s noisy now.
"Mengmeng, don’t tell your mother that she is plain?" Ma Liang hurriedly charged.
"Know the teacher, did you see that big sister is beautiful and you lent it to her?" Mengmeng’s mouth stuck up.
"Is it okay for you to make money after the big sister has difficulties at home?" Ma Liangxiao asked.
"Good" Mengmeng wriggled and agreed.
Back in the store, many people were attracted by the clearance card. Fortunately, they didn’t steal anything, but Ma Liang’s selection was almost looked over.
Hurry up and put away three sets of clothes, one coat for Ms. Su Yuyao and three for Xia Xue.
Ma Liang will buy again after feeling almost the same.
He walked beside Zhou Ruotong with his bag, just thinking about it, but he didn’t know what to call it.
Zhou Ruotong seems to have sensed his idea and said, "I’m older than you, just call me Xiao Tong Jie. I don’t know your name yet."
She is still hoarse from crying, but she is not ugly at all. She is a very attractive woman.
"My name is Ma Liang. I’m a teacher at Taoshui Village Primary School. Look at how much these clothes cost." Ma Liang took the bag in his hand.
"I’ll give it to you as interest, and I’ll try my best to earn it and pay it back to you then." She seems to have calmed down a lot.
Mengmeng’s little hand pinched Ma Liang, which means don’t refuse. She is a very competent little housekeeper.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"In this case, I’m welcome, so I’ll go first." Ma Liang really wants to see Xia Xue changed.
"Good" Zhou Ruotong nodded and felt a little trance. She lived in a big city for two years before. She was very white about the words sinister. But why did this man, who is a little younger than himself, trust himself so easily and really borrowed 10 thousand yuan because of trust or for other reasons? Is there really a good person in this world?
"Big sister, how much is this dress?" A person next to her asked her to come to her senses and plan to continue to go to the store after handling this batch of clothes, and she also gave up the former one who was a little proud to sell cheaper and more suitable things herself. Because Ma Liang helped her to continue this small career, she didn’t want to go that way.
64 fitting
At this time, it was really lively. Just now, Ma Liang’ s hand was already known to everyone, and everyone was a little scared but admired to look at him.
There are several candy stalls selling oil cakes and moon cakes next to Ma Lukou. Many people have long been attracted by those colors of candy when they buy Mengmeng.
"If you dream of eating, you can buy it for your teacher yourself," said Ma Liang.
Mengmeng didn’t mention it, either. She took a few kinds of candy, but not many. Ma Liang did it herself. She only took a full bag and added several big moon cakes.
"Teacher, your money is so fast." Mengmeng couldn’t help saying that he spent more than 30 yuan when he saw himself.
Then I went on to buy a lot of things and walked around for a few times. After I found nothing to buy, I went to Aunt Li to get some seeds. I saw Ma Liang give a thumbs-up and of course I heard about it.
"Teacher Ma came in to wash the seeds. I already wrapped them for you and waited for you to get them."
"Aunt Xie Li" Ma Liang didn’t feel any pain anyway, so he washed with water and then Mengmeng wiped it clean for him.
"This girl is quite watery and beautiful. It’s your kannika nimtragol." Aunt Li asked naturally if she hadn’t seen Ning Mengmeng. She made several jokes.
"She’s my student. Come and see on holidays." Ma Liang didn’t care that Mengmeng blushed and dropped blood.
"It’s really a beautiful embryo when I grow up," said Aunt Li, and then she gave Ma Liang a big bag of seeds.
The only thing left is to wait for two dog’s three rounds to be sent to the village
Living in a bustling crowd, most people look a little shiny because of the early autumn wind. It’s a bit difficult for Ma Liang and Mengmeng to lean against a big tree.
"Mengmeng, I’ll buy something for you." Ma Liang paused for a moment and remembered something.
"No, teacher, don’t waste money." Mengmeng was satisfied with holding candy.
"You are a girl who has that thing every month. Don’t ask the old toilet paper teacher to buy it for you. The city people are used to it." Ma Liang is purely hurting her
Mengmeng leng leng want to see is probably recalled the carrying to the river by belly thing just nodded his head.