Then the host Tie Muhua came out and arranged a little chat for everyone and went to prepare for it separately.

Fengxiang, in the tent of Jin Jiawei and Qing Jiawei’s temporary residence, worried, "Master, we’d better be careful."
"The Phantom Daoism has been inherited for hundreds of thousands of years, and it has its own way of doing things. The rise of Xuandao is bound to be suppressed by them too quickly, but the crisis of the eye beast Hao has not been eliminated, and even if the pterosaur king is really killed by them, the Phantom Daoism will have to deal with the more difficult demon clan who will cover the sea for a short time." Liang Yi smiled. "What’s more, after the beast Hao, it will be enough for them to fight for a while."
"For us, Xuan Island is a chicken rib in those people’s eyes. No one should rob us." Fengxiang nodded slightly.
When two giant sun stars passed the horizon successively, Chengtou, 42 Du Jie-stage first-class strong men had been waiting for another nearly 4,000 fit-stage J and NG sharp men and a large number of refined-body strong men had also been arrayed behind the city wall early in the face of a large number of wild beasts J and NG sharp men, and the magic spirit Taoist statue abandoned the idea of sticking to the city wall and preparing to put the wild beasts J and NG sharp army into the city to cooperate with the large array to protect the city and the city to pre-arrange powerful law to annihilate the wild beasts J and NG sharp men.
In addition to these j and jīng sharp, Chengtou is still a huge Du Jie wild beast, the strongest of which is a goat with snow-white Se fur and a body length of more than ten feet. In terms of breath, this beast is very similar to those two mysterious scattered immortals in large black robes. At this moment, the deep foundation of super power is full of doubt.
"Woo" roared for a long time, and the prologue of the war has already started. The large array of fairy city protection is like a beautiful landscape painting suspended in the city, and the scenery is constantly changing.
More than 400 wild beasts in Du Jie and more than 50,000 wild beasts in J ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○9675
"Boom" just entered the colorful cloud above the large array coverage of the city, and a series of powerful purple Se thunder fell. Every moment, a large number of J and jīng sharp wild beasts fell from it. Most wild beasts in the fitting period could not carry a purple Se thunder, and a few wild beasts with rough skin and strong defense could barely resist one or two in the middle and late fitting period.
In terms of power, this purple Se thunderbolt is much better than the five Se thunderbolts emitted by the first five lines of Zhen Yan large array without nearly ten thousand trees. Of course, after the five lines of array are strengthened, the power of the five elements of thunder is almost the same as that of this purple Se thunderbolt.
However, for a large number of J: ng sharp wild beast army, these five Se thunder short-term can’t cause them much loss.
Three or four breathing kung fu, powerful more than 400 Du Jie wild beasts came to the city, and the number of sharp attacks fell to the strong city wall and the city wall connected with the large array defense ban.
"Do it!" Forty-two monks in Du Jie, such as Liang Yi, have released their magic weapons of flying swords, firm but gentle Bao Guang, to find out who fell behind in the fit period and cut off the wild animals.
See Liang Yi himself up and mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian in his hand, swallowing dazzling five Se firm but gentle, and waving his hand, there were more than a hundred sharp firm but gentle waves that passed through the front forbidden diaphragm and fell to a group of wild animals with fit period hundreds of feet away.
"poop-poop" series of sharp shock wave through, the sky suddenly a blood rain float in the sky more than 40 head fit period wild beast huge body straight down.
After the birth of the sword spirit, the power of the mixed Yuan Turing Sword suddenly soared, and now it is far beyond the category of the top-level magic weapon. The power of the mixed Yuan Turing Sword has risen, and even the power of the released firm but gentle has increased greatly.
It’s unclear what level the magic weapon owner Liang Yi belongs to now, but one thing is certain: this sword is definitely not an immortal. After all, the immortal who cultivates immortals’ life must have its owner transform the immortal force after achieving the immortal way. However, it can’t be said that the magic weapon of life is not as good as the fairy weapon, and Liang Yi is sure that the magic weapon of life is much better than the ordinary immortal sword.
With this spirit sword, its power will be greatly improved after it is transformed into a fairy road in the future.
Liang Yi shot at the same time, and not far away, two mysterious scattered immortals with black masks also shot in succession. Seeing these two men, one sword, one knife, and a firm but gentle knife, nearly two hundred wild beasts turned into bodies in a blink of an eye.
And just then, the strong wall also issued a moan, crashing broke a huge gap of more than 30 miles to be continued.
The sixth volume Chapter 54 Fighting for three years [in]
The wall gap was blocked in front of the wall and the wall disappeared. Liang Yi and others almost withdrew to the city without hesitation.
"Woo!" The wild beasts of the pterosaur king bid for the rear with their heads held high, urging them with a little excitement, just like conquering Hanxing City. The sharp army of wild beasts J and NG was immediately divided into two roads, with more than 300 wild beasts in Du Jie all the way leading more than 40,000 wild beasts in the fit period to March into the city and kill another route to the city. Dozens of wild beasts in Du Jie led them and continued to destroy the solid Yugoslav capital along the city wall.
The colorful picture scroll formed by the large array suspended overhead to protect the city suddenly descended from it, and directly enveloped the four walls in the magical fairy city thousands of miles away. Suddenly, the scenery around Liang Yijue changed completely, and all the houses in the city disappeared. Many strange and tenacious plants grew in the streets of the wide city and spread the whole city instantly.
Just pouring into the city, the wild beast army was instantly divided into dozens of shares. Not only that, but also a number of tough vines rose slowly, which blocked the wild beasts from moving forward. The force of five Se yuan kept flowing overhead, and occasionally some purple Se thunder and real fire attacked the wild beast army.
Even if it is better than Du Jie’s late peak wild beasts, it is also difficult to move in this area. However, the joint attack power of tens of thousands of J and jīng sharp wild beasts is still to be reckoned with, and the large array covering the whole city is constantly shaking.
"Great array to protect the city" Because this law is not aimed at Liang Yi, it is because his knowledge can be swept away and the situation of Qingcheng can be easily explored. Whether the colorful glare array theory of the magic fairy city is in attack or defense, or in dreamland containment, it is far more than that of the two instruments in Hanxing City. It is strange that the magic spirit Dao Zun confidently claims that he has the ability to resist this wave of beasts.
In the city, nearly 4,000 monks led more than 100,000 refined bodies, and J and NG were sharply divided into ten armies. With the help of the large array to protect the city and some severe laws in the city, the cover was banned to sneak attack from the side, trying to contain the attack speed of the wild beast J and NG sharp army.
After the Yugoslav capital gouges where whole pieces were missing, dozens of miles instantly turned into a mess. Even though it occupied the absolute right time and place, there were still many J: ng sharp soldiers who died in the strength far exceeding their first-class wild beast army minions.
"Dear friends, let’s work together to kill the wild animals that destroyed the Yugoslav capital. J: ng Rui is coming back to take care of these wild animals that invaded the city!" After a while, 42 Du Jie-period strong men took the same head, and the Du Jie-period wild beast soldiers were divided into two roads, one left and one right, and killed the Yugoslav capital where whole pieces were missing.
If these wild beasts are allowed to completely beat the walls all around, and a large number of ordinary wild beasts take the opportunity to enter the city, they can definitely contain most of the power of the large array to protect the city. Even if the defending party can repel the beast Hao in the end, it will suffer huge losses.
Two black-robed scattered immortals led more than twenty people to pounce on the Yugoslav capital on the left, while the magic spirit Taoist statue, Liang Yi, Han Xing Qian Ji reality, etc. were blocked, and more than 3,000 heads that were destroying the Yugoslav capital on the right were divided into several J and NG sharp wild beasts by law.
"die!" The first hand of the magic spirit Taoist statue is its signature killing trick and big handprint. This old man is covered by a large array of psychedelic shadows to protect the city. Every time he hits a big handprint, he can harvest the life of a wild animal in the early days of Du Jie.
Liang Yi’s mixed Yuan Tulingjian is also constantly flashing with his ghostly figure. Every time he flashes, there is a terrible wild beast, such as Cold Star, Thousand Tactics Reality, Fengxiang, and so on.
The attack by the psychedelic effect of the large array of defending the city was seriously hindered by the law, and the wild beast army, Liang Yi and others took the lead.
As time goes by, the wild animals are paying a heavy price, but at the same time they are steadily advancing the front line.
The fierce battle from the first is to catch up with the speed and compete with the time. The guarding city side has the opportunity to curb the offensive pace of the wild beast army before the other side breaks through the big bursts of defending the city, and even in this process, the wild beast J and jīng sharp army will be wiped out in one fell swoop. Otherwise, once the colorful glare array is broken, the magic fairy city will be completely finished.