When she got to the slide, she didn’t care about Teng Yun, watching the little princess crawl slowly because she was too young to climb the steps slowly. Teng Yun couldn’t help laughing when she watched.

That is to say, the tortoise speed.
It’s when I suddenly remembered that I was playing here with my children.
They thought of this when they built the house, but they didn’t expect this house to be like this now.
Han Xi, he will go to see tenderness, but he will sit in the office early on Monday.
Han Xi knocked on the door and looked at it sitting there in a suit and an iceberg. You didn’t go to England?
"What am I going to do in England?" He asked a bowman carefully.
"Then what do you ask me to do with gentle things?"
"I asked the gentle residence because my daughter wanted to find her."
"What …"
"The video has passed!"
Han Xi …
The secret came knocking at the door soon. President Zhao Zheng came and wanted to see you.
"No!" Tengyun light two words.
Secretly nodded and left, naturally knowing how to deal with it. Why didn’t Han Xi understand what was missing? Now that we meet, he has taken the lead. He almost killed me when he bought a few plots of land. Now we can’t see his jokes.
"I want to see you in your office." He doesn’t want to see that scum anyway
"You this also …" Han Xi don’t understand him but he is unreasonable.
Section 232
Zhao Zheng waited in the building for a while, but the receptionist told him that Teng Yun couldn’t see him, and he was about to leave when a sound came out of the stairs inside.
Han Xi came quickly from the building and looked at Zhao Zheng’s awkward back. Oh, this is not to kill us by surprise. Zhao Zheng Zhao Zong was killed several times.
Zhao Zheng turned to look at him with a cold face. Han Xi, what do you want?
Every minute in Zhao Zheng’s eyes is to guard against conspiracy.
"What can I do? I was just going out to do something. I didn’t expect to meet Zhao Zong here. Why? Come and plead with our boss? "
"Ah, he never sees defeat!" Han Xi is mysterious.
"Nothing else, I walked first." Zhao Zheng knew that Han Xi was watching his jokes and said a sentence and walked out.
Han Xixiao then looked at the beautiful woman at the front desk. After that, did this person come to the building to make a phone call?
"Ah what? You don’t have to think more about everything when you are beautiful. "
The beauty at the front desk couldn’t wait to stare him to death
Zhao Zheng went to the coffee shop and Yu Yuying was working there to experience life.
"Welcome!" She dressed as a worker to help the guest at the door, and then looked up and saw his familiar face.
"How are you?"
"I came to see you."
"I didn’t"
Yu Yuying turned and walked towards the inside. When another member saw that Yu Yuying didn’t pick up, what would this gentleman like to drink immediately before?
"Whatever!" He smiled and then went to sit at a nearby table.
Yu Yuying is still hanging her eyes at the bar with a cold face.
"Chasing you?"
"I can’t look at that old man," Yu Yuying said.
In fact, she still likes older men in her heart.
But Zhao Zheng really hurt her body and hurt her heart. There must be no good words for this man to say from her mouth.
Zhao Zheng looked up at Yu Yuying, but Yu Yuying didn’t look at him. He sat there drinking coffee. He was waiting for her class.
Yu Yuying actually smiled. I wonder where he got so much patience.
He didn’t give it to her for so long even during the dating period.
Yu Yuying guessed that he was involved in the company’s affairs. He wanted to finish the Zhao family soon, but she wouldn’t intervene.
And her father also said that Zhao Zheng and Teng Yun could choose one.
However, she chose not Zhao Zheng nor Teng Yun, but gentleness.
Because of tenderness, she seems to be at Tengyun’s side.
"Long or good"
Colleagues said in her ear
"Married company going bankrupt you either? If you want, go and find him. "
"ah? Then what are you looking for when you are married? "
Colleagues despise looking at him. A married man wants to chase a little girl. Isn’t that just to find a little lover?
He sat at noon and watched Yu Yuying get up and leave without talking to him.
Yu Yuying doesn’t know what it’s like in her heart. She didn’t move when he left.