Fortunately, Ye Tian’s willpower is firm enough to get lost a little, and Ye Tian soon came to her senses and said, I’m here to find Miss Haidi. Please call her for me.

Hai Di heard this name, and the woman opened her eyes in astonishment and said, Hai Di I know, but she is not in this training hall.
Ah, I was startled when I heard a woman’s words. Did Hai Lian lie to him?
Looking at Ye Tian’s expression with horror, the woman shook her head charmingly. That girl must have mistaken the building again. I’ll show you. Go left for two blocks from here and then turn left. There is also a blue training hall there.
Sweat When I heard that Ye Tian was sweating profusely, it was too bad. It was calculated that the distance between one or two buildings was kilometers.
Looking at Ye Tian Khan’s expression, the woman covered her mouth and smiled at you. It seems that she doesn’t know much about that Ni natural road idiot, and she may lose herself at any time.
Speaking of which, the woman came up in the direction of Ye Tiandi, and at the same time, she said, I really want to go and see their training tonight. Let’s go together. When I heard the woman’s words, Ye Tianwang and the two of them walked in tandem towards Hai Association in the training hall.
The woman talked a lot all the way and kept asking Ye Tianhai about it. Ye Tian didn’t do much to hide it. She simply said that she was Hai Association’s brother, life and death, and Hai Association entrusted her to her care.
Hearing Ye Tiandi’s words, the charming woman’s eyes suddenly flashed and she seemed to think of something. She bit her lip and seemed to be in pain. Seeing this, Ye Tian dared not talk nonsense and followed closely behind her and walked towards Hai Lian’s training hall.
The distance of kilometers is not long or short. In a short time, the two men arrived at a blue building. At this time, a stealthy figure is now in sight.
Next to the blue gymnasium, a figure stealthily poked around in the shadow of the gymnasium and watched to see this eye. Ye Tian immediately thought that this guy must have come to peep.
Is wrinkly to knit the brows leaf day ready to rush over to put the little seized when the woman beside me covered her mouth I namby-pamby laugh.
What is this woman laughing at? Is she being watched? This hobby is really special.
I wonder if the woman is gentle and lovely in Ye Tian’s tunnel. That’s what you are looking for. Look at her sample. She must have lost her way again. The woman walked quickly towards the shadow.
As the distance draws closer, Ye Tianliang is surprised to find that the shadow is Hai Lian. At the moment, she is looking at the floor with a puzzled face poked around in the corner.
Hearing Ye Tianhai’s footsteps, Hai Association suddenly turned his head. After seeing that woman, a kind of saved light broke out in his eyes.
But Hai Lian soon found Ye Tian, who followed him. Hai Lian smiled sweetly and said Ye Tian, did you come to see me?
Er, Ye Tian nodded slightly. Yes, I wanted to come to see you, but what were you doing there just now?
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Haidi bowed his head shyly and said, I just came back from dinner and I can’t remember the way. I want to see if this is our training hall.
Khan heard Hai Lian’s words, and Ye Tian spoke thoroughly. Ye Tian had seen it, but it was the first time that Ye Tian had seen it to this extent.
Thinking about Haidi in Ye Tian seems to remind me of something. Suddenly, I raised my head and looked at Ye Tian warily. The woman said, Hey, how can you two walk together?
Facing Hai Lian’s inquiry, Ye Tian opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything. Maybe this girl forgot to point herself in the wrong direction at that time.
In Ye Tian’s astonishment, the charming woman smiled and moaned. Oh, sister Hai, this is her new boyfriend recently.
Ah, Ye Tianhai shouted at the same time when he heard the charming woman’s words. What’s going on here? Which one is this performance?
Chatting, the two finally arrived at the crossroads, smiled and stopped. Haidi pointed to a blue training hall next to it. If I am here to train, please come here and find me.
Smiling and nodded, Ye Tian turned and walked towards the elective office of the school, looking at Ye Tian’s fading figure, Hai Lian bit her lip and was ruddy, thinking about something until Ye Tiandi’s figure disappeared around the corner, then sighed and turned and walked towards the blue gymnasium.
After selecting the training hall in the elective course, Ye Tian arrived at the sixth-order training hall led by the receptionist, and then Ye Tianshi became a member of the sixth-order earth warrior training class.
Before looking at this is almost Hagu’s tutor Ye Tian who can’t help but smile bitterly. There is no woman to choose this earth warrior base. After all, the earth warrior pays attention to physical quality, which is a short event for women.
This time, Ye Tian selected a five-person class and a class with less than five people. Except Ye Tianwai, there were two members. When Ye Tian arrived, two members were training hard under the supervision of their instructors.
The trademark of the Sixth-order Earth Warrior is war trampling, which means that the fighting spirit is gathered at the feet and the elements of the earth are violently trampled to form a violent element impact, and the visual defense is used to strike the enemy.
In the face of this upcoming lighter Ye Tianda is excited, although I don’t know this lighter hair yet, but its effect is too strong and strong to the point of outrageous.
A foot within a range of 10 meters will explode an element’s shock wave from the direction, which means that the target elements in this range will suffer from the shock, fall into a sluggish state and get dizzy directly.
I looked at Ye Tian a few times, and the tutor who is almost Hagu turned over the ground said with a thick voice, I am the sixth-order tutor Brent, please introduce me.
Ye Tian heard the words from the mentor. Hello, Teacher Brent. I am the fifth-order earth warrior Ortiz Ye Tian. I hope the mentor can give me more advice.
Well, the instructor nodded deeply, and continued, Hagu form, I saw you very well, but you said it was good in the fifth order. Now this is the sixth-order training hall. Do you want to continue to work hard?
Ye Tian didn’t dislike listening to the teacher’s meaningful words. Since he came to beg, since others hold the lighter that he doesn’t know, that is, his teacher should respect it.
Looking at Ye Tian’s calm expression, Brandt nodded with satisfaction and continued, "The comparison of the sixth terrace’s lighter skills, especially the technique of escaping to the ground."
War trampling means that the earth elements trigger and detonate the surrounding earth elements to create an element storm, which will impact the targets in the coverage area.