Julia is really relieved to enter my exorcism pavilion. The door is open and there is no one on the ground floor. Although this is not an antique shop, it is not very valuable, but it is also something valuable. I am not worried that I will be patronized by thieves.

After I entered the door, I gave the gate. Don’t rush in and ask a few people to watch the filming. If the neighborhood is in the lead, you can’t say how dare you refuse, but it’s not filming.
Come on, come on, roll for me. As soon as I entered the door and walked to the stairs, I heard Julia yelling loudly.
Listen, Julia’s temper is not so good today, maybe it’s so good that women are inconvenient. I was hit by a gun in those days.
Going upstairs in fear, Julia and I are bosom friends, but from that day on, after Julia told me about me, I didn’t know how to get along with Julia. When I caught zombies, I saw Julia and surprised me. After reaching out, I didn’t know what Julia was.
I’m surrounded by hidden dragon crouching tiger. I really don’t want to be my confidant for so many years. Julia came to tell me that she is not an ordinary person. How did she ambush me? Then my heart would be seriously hurt.
Julia, I hurt me more than I have always been a brother.
Actually, Julia told me that when I was a girl, I was quite thunderous. In a classic sentence, you said that you were a man, and suddenly a good brother around you told you how you would feel. Note: That brother is a man, of course? I don’t mean that Julia is a man. In my eyes, Julia is almost the same as a man. I don’t mean that Ye Qingchang is not like a woman. She wants this woman to look absolutely more feminine than a woman. It’s like beauty is in the eyes of the lover. I feel that Julia is a brother in the eyes of a brother or a sister, that is,
Julia told me that I was like a dragon. He told me that he loved me. Of course, Long Feifan said that he loved me, and I would feel sick and disobedient. Julia told me that I was hit by a thunder, not disgusting, not afraid, but surprised. It was like you bought a lottery ticket. When you didn’t win, you won and it was a big prize, but your lottery ticket was wiped with toilet paper.
I quickly ran downstairs and saw that Julia and Kyubi no Youko were sitting face to face, holding cups in their hands and looking at each other without moving.
And the dragon is looking at two people with his arms around his chest in the corner.
The terrifying is still on the balcony. From my point of view, I can see the terrifying looking up at the sky at 45 degrees. Chapter 40 Identity mystery
After seeing me coming, Kyubi no Youko put the cup in his hand first and turned to look at me.
Julia took a look at me before he let go of the cup and said to Kyubi no Youko across the street, you also go to bask in the sun and I’ll tell him about it.
I was surprised to see that Ye Qingran was a woman who directly bossed people around. What was it, Wu Zetian or Empress Dowager Cixi? I’m sure Julia would be a queen of Julia if she didn’t live in this era.
Julia’s attitude towards herself is used to such a disposition, and her body is also a kind of natural temperament, which makes people used to listening to her words and can always fool people to help my grandfather sell a lot of antiques there.
It’s Julia who is now facing Bi others but Kyubi no Youko Kyubi no Youko. Of course, that’s not to buy Julia’s account. She is a fox at any rate, but also an aloof fox. Her temper is not necessarily better than Julia’s. Before knowing that I am her master, she also loved to answer no to me. Now her attitude has improved a lot because I am her master.
Kyubi no Youko didn’t get up and go outside, but still sat there with long and narrow eyes and asked me who this was.
Julia’s eyes have narrowed. Looking at Kyubi no Youko, his face is not good
I sat by Kyubi no Youko and said to Kyubi no Youko, Why don’t you sit outside for a while? This is my friend and I have something to discuss with her.
Although Kyubi no Youko didn’t buy Julia’s account, he listened to me very well. When I said this, he didn’t ask any questions, but walked out quietly.
In fact, no matter what Julia says, Kyubi no Youko is very important here, but Julia doesn’t know that Kyubi no Youko is a fox, and I don’t want to meet another fox after Julia knows about the world zombie, and finally I have to meet a terrifying ghost. I don’t know if Julia can accept to be brothers with them according to Julia’s temper or not, and take me to a psychiatrist by the way.
Come on, Julia, look at me in a more comfortable posture in the sofa opposite me. Where did you get these two? Don’t tell me that you are filming and don’t tell me that they are thieves. This is a ridiculous answer. I didn’t see the camera or they started to break into your safe.
What do you think of them? I looked at Julia and asked.
When will you beat around the bush with me until you know that my sister doesn’t beat around the bush? Julia squinted at the balcony with her eyebrows. Two people said that they were dressed in modern clothes. I think they are your friends, but these two people are dressed in ancient costumes and their temper seems to be so smelly that they haven’t said a word yet. You really want me to speculate. I can say that these two people are probably ghosts from where you dug them up. Why don’t you take them home and raise them?
Difficult Julia still believes in ghosts in the world. Although I get along well with Julia, Ye Qingke has always believed in ghosts. I have never seen her with me.
I said when did you believe in world ghosts?
You’re a ghost hunter and your business is good. Can I believe it? Besides, I’ve seen zombie people. What is it when zombies are ghosts? Julia pouted and said, what are those two crops?
It’s not a ghost. I looked at Julia and said, I said they are ancient costume lovers. They are my friends who wear ancient costumes. Would you believe it?
Believe me, why are you going to fool me like this? Tell me the truth. What is it? Julia grabbed a pillow and smashed it on my forehead.
It’s not a ghost. You can’t see the ghost without yin and yang. I said, can I choose not to say it?
I don’t want to cheat Julia. I don’t make up any lies to cheat Julia, a woman who is a ghost. But I don’t want Julia to know the true identities of Yan Ye and Kyubi no Youko. This may cause Gu Yeqing to get involved in more troublesome things. Even if Julia is not involved and knows that he has seen Yan Ye and the fox, it is easy to subvert her concept of the world.
When the time comes, it’s not good to say that I broadcast superstition.
Of course, that’s not Julia’s idea, but Julia has to ask what he wants.
Julia’s eyebrows have been raised and he came to my side. He sat down and hooked my shoulder like a gangster.
I stopped before Julia asked, Julia. I said this is for later. Didn’t you say you were looking for me? It wasn’t you who asked for me.
Of course not. Julia let me go and my shoulder suddenly changed.