But then his hands and relatives need to have spiritual strength to practice with the deepening of cultivation, which is why Li Wei promised Cang Lang to stay with him half the time every year, and Ding Qiu is the same.

And he estimates that after those bugs will also become a machine that devours spiritual power.
Few pieces of spiritual strength can really keep them alive.
And it’s not his turn for those Lingshan mountains in China, Li Wei, and people can’t rob people’s places without provoking him.
But Penglai pavilion has to find a time to grab it.
Thinking things into dinghai coloured glaze fairy palace to the outermost Levi felt something was wrong.
The spiritual power here is not as good as that in the first half. All the animals in the outer layer are frightened. Levi, get into the second layer quickly. It’s still the same.
The second layer is much more powerful than the outer layer, except for a few strongest Kirin, most of which are lying there motionless, and even the pair of black dumplings are churning in the deep stream, which makes them fidgety.
The second aura is thinner than before.
Let Qin Yu stay outside. Levi’s body is fast-forwarding to the top floor
He can clearly feel that the spiritual strength of all sides is rushing towards the most central lock pillar like a hundred rivers meet the sea.
In the center of the nine lock pillars, a huge black pike with a length of over 15 meters hangs there slowly, and the gun body flashes dark red, and all kinds of symbol patterns disappear and flicker according to certain laws.
Li Wei saw the gas around the gun body and had an illusory feeling that it seemed to be constantly distorted around the gun body. Li Wei explored that this turned out to be the result of Zhou Lingli’s quick inhalation into the pike body.
There are five giant swords floating around the pike, and Li Wei conjures up the same giant sword in the black dragon cave.
Around the blade of this big sword, it flows as fast as that big gun, and the twisted gas makes the edge of the big sword blurred, and so do all kinds of runes. The dark red light of the blade keeps coming and going, and the bloodthirsty bats close their eyes again.
The aura of the lock spirit array is not enough. This huge pike devours it. Not only that, it extracts all this spiritual power, but the outside world can’t keep up with the absorption of the pike when it is added to the ground spiritual power root.
At this time, the nine huge lock spirit pillars with nine golden dragon carvings are spewing out from their mouths with rich spirit fog to supplement the spirit force of the lock spirit array.
However, seven of the lock spirit pillars are suspended in the place less than one meter away from the faucet!
The real dragon!
Two golden dragons, three black dragons, a silver dragon and a red dragon.
All dragons are hiding in a spiritual fog, absorbing dzi like a torch and shooting Haoguang. If the dragon body is slightly twisted and swayed in the spiritual fog, it is obviously practicing the dragon’s unique achievement method.
From the Black Dragon Club, Li Wei knows that dragons can practice.
But these dragons are too small.
Don’t say that compared with the huge dragon body that is often hundreds of meters or even kilometers, the dragon in the image should be at least tens of meters, no matter how small it is.
But these dragons are too small, even smaller than the black dragon that condenses itself into a body!
In addition to the golden dragon, which is almost three meters long, the body thickness is over ten centimeters, and the remaining six dragons are less than two meters long!
The body is less than ten centimeters thick!
The red dragon and the silver dragon are just one meter apart. If it weren’t for the long and slender dragon horn, Levi wondered if these two guys were two small lizards.
But even so little dragon Levi still smiled happily.
After the mysterious man taught him the Gongqifa of the Liulixian in Dinghai, he deliberately entered here to refine this black gun in his hand.
This black gun is the fiend Xuan Ming weapon nine prison dragon gun!
Although the dragon catcher said that he had forgotten many memories, Li Wei learned most of the methods to control the Xuan Ming fiend armor and the nine-prison dragon gun from the ring Yu Pei of the then Dan Gate, and these were exactly what the fiend left.
Although the ancestors of Penglai Pavilion robbed Xuan Ming’s fiend armor and the Nine Prison Dragon Gun, the ring with nine turns of Zijin Dan’s cultivation skill fell into the hands of Danxia Sheng, the founder of Jindanmen School.
Penglai Pavilion people have neither nine turns of Zijin Dandan strength nor refining. These two treasures must be refined. No matter how good the baby is, it is not as good as an ordinary magic weapon in their hands.
On that day, Li Wei put the gun into the spirit consciousness after refining, but now there are seven of the nine dragons left in Yu Pei’s words, and in each Bi gun body, I can’t feel that the dragon seems to have incarnated in it.
But the dragon catcher told him that seven dragons were sleeping!
Li Weiqi opened the Nine Prisons Dragon Gun Body Spirit Absorbing Array to seal those doors. The Array placed the pike in the center of the Lock Array to let it slowly absorb the spirit force.
After that, he left Dinghai Coloured Glass Fairy Palace with Feng Er and Huang Er. These days, he has been worried about whether these seven dragons will come back to life.
Now I see these seven dragons. Although they are seven lizard-like dragons, Li Wei is still very happy that they are all alive!
But it’s definitely not good for them to plunder and absorb the spiritual power here. The mysterious man gave it to him to practice Li Weike, and he didn’t want to see any damage here.
When flying towards the pike in the lock spirit array, the dragon was born by sucking the spirit of heaven and earth, but it didn’t grow up in a day.
Just walked to the edge of Lock Spirit Array, the nearly three-meter golden dragon mouth struck Li Wei with golden light one by one, and he actually came or didn’t dodge.
Mind flashing also came to fight the fiend armor defense circle.
This golden light also hit Levi’s chest hard with the thickness of his fingers. Although Levi made a fly and retreated, he still felt that there was a sledgehammer beating hard on his chest.
This golden light hit Li Wei dozens of meters away, but for a moment Li Wei suddenly appeared beside the golden dragon and hit it with a punch.
That golden light is like a sledgehammer, but Li Wei’s physical strength and wearing a demon armor can’t even resist a sledgehammer?
The golden dragon screamed in pain, and its tail swept at Li Wei.
Li Wei just punched three layers of strength, but the dragon obviously couldn’t stand it.
Another punch will sweep the dragon’s tail and smash it quickly, and a kick will be waved. The dragon’s paw is about to pinch the dragon’s neck and grasp it in its hand. A golden light, a red fireball, two cold and evil winds, black fog, a water arrow and a hockey ball will hit Levi at the same time!
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter seventy Nine Prison Dragon Gun ()
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter seventy Nine Prison Dragon Gun ()
Levi’s anger turned to laugh and drink, and one punch rushed out and hit the golden light. Another punch has already smashed the water arrow and the ice hockey, grabbed the red fireball in the hand of the dragon, and Dan Li swallowed the fireball. Two evil winds and black fog were entangled in him.
Li Wei, the evil wind body, has a sluggish body, and the circulation of both the hot force and the cold force has slowed down. Li Wei feels that the ghost force is a bit like the ghost force before the wind, but knowing that it is by no means a ghost force, the wind seems to suddenly disappear into his body, and he feels soft and can’t afford any strength.
And the black fog immediately turned him into a dizzy feeling, and all kinds of light and color phantoms appeared in front of him, such as Xiaotong, Tianxin, Tiange, Guo Sijia and other women constantly appearing in front of us without a wisp of clever smile. Even Mei Qing and Lang Yu constantly appeared in front of us.
These women seem to bring out his heart instantly. The original Levi didn’t dare to neglect the purple fire. As expected, the evil wind was refined, but the black fog around him didn’t dissipate immediately, but his mind has recovered.
The golden dragon has struck him with a claw while he paused for a moment.
But these little dragons are limited in strength, so they can’t hurt him. He just flew out and rubbed himself and rushed into the group of dragons, punching and kicking.
These dragons are really weak, and three of them have already fought hard after being punched by him, and their strength can’t even escape from the lock pillar.
But even if there is no lock spirit column, it is impossible for them to be within a certain range from the dragon gun of Nine Prisons.
Looking at other dragons, they have been as far away from themselves as possible. There are two golden dragons and the fire-breathing ball. The black dragon is still fighting with him and desperately preventing him from approaching the black gun.
Heart, I won’t give you something to see if you don’t know who is the master.
In a moment, three soul light spears have been nailed to three little dragons, but Li Wei still dare not nail the light spears near their heads. These dragons are so weak that they will regret refining their souls.