Four people, Xing Xuan and Heiyue, Mungo and Yunyang, appeared in the still-burning star, and said to those mysterious people who gathered more and more, "Listen up, everyone, the Dragon Family has lived up to expectations and finally competed with the vampire-like Gaos. We have won the Afulun Mountain, and our Xing Xuan has kept our word. If the volcano spews out the materials, we can get them with you, but our Xing Xuan still has something to tell you!"

Said the star Xuan paused and looked at the bottom, quietly listening to the crowd. "The rapid development of science and technology in modern society has already possessed the power that is no less than that of the mysterious world. This is something that everyone can see. The flame of the steelmaking furnace has reached tens of thousands of degrees, which is equivalent to having a practitioner who is trained in the early childhood, and the modern forging process can easily complete the manufacture of various shapes of equipment. Think about these ziyun sands and elites who are away from the fire. Are you willing to consume your precious real power and be pure for a long time, or are you willing to put them in the steelmaking furnace of a modern factory? Or further, what kind of magic weapon do you want to forge? It takes you a little bit of real power and a little bit of childhood depiction to get your favorite magic weapon? "
With that, Xing Xuan waved out his 360 three-point dry Kun needles and threw them into the ground and said, "Look, this is a magic weapon that I refined when I was still in the light period. Let’s talk about the quality of this magic weapon, regardless of the fact that I couldn’t get a real fire at that time. How long will it take you to refine it yourself?"
Many practitioners on the ground suddenly caused a sensation. People with insight can already see that the three-point dry Kun needle is cold light. This is a very good magic weapon.
No, quite a few people have used the technique of splitting light and catching shadows to catch those three-point dry-Kun needles.
Xing Xuan doesn’t stop them from taking their own three-point dry needle.
These people hold those needles in their hands, and they are amazed.
When you release the knowledge of God, you will know that this three-point dry Kun needle is really extraordinary. The three-inch small needle body is very pure after cold light. It is very pure to build Taiyi refined gold. This small needle needs Taiyi refined gold, but these repairs are not all completed by practitioners in the early infancy. It is necessary to control the real fire of Samadhi and turn Taiyi refined gold into this small needle style. It is really a headache for them to think about it. How long will it take to refine it by themselves? It will take at least 30 years.
There is nothing strange about the inner array. The ordinary array allows the small needle to fly at will, but it can be large or small. If you have the shape of this needle, the practitioner can easily do it. Many people sneer at the array carved in the small needle. The array is too small to finish the wave. This material!
"But … but we don’t have much money in the secular world, and that damn mysterious convention stipulates that we can’t steal it!" A practitioner with a star Xuan three points dry Kun needle low said.
Chapter seventy-five
Chapter seventy-five
After listening to this man’s words, the practitioner’s expression around him was dim, and he hung his head with a three-point dry needle in his hand.
"Ha ha, this is simple. Our Dragon Family Horse will be in a big fix-up exchange in Burton City. You don’t need materials to sell to our Dragon Family in exchange for federal money, or you can help us make all kinds of magic weapons in the factory. We will pay you a certain amount so that you can earn federal money and get your favorite magic weapon without violating the mysterious convention!" Star Xuan smiled and looked at the bottom. There were hundreds of mysterious practitioners with strange light in their eyes.
"Really? That’s great! " At the end of the practitioner suddenly get up.
"Nonsense, this is a scam set by the Dragon family for you. They treat you as cheap labor. Don’t treat us as celestial masters. A secular world will never insult you practitioners like this!" Just at this time, there was a wave of anger in the distance, and Shanchang flew towards Xingxuan.
"Oh, this is the guardian of the high family day Zongshan adult? Hehe, everyone, do you remember this man? The other day, he surrounded Mount Afulun with the armed mecha of the Gaos family, forcing everyone not to pick up Ziyun sand, thick yellow beads and the elite from the fire, and also fired a shot at the mysterious elder. Hehe, now he comes to tell everyone that I cheated everyone! " Star Xuangen ignored the mountain and said to everyone.
"Yes, that’s him. Shan Chang, you son of a bitch, don’t be afraid that you will kill you for shooting old guns today!" At the end of a roar loud, a flying sword flew up and took Shanchang straight.
"Kill this king egg!" More than a dozen practitioners who are most affected by Gao Jiaqi should also get together and fly separately. Colorful magic weapons flew towards Shanchang.
"Ah, Guan Fengdao, help!" Shan Chang’s daylights out followed him to GuanFengFei in the distance.
"Hehe, I don’t care about the disputes between practitioners in the mysterious world. The mysterious convention doesn’t stipulate that people in the mysterious world can’t fight!" Guanfeng smiled and dodged.
"GuanFeng you … you from ruin me … I gave you so many federal money for nothing!" The mountain shouted with anger.
As soon as Guan Feng’s face turned cold, he suddenly pulled out his whip and hit Guan Feng. He also shouted, "Article 75 of the mysterious convention on measuring the Buddha’s statue slandered the guardian and deserved a whip!"
This whip suddenly made Guan Fengxiu higher than the mountain, and it was equivalent to half of Xianqi Mountain. Where did you hide? Bang! It hit the mountain backbone.
The mouth of the mountain suddenly spit out one mouthful blood. At this time, the practitioners who chased the mountain also arrived at the mountain and barely twisted their bodies to avoid the flying swords. Then they shouted at Guan Feng and said, "Guan Feng, you will not spare you if you wait for us!"
Say that finish, I grabbed a fly sword that stabbed him, and the golden light shone, so I broke the fly sword into two parts.
The practitioner who relied on many people to attack the mountain couldn’t help but open his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood and fall limply from it.
"And you little pups are waiting for the Tianshu Sect to ask for justice from you!" With that, the mountain staggered away into the distance.
Those practitioners in the back are afraid to chase.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help shaking his head behind him. These practitioners are too timid and indecisive, and the mountain is bound to escape bad luck. Now it’s good to be interrupted and will be disturbed. These people are in trouble in the future.
GuanFeng still a face of anger slowly flew to the star xuan four people.
"Director Guan Feng, you … took bribes?" Star Xuan looked at GuanFeng low said
Guanfeng face a burst of embarrassment nai shook his head.
"Hehe, Taoist Guan Feng should stick to his own principles. Some people are not worth it, are they?" Star Xuan ignored his embarrassment and continued
GuanFeng nodded bite a tooth and said, "Star Xuan Xiaoyou is absolutely right! This mountain Chang is cheaper than him today! "
"Hehe, Taoist Guan Feng, when our Longjia Xiuzhen Exchange gets up, I hope that the guardian Guan Feng will come here!" At this time, Xing Xuan changed the subject. When the red mountain flashed in his hand, the celestial pole Xuanling Xianyu, which was obtained from the crater, appeared in his hand and stuffed it into Guanfeng’s hand.
Guan Feng saw clearly the appearance of the fairy jade at a glance and immediately held out his hand with great joy. He held the fairy jade in his hand and said to Xing Xuan in a low voice, "You must be sure that Xing Xuan, you can rest assured that few practitioners in the mysterious world dare to make trouble here!"
"That’s good! Guan Fengchang will thank you for this matter! " Star Xuan said back hello Mungo, Black Moon and other four people will leave.
"Star Xuan Xiaoyou tells you one thing. Monty Zongyi Mo Daochang came from Daliangxing!" Guanfeng a pull star xuan novel way
"Who is Mo Daochang?" Star Xuan frowned.
"Oh, he once taught your cousin Long Yuntao Dreadwind magic skills, and I don’t know anything else!" Guan Feng turned to the practitioners at the bottom and said, "Dear friends, the spraying of horses on the volcano is almost over. Help Long Jiawei to maintain order around this volcano. The honorary monument will remember your kindness this time!"
At the end of those practitioners listened to the face and immediately smiled and dispersed around the volcano.
"Xing Xuan, these practitioners are not very high. Do we really need them?" At this time, Mungo has broken through the light period and entered the realm of spiritual virtual period. Just now, the mountain grabbed a practitioner’s flying sword and made him a little shocked. Looking at the star Xuan, I asked anxiously.
Don’t forget to collect!
Chapter seventy-six
Chapter seventy-six
"Don’t underestimate them. They are all sects in the mysterious world. Those who really cultivate high are disdainful to deal with people in our secular world, but they also need cultivation materials and can’t pull their own faces. They will definitely let their brothers come to trade with us! Hehe, don’t worry, we have a good path to the mysterious world, and we will gradually establish our forces and sects in the mysterious world! " Xing Xuan smiled and said to himself in his heart, Master, don’t worry. In this world, Linxi Sect is no longer a small sect that is looked down upon by others, and our brother is no longer that kind of pathetic punk.
Longjia yard long yun Tao Fang
Looking at Long Yuntao curled up in the corner of the room with a full face of horror, Long Yun’s face showed a look lower than anger. He roared, "Long Xingxuan, I want you to die!"
Hearing the name Long Xingxuan, Long Yuntao suddenly rushed over and hugged his brother’s feet and wailed, "Brother, please spare me, please spare me. Don’t fight with Xing Xuan again. We can’t compete with him. I have been impotent for half a month. You know, I can’t move when I look at a beautiful girl … Now I just have a slight improvement … I don’t want to completely become impotent and become a male or female waste!"
Long Yunqi looked at his arrogant brother and turned into such a coward. He spat contemptuously and kicked Long Yuntao. "Brother, you are finished. You don’t deserve to be our dragon grandson!"
Said and turned and walked to the door.