Xia Qi’s appearance makes people scattered by fire. Looking at Xia Qi with a strong sense of murder and a little fear, I can’t find Xia Qi’s figure for so many days, which is enough to make people scattered by fire alert.

At the moment, the common enemy is Wu stew, but Xia Qi and the fire scattered people seem to be on the rise, which means that they will fight immediately if they disagree with each other.
However, Wu stew, which gained great confidence, did not give them this opportunity.
"Today, none of you can escape, and all of you will die in front of me. I succeeded in celebrating Xiazong!" Wu stewed confidence rose. Looking at Xia Qi and the fire scattered people, they didn’t care if they were arrogant and wanted to slay everyone.
Chapter 9 Overriding Sweep
Chapter 9 Overriding Sweep
Wu stewed arrogant words let the fire scattered people temporarily give up the idea of killing Xia Qi, turn to the leader with a murderous look at Wu stewed just now, let an ambush be exposed with a wave of his hand, and even two people died. This means that the fire scattered people are afraid of this monk in the then period!
"Kill Wu Hui first!"
Roar a fire scattered people take the lead in starting work, and the whip in their hands throws a crackling sound, as if they were all blown up and swept away directly towards Wu stew.
Xia Qi Longshan seal is also instantaneous! At the same time, there are seven scattered practitioners who are also magic weapons, flashing light and roaring towards Wu stew like the tide!
This kind of attack is a monk with four or five floors in the then period, so he has to avoid the edge for a while!
"sunset stone!"
But Wu Stewed still stood at the entrance of the main hall, holding that colorful stone in his right hand, and suddenly threw it out at this moment, and the sky was like sunset arrival!
"Ding ding …!"
Xiaguang is shocking, and something happened! Seeing the attack and going away, many magic weapons were shrouded in the glow, which turned out to be like losing control and falling from it!
"Come back!"
In this instant Xia Qi, I also feel that I have been refined by myself, and it seems that I will be out of my control. The horror is really turbulent, and my mind will quickly take back Longshan Seal!
In addition to Xia Qi, there are fire scattered people and three monks at the peak of the construction period who have recovered their magic weapons, but the other four magic weapons have fallen to the ground and completely lost control!
"This sunset stone has a strange magic weapon. Don’t leave it!"
Fire scattered people drink a gloomy look and attack again. This time, he has a spear in his hand, which is a magic weapon that was originally seized from Wu stew!
The spear broke through the straight stab and went away!
"Ha ha ha a group of clowns! It’s just a blink of an eye that I want to kill you. It’s an idiotic dream to try to kill me! " Seeing that this precious magic weapon spear that was lucky in the past was stabbed to himself by fire scattered people, I was furious!
"I am forbidden to start all these clowns!"
Wu stewed and drank with one hand, only to see that the glow of several palaces around the Chengdian suddenly rose!
Everyone’s ears seemed to come, and the bowstring was pulled and tightened, and then suddenly it sounded, and even the gas was shaking and humming!
At this moment, these palaces are condensed with rosy clouds, and the arrows suddenly turn toward Xia Qi and his party like a flurry, like locusts coming!
"run away!"
"Cheng Chenggong heard that he can control the ancient cave house. We are not rivals at all!"
"Escape! Get out of here quickly!"
The original fire scattered people take the lead and have the confidence to kill many monks stewed in Wu. At this moment, they completely lost their confidence, screaming in panic and scurrying around!
"Ah …!"
The shrill scream sounded blood and rain mixed with the glow of arrows and rain, and several monks tried to escape, instantly turning into hedgehogs and then being directly shot into meat foam!
"gather together to hold up the defensive mask!"
The scattered people saw anger flashing in the eyes of the dead monk, but this is not the time to drink low and stand upright in a palace to erect a defensive mask and call the rest of the monks.
Waves of arrows and rain seem to never stop, and people disperse. A group of people gather together to support a big defense mask, which is dim but barely supported!
Xia Qi is standing alone!
Ten thousand arrows broke through and covered their bodies completely, which was impenetrable!
Calm-eyed Xia Qi didn’t panic in the face of the sky arrow rain Longshan seal suddenly shot!
In the roar of the arrow, the Longshan Mountain rises like a mountain, covering Xia Qi with the shape of a dragon. At this moment, many monks seem to hear a dragon chanting!
I’m afraid this arrow rain attack alone is only five or six stories in the foundation period, mainly because it’s too dense and the number is too large. The seal of Longshan Mountain in Xia Qi is a magic weapon of land order. At this moment, these arrow rain attacks are just like the rain in Mao Mao.
"A magic weapon! You actually have a magic weapon! "
Exclaimed at coming out of Wu’s stewed mouth, his eyes showed greedy color, and his hand tactic pinched the glow and suddenly the number of attacks around Xia Qi changed again!
Arrows and rain poured down like a storm, and now countless firm but gentle knives broke again, which made this piece of sky seem to be cut into pieces!
Such a huge attack is that there is a Longshan seal blocking Xia Qi, and I feel that I can’t support it.
"If you want to die, I will be you!"
Xia Qi’s heart is full of murder!
Roaring Xia Qishen comes out with a bright armor of Xuanjie to protect his body. His hand holds the split heavenly sword, which is tougher than directly rushing out in these attacks!
He’s like a humanoid Tyrannosaurus rex. This rush and attack can’t hurt Xia Qi! Even if an attack broke the armor defense, it was shocking. Xia Qi’s body was also a tough horse, which directly blocked these attacks! 、
For monks, the most important thing is to cultivate the body, but it is enough to cultivate naturally, and the roots will not take time to cultivate.
At the moment, Xia Qi revealed that the earth instantly shocked all the monks!
All over the sky, arrows, rain, knives, mans, cold and firm but gentle, all can’t hurt it!
"The sword swings everywhere!"
Xia Qi made a hand to crack the heavenly sword. For the first time, he made a force to shoot the thunder sword tactic and cast the roar of the sky. The firm but gentle sword raged from the end of the cracked heavenly sword!