"You can’t escape today!"

Yuwen has a refined face and a white beard, but at this time, it smells cold and new, staring at a Yu Pei Ssangyong dancing in Xia Qi’s hand, giving off the power of the earth.
"Brother Xia Qi let me escape by yourself!"
Jade Bell struggled to escape from Xia Qi’s arms and let Xia Qi escape alone.
Jade bell strength is good, barely stepping into the realm of virtual fairy, but at this time it has become a burden for Xia Qi, which has dragged Xia Qi to play.
"They can’t stop me!"
Xia Qi hugged the jade bell proudly and seemed confident.
However, his heart is extremely nervous. Six bodhi old zu levels are besieging him, and there are several ordinary monks at the peak of the virtual fairy, which makes him escape and hope to be close to it.
"Can’t stop you? Give me a hand to destroy his body and kill this little bitch completely! " Jade Zhuo four people near to sneer at a cold password.
"This ….. did the master leave Jade Bell alive?"
Yuwen’s brow wrinkled gently and said to Yuzhuokou, No matter what, the jade bell belongs to the jade family. Although the younger generation is not awakened, saving her life can also let her leave the purest fairy blood for the jade family.
"Don’t directly kill is! Since this little bitch is married to Qiu Bai, even if my son dies, she will go to the grave to accompany Qiu Bai! "
Yu Zhuo cold mouth tone decisive and cold.
"Xia Qi little beast, I see where else you can escape!"
Yuwen and Yudu Jiangdu are still hesitating whether to completely kill the jade bell, but several people are forced to wait.
Although they are allies, they don’t mind seeing the blood of the purest fairy in the Jade Family cut off.
Glory is like Xia Wei, pressure is like prison, and it is coming towards Xia Qi.
"Little girl hugged me from behind!"
Xia Qi Baohou Town’s soldiers attacked the lotus flower to cover the sky, as if millions of immortals were roaring, roaring and screaming, and they attacked and met with three people.
Heaven and earth trembled and two torrents collided together.
Unexpectedly, the blow turned out to be a split between Xia Qi and Yan Zheng!
"Little beast can’t keep you!"
Seriously drink again.
He felt shocked in his heart. He fought Xia Qi once, and Xia Qi was also killed by him. He was seriously injured and needed to be rescued by Gu Yue Evil Immortal Hall. Now, the three of them are evenly divided, which shocked him.
"Together! This man’s body is huge, and he can only surrender by destroying his body! "
Yujiang growled and knew Xia Qi very well.
Six bodhi old zu-level strong men can make people collapse just because of the overwhelming force, and Xia Qi, who is in the center, even boils automatically to resist the pressure.
All around the world collapsed, and Xia Qi was in the center, where he could escape from the town station and various visions to resist attacks from all sides.
Six bodhi old zu level strong people are too tough to besiege Xia Qi, and the magic weapon shines like a rainbow, drowning Xia Qi and jade bells.
Xia Qiti’s vision appeared crazily, but it didn’t help when six strong men attacked and vanished like ashes. Even the vision at the level of connected vines and blood dragons could not resist for long.
Xia Qi is under great pressure, and swallowing life water and Dan medicine is full of resilience, but even so, it won’t last long and won’t change the result.
The peripheral vision of Xia Qi’s body has been cleared, and even the blood dragon, Lingshi Shenlong, Fusang Shenmu and Tongtian Teng have all been wiped out, and Xia Qi’s body is also facing the attack and is marked with blood.
"What a hard body!"
Jade Zhuo six people are surprised and feel incredible.
It’s amazing that Xia Qi’s body can stop just breaking blood stains, although it has the effect of life water.