"Hurry up and hurry up. I hope this furnace of Du E then can be refined successfully, or I will lose a lot. I put in so many precious materials!"

What’s the special ritual consciousness of Ji Xiaotian or the copper furnace leader? Put your ear in the past and listen to it once. It’s like this. Xiaotian almost didn’t lie down on the spot. The original copper furnace leader is not completely sure to whisper here.
Finally, Xiaotian’s mind is not comparable to that of ordinary people, although his heart is also seven, especially after listening to the words of the copper furnace leader, he feels more unreliable, but somehow his face didn’t show how to patrol the surrounding environment or how to patrol it, and he didn’t neglect his carelessness.
I don’t know if it is the words of the copper furnace leader or if this furnace should be successfully refined in Du E. One hour later, there was nothing unusual in the copper furnace leader’s copper furnace, and everything was normal. He refined a furnace and simply returned it to Shendan, which was almost particularly calm.
"How come it seems that something is wrong? It stands to reason that this miracle of nature will cause a lot of trouble. At the very least, there will be some troublemakers. No matter whether they are people or demons, someone will always come out to sabotage them."
Arguably so quiet, the copper furnace leader will laugh happily, but it happened that the copper furnace leader was talking about his many years of experience in refining Dan medicine, especially when he was refining Dan medicine. I think something seems to be wrong today.
Smooth is really smooth. This kind of smooth and surprisingly smooth situation makes the copper furnace leader feel strange, as if he is in a situation where events are coming and events cast their shadows before him. This strange feeling, such as calming the copper furnace leader, makes him look at Ji Xiaotian and hope that Ji Xiaotian can find something.
"There’s nothing wrong, Taoist. Don’t go looking for trouble here. Everything is safe and not very good. There are no transvestites and beasts around. Don’t worry!"
Even an experienced person like the copper furnace leader can’t find out the reason. Ji Xiaotian has refined some low-level Dan medicine people, and how to make it clear. Facing the copper furnace leader’s inquiring eyes, Ji Xiaotian shook his head with a wry smile and stared at him in the copper furnace leader’s eyes, but he scanned every inch of Fiona Fang for dozens of miles.
This has to be said that Ji Xiaotian’s powerful mental power is almost abnormal, so fast and so large that the average person can’t do it. After scanning, Ji Xiaotian didn’t find anything abnormal, so he could smile bitterly. He really didn’t expect that there would be any trouble.
Ji Xiaotian has something to say to comfort the copper furnace leader. He can’t hope to make it for so long. Finally, Du E then failed to refine because the copper furnace leader scared himself. In that case, Ji Xiaotian will never forgive himself.
After all, it is normal for the copper furnace leader to have excessive mental stress, but he is also here with nervousness, which has not discouraged and comforted the copper furnace leader. That is not too wrong for him to do so. It should be said that it is correct.
"Well, you should pay more attention to it, just like you should pay more attention to it."
Naizhong copper furnace leader nodded a little, then frowned and pondered for a while. He felt that he was still not at ease, so he stretched out his hand and pointed to the sky. This move made Ji Xiaotian wonder that many times he finally reacted and sent out a strong spiritual force to the middle.
What the Armageddon Copper Furnace Chief said was actually Armageddon. After thinking of this, Xiaotian’s heart was also shaking. Of course, once it was refined Dan medicine, it would be Armageddon. What did that mean? He had always ignored this aspect and did not look into it.
"Ka Cha Cha-"
That is, at this time, there was a sudden explosion and a thunderbolt appeared when they were unprepared. The thunderbolt was so loud that it was still in the cave, and they were also dizzy. If it was outside the cave, I’m afraid the sound was even worse.
Although it was only a thunderbolt, they broke out in a cold sweat, and the two of them almost happened to probe into it, and immediately their faces turned ugly again.
"Taoist, you continue to specialize in refining Dan medicine. I’m the one outside."
Ji Xiaotian looks even uglier. After all, before he boasted Haikou, he made it clear that he was going to help the copper furnace leader. Now he wants to refine Du E then and the apocalypse has reached the top of his head. He has just discovered that it is not much faster than the copper furnace leader.
What’s more, it’s impossible for Dan Cheng to be distracted soon. Otherwise, even if the refining of this furnace in Du E then fails, there will be danger of injury. If this is the case, the immortal of the copper furnace will no longer want to soar to the celestial world even if he saves his life.
Will Ji Xiaotian make such a thing happen? The answer is absolutelyno. He greeted him and left the cave in a flash. When he saw it, the dark clouds in the sky were extremely low. There were several snakes shuttling back and forth inside, although it was not necessarily as powerful as the colorful clouds crossed by Ji Xiaotian, and even it would not be weak.
The most important thing is that Ji Xiaotian didn’t have any preparation, and he didn’t have five elements of clan brothers to help deliver Dan medicine when he crossed the colorful cloud robbery. Now he has to rely on himself to carry the natural disaster here. The only advantage is that he is now an immortal master.
Sure enough, it’s not ordinary Dan’s robbery. The dark clouds continue to increase, not to mention the first heavy lightning. Before it can be finished, it can’t wait to bombard. If it is an ordinary master, even a fairy level person will be caught off guard.
Who can be counted as Xiaotian? First, he is cautious everywhere. Second, he has long felt that this Dan robbery will not be so simple. Pay attention to the fact that although the thunder thundered fast and fiercely this day, it was still two, but it still didn’t have the sneak attack effect. He casually hit two golden lights and directly refined these two days of thunder.
"Boom boom boom-"
But it’s just a plan, and it hasn’t been a breath yet, and it’s exploding again and again, and several thunderbolts are heard almost at the same time. Thunderbolts hit like raindrops, and there are not hundreds of thunderbolts, and there are dozens of just-appeared Danjie, which turned out to be so fierce.
As a result, Xiaotian’s calm face has finally changed, and he knows it’s time to come up with the truth
Chapter two hundred and forty Come and go in a hurry
Chapter two hundred and forty Come and go in a hurry
Although many small days have not yet reached the place to escape, let alone this sky full of thunder, even more other things, small days are not afraid. What he is worried about is whether it is possible for the copper furnace leader to refine successfully. Is Du E then a copper furnace leader, so what problems will arise?
When the thunder bombarded for several days, it was a moment to count the small days and stop worrying about the leader of the copper furnace. The thing was to concentrate on dealing with the lightning in front of me.
Pieces of golden light seem to be thrown out in the hands of Ji Xiaotian for free. So many golden lights are the most quintessential immortal strength in his body. Every golden light is sweeping a large piece of lightning, which has not caused any drastic changes. These lightning days are forcibly collected by Ji Xiaotian without exception
The lightning finally brought not trouble to Ji Xiaotian, but a lot of harvest. These lightning were collected by Ji Xiaotian, and these pure fairy forces were refined into one by one, so that they could be thrown out when necessary, and they were also very powerful.
Otherwise, if you plan a small day, where will you consume so much fairy power to forcibly collect these days’ thunder? You know, although he is a master of fairy level now, it is still very slow to supplement his fairy power in the human world. Who is willing to consume his fairy power in general?
"I don’t know what’s going on with the copper furnace master. If you don’t hurry, I’m afraid there will be more trouble to come?"
Different from the situation that there was no Armageddon before, if the copper furnace leader doesn’t refine Du E Elixir successfully soon, the Armageddon will eventually hover in the middle, even if he doesn’t pay attention to this direction again, people will know that there must be something unusual happening here, and some people will even come to rob this Du E Elixir if it is not because of crossing the ordinary Armageddon.
Nowadays, Xiaotian, one of the practitioners in the human world, has seen through it, especially with the super-big Kunlun Sect and the Shushan Sect. Xiao Tian already knows that these people are all mercenary, and now the human world is not the original one.
Therefore, although Ji Xiaotian is not worried about the trouble of Armageddon, he is somewhat worried that the Kunlun Sect or the Shushan Sect will come over. In that case, he will have to resist the Armageddon and deal with other sects. No matter how self-claimed Ji Xiaotian is, there will be some places that cannot be taken care of.
It’s that Ji Xiaotian comes to whatever he’s afraid of, and there’s nothing going on there. There’s footsteps coming not far outside, that is, Ji Xiaotian, a master of fairy level, has strong spiritual strength and can cover a wider range, otherwise he really can’t hear these deliberately concealed movements in the lightning bombardment.
There are a lot of people coming to the land, at least a dozen of them. One is to fly directly from the middle, which should belong to the royal sword flight. The kind is to arrive at the vicinity of Ji Xiaotian, or to be afraid of the power of Zhongtian robbery or to deliberately hide their whereabouts and fall to the ground one by one.
"Let’s take it easy. I’m afraid there are some natural treasures or exotic animals here. Otherwise, how could there be such a terrible apocalypse here? Please be careful not to get too close. We can’t enter the apocalypse range."
Everyone has honestly adopted the way of walking, which is nothing strange to the average person. It is extremely abnormal to put these people who can fly with swords, and these people are not weak in strength and have strong mental fluctuations. The little world is somewhat nervous
It’s not simple, it’s really not simple. These people, even the brothers from Shushan, can have such pure and genuine power. It’s not terrible. It’s terrible that these people’s power is so neat and unified that it seems to be made by a mold. That’s why there are super big schools that have such a level, and Kunlun School is obviously not this type of fluctuation.
By Ji Xiaotian, this realm is no longer just judging a person from a simple power comparison. He has been able to feel the characteristics of power fluctuation cultivated by different cultivation methods and tactics, and he has dealt with the Shushan Sect relatively. Ji Xiaotian remembered the power fluctuation of the Shushan Sect clearly.
After four miles of confirmation, Ji Xiaotian can be sure that under normal circumstances, although these disciples of Shushan are elite, it is impossible for Ji Xiaotian to feel a little nervous. In the end, it is still difficult for Zhongtian to rob him, and now he is not likely to abandon the copper furnace leader alone.
And look at the cautious appearance of the brothers of Shushan Sect. These people must be the real elites of Shushan Sect. At this time, they have not been mad at what they are about to get, and their heads are a little scary, which makes Ji Xiaotian even whiter. These people are really tough.
However, it is not easy to come up with a good method to resist the apocalypse before the super brain is so powerful that it is necessary to protect the copper furnace leader and resist the apocalypse. Xiaotian walked and watched here and continued to work hard to resist the apocalypse.
In Shushan, these brothers Ji Xiaotian pretended not to find out, because he suddenly wanted to know that if the other party wanted to start work, it must have disappeared in the apocalypse or the moment when Du E then refined successfully, and now it will not disappear or Du E then refined unsuccessfully. Ji Xiaotian will not be disturbed here.