"There are more than 100 people. With Tiankui’s boss backing them up, everyone dares to kill them. Tiankui never asks right and wrong, no matter right or wrong."

"Fuck Tiankui is not the most bossy person in Wudang! This is not like his character! "
"They don’t do it too often, otherwise the boss will be annoyed, and the number is not much. Several bosses didn’t say anything, and Tiankui boss also knew who moved and who couldn’t move, and nothing happened."
"Wudang should be carved up by you big bosses now!"
Small smelly face "almost who call eldest brother you always like to play missing, a walk is more than ten days others can’t wait for you to come back to expand power! Fortunately, Brother Simon had the foresight to grab some territory before it was too late, otherwise he didn’t even drink broth now. "
O food koo touched the nasal language.
"Eldest brother, you also don’t lose heart. Elder sister Qiu, silent eldest brother and I have twice as much strength as other eldest brothers. We can merge into the largest army of Wu Dang at any time if you want. Then we’ll see who dares to say no to you."
"Ah, I haven’t seen you for a few days, but your mind has grown a lot!"
"It’s all the result of big brother’s cultivation, and all the glory belongs to our beloved leader, Big Brother Green Vegetable."
"Fuck my stunts, and I have learned to want me to work!"
Star Soul Guards have cleaned up all the other people, and I didn’t know where to hide. Big brothers and sisters emerged again and gathered in the hall. A Cai and Xiao also emerged from the altar. Several bosses were stunned and looked at them from the table.
A Cai smiled as if nothing had happened, patted his clothes and said, "Ah, it’s much quieter now. Let’s go on to discuss the topic we didn’t finish just now. Just now, I said that I am qualified to sit in this position. I have carefully considered it over and over again. I think-"
As soon as everyone’s ears stood up, even the guard at the door, Star Soul Guards, nervously held the sword in their hands as if the enemy were attacking. Who am I, overlord and others are serious? No one dares to make a sound and wait quietly for the last moment. This moment will decide whether Wudang is going to split or continue to maintain unity.
A Cai looked at their faces. Some people couldn’t wait to look at him. Some people’s faces were full of hope. Some people were quiet like a stagnant pool. Some people looked at the outside of the temple coldly. Some people smiled like a treacherous fox. A Cai said lightly
"I think-since the leader has cancelled my status as a big brother, I respect the leader’s decision and arrange from his old man’s house that I will be an ordinary Wudang brother from now on."
"Big Brother, you" "Big Brother!" "Boss!" “”
If you lose, you lose him. Cai is not a loser. Cai shakes his head and ignores the anxious, silent and others behind him and walks away alone.
Who am I looking at his back and not talking? Maybe this is the best result. But it’s not good to hit anyone. Tiankui nodded slightly when he looked at Choi leaving, and said a few words to Trinidad and nodded.
The other one didn’t expect Al to give in so easily, and they all stood there for a while.
A Cai went to the door and suddenly stopped to look back and asked, "Do you know who else is qualified to be the biggest boss besides me? Tell me if you know anything. I’ll cut him into ten pieces. Thank you! "
A Cai turned and left, leaving a dead silence.
In a remote corner, two people talked in a low voice, "eldest brother, why are you all so afraid of him?" No matter how awesome he is, he is just a person. I don’t believe how powerful he is if he can turn to the sky. "
It took the eldest brother a long time to say silently, "Do you know his strength twelve days ago?"
"I don’t know that the game was just a few days ago and there weren’t too many people."
"It’s incredible that he was Wudang twelve days ago. Even now, no one dares to say that he is stronger than that day. Hum, now he dares to make trouble, that is, those old people who don’t know the so-called newcomers dare to say that he is not a word!"
"Big Brother, don’t scare me."
"What do you think of birds?"
"Wudang Eagle is young, but he dares to do it. He is a brave man and it is great for her to occupy a seat in Wudang."
"Ha, I remember that the bird was beaten by him that day and didn’t dare to say anything. When he was sleeping, a large group of people surrounded him and were afraid to wake him up."
"At that time, he was the only player who could win the trust of the leader and several elders. Even now, the leader is biased towards him in his heart, or there would be no such three-day appointment. It is difficult for us to get ahead with him!"
"Eldest brother, I think he may want to recapture his elder brother’s position by fighting, aren’t we?" He said a few words in the eldest brother’s ear.
The eldest brother’s face was gloomy and uncertain before he nodded and said, "Be careful not to end up with one of your own."
The man smiled smugly. "I know that if you don’t want his level, God will become a garbage."
The body of the Chapter 11 Assassination
A Cai is walking with a soft voice.
"Please pay attention to the news of" China Kingdom "in China! "China Kingdom" China regional news, please pay attention to the statistics of the main system. On May 1 ST, at 4: 27: 36, the number of senior players in China officially exceeded 50 million, which met the requirements of intensified progress. The 135 sects in China District simultaneously released four major systems.
Officially release the competition system-allow the same door to challenge the same faction to challenge the death loss
Officially release the sect battle system-allow the sect to be destroyed, the sect NPC to be killed, the sect deity to be destroyed, and the successor sect to disappear forever after the death of the five elders of the head.
Officially release the faction battle system-you can gain the contribution and hope of the sect by fighting for killing the opponent.
Officially releasing sects-all sects share the same system.
In view of the fact that a large number of senior players from various sects have issued a special notice that all sects are about to hold a martial arts tournament, and the competition, form, time and place are arranged by the heads of each sect, and the total amount of rewards is set by the system. "
A Cai was slightly taken aback by the announcement. There are enough 50 million advanced players! Hey! Happiness lies in danger! I got so many benefits in Gankun Cave, but when I came out, I found that Wudang had already been carved up by people. It is difficult to develop power in the cracks! But I’m afraid it’s the leader who has to worry more. The struggle between sects is getting more and more fierce. It’s not a good thing for the old man to be secretive all the time and always think about pushing other sects away.
A Cai suddenly found that something seemed to be missing, and he didn’t miss anything. He wondered and worried about his brow for a long time.
"oh! Where is my little pig? Damn it, where did Linger turn my pig? And brother lung, I haven’t seen him for a long time. Are you lost if you don’t come back? I’m dizzy. I said how something was missing. It turned out that three people didn’t know where they were. "
He sent a communication to Linger, but she didn’t return to Piggy and Dragon Brother. No, Choi asked people everywhere in Zixiao Palace, but no one knew who they were, let alone where they were. Choi was depressed and went back to his room. He packed everything in it, and I don’t know when it was time to live here again. Choi put the tattered second-generation Wudang brother clothes in his backpack back into the closet, and then went out for a walk.
There are many places in Wudang Mountain where there is a character storage warehouse with three security levels. The highest security level SSS is located in the back hall of Zixiao Palace. Before Wudang was destroyed, it was absolutely secure. It was necessary for players to play with virtual palm prints of their hands, and password theft problems would not occur. Other warehouses have lower security levels and are much worse. If the security level and the number of objects are not enough, the system will not be responsible for accidents. If the sect is destroyed, the contents may also be lost.
A Cai came to the back hall and looked around, so no one put all his best treasures in, leaving a few ordinary ones with him. These things cost him more than 100 taels of silver, but fortunately he had money to spend.