Because the magic crystal powder coated on the dagger is full of sacred power, it took n times to test in the cloud to get less than 10 grams of magic crystal powder full of sacred power. The creative source is naturally the black dwarf cross-broken magic bullet. Because of the magic bullet, the sacred power was gathered and then the idea was released. Cloud thought of filling the magic crystal powder with sacred power and then attaching it to the weapon. When hitting the undead and demons, the magic crystal powder full of sacred power directly entered the wound, thus causing sacred damage to the target.

However, it is more difficult to obtain this kind of magic crystal powder than cloud thought, because it is extremely difficult to first turn the magic crystal into powder and there is still no magic powder, and after turning it into powder, the magic ability of the magic crystal has almost disappeared. One kilogram of magic crystal powder can finally stay in the sacred power, which makes the cloud almost give up this laborious and thankless method.
But at present, it seems that the effect of this magic crystal powder is still good. partly cloudy, a thief, has caused damage to the death knight Igsa for the first time. Although the damage is less than 1,000 points and the dagger magic crystal powder soon loses its sacred power, Yun believes that if he can hit each other’s key points and then inject a lot of magic crystal powder into it, it will definitely cause more fatal damage to undead. This is definitely another killer weapon for them to deal with high-level undead and demon creatures after Chen Kai, but there is one prerequisite for all this, that is, they can kill each other’s most important low-level magic crystal powder, but there are too few additional
Yun estimated that he could do less than 10,000 damage to Igesa after finishing all the magic crystal powder, and it would obviously become more difficult for the other party to succeed again after being alert. When Yun turned around, he had to be extremely embarrassed to avoid Igesa and wield a long sword, but the death knight swung an attack on the thief who could hurt himself. Because of this, the wound was like Mao Mao rain for him, although it was the most painful, but he wouldn’t care after the sacred power disappeared. After all, the most important thing for him was to get to Gino because the necromancer was being held with a long sword.
Although he still has a lot of hidden cards, the suspicious necromancer thinks that it is better not to expose these cards when Igsa can. He didn’t expect Igsa to be blocked one after another, which made him extremely embarrassed to dodge Roladze’s attack on those players and low-level elf knights who are carrying small pieces. It may be effective against Chen Kai and others, but it is not enough to face Roladze in the holy area stage unless the necromancer moves his cards. Larzer was badly hit, but the problem is that he is short of magic now. He made the banshee howl, even if he couldn’t kill all the people in the courtyard, he could kill half of them. In the end, it was tragic to find that he didn’t kill any of them.
Because the ancient mage integrated his main soul into the giant elephant demon’s body, he directly lost his nearly demigod magic power. Now even if he has those terrible magic props in his body, he can’t start them because of the lack of magic, just like a child holding a nuclear bomb. Although the nuclear bomb is terrible, the child root has no ability to start it. Of course, the necromancer is not a child, but he doesn’t have the ability to start those powerful magic props in his body now unless he wants to die and burn his soul directly to start those demons. It is only in this way that it is possible to start those magic props when the magic is insufficient, but the problem is that it is impossible to know that the undead exorcist Keno is afraid of death. He has done everything to make himself alive. How can he burn his soul to start the magic props? Now he can count on Igsa.
However, the semi-dragon puppet, which was left aside by the undead exorcist, did not stop its efforts. Although it tried to speed up the damage of those parts in the body, even the surface of the body could see the magic energy escaping to produce sparks, the loyal war puppet was still trying to adjust his body and rushed towards the necromancer quickly. Unfortunately, his speed was really slow, and even if the whole body sparked, he could eat ash behind Lolarze’s ass.
However, Lolarze still had to escape from the semi-dragon puppet to release the magic cannon. Soon, two magic cannons were destroyed in a few rounds of detonation. The black dwarves were silent for so long and finally made a move, and the semi-dragon puppet was directly abolished with one hand. Now they only have the attack ability. If it is not that the undead mage moves a little faster, these black dwarves actually hope to complete the lore of this undead mage and completely end this battle.
"Damn black dwarf, I will curse you!" Looking at his elaborate cottage magic gun turned into a pile of waste, Master Keno was almost mad. If he hadn’t spoken in his voice, he wouldn’t be swearing in his heart, but he would be angry and growling directly at the black dwarfs. He was in a mess to avoid this Lolarze attack, and then some props interfered with each other. Otherwise, a mage’s body would have been cut into more than a dozen pieces.
"dang! !” At the moment when Roladze was about to chase the Necromancer, they got rid of the feather again. They entangled Igsa and appeared in front of the Elf Guardian. The rune sword blocked Roladze’s Elf sword. Seeing this situation, everyone sighed because they had tried their best to fall to the ground. Feather and Su Wanshen had at least several fractures. The only intact damaged cloud had once again hid in the shadows. When he reappeared, he was holding a dagger cloud behind the Necromancer. He just wanted to give the Necromancer a surprise, but found that being chased like a dog gave him a surprise.
Mibi’s bone spurs emerged directly at the edge of the cloud, making him hold a dagger. There was no way to stab his hand. Even so, when Chen Kai and others saw the cloud, he almost turned into a hedgehog. At least 30 bone spurs were pierced. Fortunately, these bone spurs would not explode, otherwise the unlucky thief of the cloud would definitely die. This is also a disguised statement that Keno’s combat capability is really bad. If he releases bone spurs or the bone siege cone will explode, whether it is cloud or Chen Kai, born to die can be the same. This is what Chen Kai and others don’t understand most.
However, they were puzzled. They were very white. When Igsa got rid of them and rushed to the front of the necromancer, they lost the ability to attack the necromancer again. It was a moment when a violent gunshot broke everyone’s sigh. After aiming for a long time, armand, the black dwarf, finally pulled his trigger. A cross-broken magic bullet that had been prepared for a long time was also made from the towers of the Hansting Imperial Border Fortress. exorcist made it completely and shot it out from the muzzle. This bullet was used by the black dwarf as a template to make it explode in the necromancer’s body. Whether to dodge or not directly hit the chest. Although the undead mage flashed several magical lights, when a huge cross light appeared, everyone knew that this undead exorcist would definitely suffer a big loss
In fact, when the bullet hit him, the necromancer was startled, but he calmed down when he thought that Igesa had been hit before, because he felt that he would not be hurt much, but a moment of intense divine power directly drowned him.
If Kenoge’s larynx is not used as a magic prop by himself at this moment, then Chen Kai will certainly be able to hear his horrible screams. For undead, divine power is almost equivalent to sulfuric acid. This kind of flesh is instantly eroded and the pain is absolutely terrible. For filthy or dark creatures like undead and demons, even if their bodies have no pain, the divine power can still make their souls regain that feeling, and the pain of their souls is more terrible than the physical pain. In fact, if Chen Kai’s vision is still normal, he can see the soul of the necromancer screaming in pain through magic, and the knight Igsa died because the necromancer was hit hard.
In fact, not only did he even freeze to shoot this gun, but then he found that he seemed to have lost a very important thing. There is no doubt that the cross-broken magic bullet should have a secret, because the front cross-broken magic bullet was not so horrible that the holy power could erupt, which means that the original should have reached the top of the accumulated power during this period. If the accumulated power rune or magic circle can be developed, there is no doubt that the black dwarf can make more such bombs, but the last template is also dropped by him.
With a hint of depression and regret, the black dwarf slowly put away his musket and quickly hid behind ll because he knew that if the necromancer didn’t die, a terrorist counterattack would definitely break out.
When the strong sacred power dissipated, everyone froze, because the flesh part that had wrapped the necromancer disappeared. There was nothing but a pale golden skeleton where the necromancer was located, but they knew that the necromancer was still alive and the soul fire had not disappeared. If it dissipated, they would definitely see the completion sign.
Of course, for this skeleton, Chen Kai can watch it through the pictures handed over by others in the team channel, because in his field of vision, the necromancer has turned into a white bone, but it is a ferocious demon than the actual skeleton image, but because of this, Chen Kai has seen many things that others have not found for the time being, that is, the picture is enlarged, and the bones of the necromancer have several magic circles flashing to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 319 Heritage City Fight ()
"He turned his body into a magic prop? !” When Chen Kaiyin sounded in the team channel, all talents discovered the abnormality of the necromancer Keno. The flashing magic circle kept shuttling through several magical energies to protect the most important bones and souls of the necromancer.
There are two injuries in this pale golden skull, one is the throat bone in the throat, where there are traces of the magic circle disappearing. There is no doubt that the previous banshee howl was made because of the disappearance of the throat bone, and the other is the finger bone of the necromancer. It seems that it is Chen Kai. They don’t know that this finger bone is to resist the dragon’s breath.
When all the sacred forces dissipated, the necromancer trembled and swayed as if he might fall down at any time, but Chen Kai and others knew that the black dwarf’s seemingly extremely terrorist attack did not actually cause much damage to the necromancer. It looked fragile and the undead exorcist Keno was physically strong and abnormal, even without that layer of flesh, he was extremely terrible.
"Damn black dwarf! Look what you have done! My precious body! ! !” Exorcist, who stirred up the soul fire and handed over the undead, roared angrily, and this was the first time he handed out his own voice after his throat bone was damaged. This was not because he was melodramatic, but because he had been estimating the magic resonance of the hair organ for so long, which made the necromancer forget the magic ability to directly deliver the voice. However, this time he was angry, and he directly stirred up his soul again and shook the magic to speak, which was to find his once ability.
But for the necromancer at the moment, there is actually no difference between this ability and not, because his fighting capacity has not recovered, instead, it offsets the impact of divine power, and he consumes a lot of magic. But in the end, he still can’t protect even a piece of flesh in front of ll and them. exorcist Keno has completely changed from a half-man, half-corpse state to a complete state of bones at the moment. Two groups of blue light flames shine in the eyes of two holes, representing his eyes.
It is very uncomfortable for the necromancer to build the horizon by benefiting the soul fire. Although this horizon is much better than that distorted by Chen Kai’s curse, the vision environment displayed by the characteristics of the soul fire is black and white. This black and white world has caused many dead creatures to fall into despair constantly, because the only thing they can see is that the color is bloody except black and white. The so-called blood color is the color emitted by the breath of life. Now Keno sees things with these three colors. The black and white world is full of disgusting life. This is what he does not. I don’t know how many years I haven’t felt anything since I turned myself into a half-man, half-corpse, and he has never felt this kind of vision of the undead again. Because it has been too long, he has always been a living person and directly turned into a half-man, half-corpse and half-undead, instead of the original Bones Master wearing human skin directly.
Holding his staff slowly, the necromancer can’t see the flesh and skull now. Slowly, the holes are staring at the location of the black dwarf than the eyes. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much strength to deal with the black dwarf now. Although he is furious in his mind and wants to kill all the black dwarves, he has to endure it forcibly because he doesn’t have much strength. If he still has magic, even if he has a power from the energy core of the scarlet beast, he will directly raise his staff and bomb at each other.
It’s a pity that although his staff is also attached with a lot of spells, few of them are offensive spells. At this moment, the necromancer once again deeply regrets that he didn’t make more offensive attack spell props. In fact, he has a lot of escape spell props, but in this city, these spell props don’t have flying roots, and there are not many places to send them. If he made a lot of offensive spell props at the beginning, it would be enough to drown all of them.
Of course, in fact, he made a lot of offensive magic props, but there are too many of them along the way. Now all that’s left is a pile of garbage. Of course, it can’t be finished. Because if these things are thrown to Chen Kai and others, it is estimated that several players will come out waving their gold coins. But now, for the necromancer, the remaining magic props are either to escape or the attack power is weak enough.
So although he is extremely angry, there is no way to vent his anger. He can stand in the same hole and look at the black dwarf with his eyes. If his eyes can release any spells, then the black dwarf armand must have been shot into a hedgehog by several spells. Unfortunately, armand is still alive and well, and the necromancer himself is not doing well.
"Take advantage of his illness to kill him!" Ll they are very clear about this truth, but they are unable to kill this undead mage, Roladze, who is still entangled with Igsa. Other living elf knights are holding swords around Ll and they are injured. Romans is now carried to the back for treatment. It is a common medicine that can’t root out Romans’s injury, even the fountain of life can slightly control an injury without worsening.
"Ga da! Hey! " Although Romans didn’t wake up, his hands clung to Han Yi and Wang Feifei root because of anger. There was no way to cut his body with a surgical knife. Those injured carrion were so excited that his muscles were in an abnormal state of tension. Even if he cut it with a scalpel for a long time, he could leave a faint white mark. In this case, they didn’t have the slightest way to simply treat a wound and then wrap it up. There is no doubt that this is a hurdle for Romans. If he can step over it, then he will. A generation will stop at this moment, slowly weaken due to heart problems, and finally die, even if it barely survives, it will gradually weaken, fall from the sanctuary and gradually become an ordinary elf.
Of course, it is more likely that Romans will go straight to sleep and never wake up. After all, he is too badly injured. In this case, he will either burn the source of life and break through the physical trauma. Although he may be weak for a long time, he may break through the existing strength and become a higher order. However, this possibility seems to Chen Kai that he should be treated as the protagonist of some novels.
However, they naturally hope that Romans can wake up. If not, they don’t need to bring precious drugs to Romans. You know, there are some ointments, but they can’t say that they are extremely precious from the ancient mage, but for players, this kind of medicine is definitely something they can’t touch at the current game level.
When Chen Kai and Romans may not be able to wake up, the elf strong man lying on the ground suddenly opened his eyes and made a terrible scream. The horrible quarrelling swept out like a raging hurricane, and instantly knocked out Chen Yi and other spellcasters in Wang Feifei who were close to him. Even if Chen Kai was far away, he had to take a step back because of the terrorist airflow. Unfortunately, there was a burning black flame in his field of vision.
Actually, in other people’s eyes, Romans’s sample is also a burning flame, but it’s just a emerald flame. There is no doubt that at this moment, he broke out like a pig’s foot in some novels, and quarrelling with terror was continuously released from his body, forming a burning green flame on the surface of his body. In this way, quarrelling wrapped Romans’s body wound, and the visible speed disappeared with the naked eye. At the same time, the green in his eyes kept spreading and turned into two perfect turquoise stones in a flash, with almost no eyes and white eyes respectively. In their view, Chen Kai’s eyes could not appear
So they think that the situation in Romans is not right at the moment, but in the face of the terrible power that broke out, Romans and his party have no way to do it, so they can even approach each other, and not only can they approach each other, but they are also pushed back by the other side.
Actually, Chen Kai, they don’t know the situation that Romans is facing now. At this moment, his body is almost the same as that of mana Yingge, but the dead Neil Yingge appears in mana Yingge’s body, and now he appears in Romans’s soul world, but unlike Unul Yingge, who wants mana Yingge to save Ilizate, the immortal who appeared in Romans’s soul world did not occupy Romans’s soul resurrection idea. The long years have made him completely see everything. He left it as his own pure soul force.
To put it bluntly, it seems that Romans was actually hit by a lucky gift package that fell from the sky and became the inheritor of the ancient immortal after several years. This kind of thing is like letting Chen Kai and them know that the only thing that can be associated with it is that the cow broke off the pig’s feet in some novels. There is no doubt that at this moment, Romans is about to start the pig’s feet template, and it is impossible to make a cool and handsome profit. Of course, the ancient immortal is powerful, but now the rules and regulations of this world are correct. Even though Romans has the immortal inheritance of ancient elves, it is impossible to become a new immortal, but the sublimation of the soul reflected in the blood makes the blood of Romans elves return to their ancestors and purify, and now he is gradually transforming into an ancient elf
For this change, the necromancer is definitely looking at it in his eyes. He can clearly perceive that Romans’s original weak life is becoming stronger and stronger than ever. The source of life should have become more and more powerful. This kind of strength seems to be a bit empty. What is needed to fill the room where the remains of the immortal elf are located more than ten kilometers away at this time? The remains of the immortal elf should have sat quietly and suddenly emitted a burst of light, and then the whole body was broken down into several green spots little by little.
These light spots kept drifting in the dungeon, forming a green band of light, which fell towards Chen Kai’s room and directly penetrated into Romans’s body. In Keno’s view, the source of life in the outer wall of Romans became stable in an instant, and this was the last gift of the ancient elf immortal to his descendants of his elf compatriots.
"I’ll go! Is this going against the rhythm of the sky? " The cloud looked at Romans, who was wrapped in a light spot, and gawked because he thought that Romans should ignite the divine fire and then punch the devil to dominate and kick the gods. Of course, his brain hole was a little bigger because Romans didn’t ignite any divine fire in the end. He was an ancestral blood and evolved into an ancient elf, but this transformation was already very terrible because the life span of the ancient elf was almost comparable to that of the dragon. Almost every ancient elf has a life span of thousands of years. From this moment on, Romans completely broke away from the ordinary elf class and became a group of elves in the elf empire.
However, Romans is still Romans, and he has not become anyone else because he became an ancient elf. Because the immortal of the ancient elf left his purest soul gift and commitment, he did not change the spiritual thoughts of his descendants. When Romans’s body fell, his mind did not change except for some ancient knowledge.
But the necromancer knows that he seems to be in trouble, because the elf seems to have changed in front of him. Although he can’t judge how much the strength of the other side has increased, there is no doubt that this situation is not the elf opponent, so he is shaking his body. He is slowly walking towards the door of the house, and he decides to throw Igsa and escape.
Although it’s a bit too unethical to do so, it really doesn’t matter what the moral integrity is compared with your own life. No one defended the gate, and the necromancer rushed out of the room with a pale golden leg bone when ll and them didn’t respond.