"streamer, I’m sorry, I’ll go back to acacia and turn to them first." Unknown in this situation, it’s not good to continue to accompany streamer and explain to her that it’s first-class and considerate. "Go ahead, it’s more important."

[World] [Smoke blowing] Please be calm. This pk battle has not ended yet, and there is no result. Please believe that we believe in Qinglong, okay?
The smoke blows, not to mention the streamer, and the pk is over. The projection is still playing back. The scene just passed faster than the gliding eagle with the wind. The place jumped up. The foot kicked Gao Qinglong and played back again. There are still players who exclaim or inhale. I still can’t believe it. It’s such a sight that people and animals occasionally interact with players in the street. Once they accept the food, they have great strength to kick the Qinglong and trample its dignity on their feet.
Not only her, but all the players think so. What’s more, it may be the shortest time at the end of their pk battle.
G11 can continue to say, "Is Qinglong really so weak? Is it brave to dress up as a pig to eat a tiger? This battle has a big change. Is your psychological shadow area okay? Is this the end of the battle? Of course, the battle is not over until one of the two Guardian’s health values changes. "
During his speech, Guardian’s blood volume appeared on the projection, which looked terrible. Actually, less than 4% of Qinglong’s blood volume was kicked off, which was not enough for a spike. Many players who bought a god-killing victory were relieved. Did they have to buy a heart-saving pill to scare themselves out of order?
Unknown back to acacia ashes occupied guild seats.
The song is full of peach blossoms and finally waits for him. "Second child, you just came back. Did you see that you are really brave and domineering? Why didn’t I find out that he was dressed as a pig to eat a tiger? We are sure to win this pk battle!"
"The outcome is still undecided. Don’t say it’s too full. That foot didn’t kill Qinglong."
"It’s all 4% blood, and it’s said that it didn’t kill much blood. After kicking it a few times, Guardian pk’s victory will fall into our pockets."
"But our good work in Guardian has created a topic for us to discuss. The guild can recruit a group of members in time." Egrets chimed in after listening to a cloud and looked sad. "I haven’t been able to find you just now. Where are you going?"
The song "I went with my little sister *" is full of peach blossoms.
"Yes, I went with someone." The unknown eyebrow picked up the peach blossom along the song. The answer was that the egret went out of the cloud with a sigh of relief and gradually turned red in his throat and eyes, and he wouldn’t run away.
The song "You must hurt a younger sister’s heart" shakes your head.
Over there, the battle between Qinglong and the brave and brave continues. Players’ anxiety has been calmed down as the two Guardian are getting better and better, and their voting objects are cheering and cheering.
Almost all the words "Come on, Qinglong, crush the brave and brave" made the members of the Acacia Guild look like ashes to the extreme. After listening for a while, some unbearable members rolled up their sleeves and joined the luxury Dagong set meal "Kick the dragon to death! Brave! You must win! "
"Come on!"
Unexpectedly, his call was echoed by people in the audience, so it was even louder.
I don’t know. It’s streamer shouting at her to cheer the brave and brave.
"Come on! You must win! "
However, her words still caused dissatisfaction among other players. Everyone was cheering for Qinglong, so there was another discordant voice: "Let’s cheer for Qinglong and don’t destroy our formation, okay? Let’s shout aside!"
"It’s funny that the Colosseum is your home? You’re telling me everything? You spend money to sit here and shout for Qinglong. I also spend money here to cheer for me. You call you and I call me. I didn’t rob you. Where do I love to shout? What do I have with you? " The streamer retorted
Acacia turned to ashes, and the guild seats suddenly burst into neat and loud cheers, which once drowned out the audience next to them.
Quarrel with streamer, the player’s face gets darker.
Time took the opportunity to follow the rhythm and cried.
Guardian pk has also entered a white-hot Qinglong. Unlike the brave and brave, it is petite and cute. It is better than the huge attack power and Gao Long’s tail sweeping the army to see when the speed is faster than him.
The hidden claws of the brave warrior are extremely sharp, and each attack will leave several bloodstains for Qinglong.
Three blood stains at a time, and after two or three times, the blood stains deepened. Later, all players can see several shocking wounds on the neck of Qinglong when they look at the projection, and they also dig out the flesh and blood. At first glance, they are scratched by claws, and they also have a certain understanding of the ferocity of the martial arts.
Come to the impression that you are cute, cute and unable to get out.
No one remembers that although it is a Swiss beast, its fighting capacity is not underestimated.
Now most of the spectators have changed it.
The two beasts continue to play the dragon, and it is getting slower and slower. The man of God found acacia turned to dust, and it seems that the players who watched the game turned white-the claws are poisonous!
Projected several times, the blood color of Qinglong wound is not right, and it moves slowly and scratches more and more times.
The health value of Qinglong is maintained at% by the brave and brave.
It’s a matter of time for players to shout and cheer lower and lower, and finally look at it silently. They are all defeated by Bai Qinglong.
This sense of loss is more important than kicking the dragon out of the field first. They can comfort themselves that they must have opened their eyes in the wrong way, turned acacia into dust, and raised their strength in some bad way. Qinglong must have eaten something strange to become so powerful now.
As time goes by, they can no longer comfort themselves.
It is better to let Qinglong field lose!
Players maliciously imagine
"I declare that winning the pk battle in Guardian is a dream of acacia!" The blood volume of Qinglong returned to the resident Qinglongyuan to recuperate and kill the gods. The players’ faces turned blue and green. Looking at the opposite peach blossoms, they turned to ashes and killed the gods. They launched a guild pk on acacia to ashes.
Congratulations to Acacia for winning the big pk victory of the guild in Guardian. Just after this message, I will kill God and fight against Acacia for ashes.
[World] [Cool breeze wet tissue] It’s great to kill God and find fault just after losing the pk battle in Guardian.
[World] [Ying Wei] I’m afraid of guild wars. Come on, I’m afraid of your balls!
Acacia turned to ashes and promised to come out of the Colosseum without thinking!
Gm11 announced that Acacia had won. At that moment, Streamer received a lot of mysterious gift packages from the system. She cast a lot of tickets for Acacia’s ashes, so now her backpack is full of the rest that failed to fall into her backpack. When she received the mailbox, she had to go to the courier to collect it.
Before the war, her intuition told her that Acacia would win by turning to dust. For the first time, she took out operating funds from two stores and invested them in those large and small gambling games. This money is not a lot, but the odds of Acacia turning to dust are high ~
Now I have made a small profit, not only the working capital has been earned back, but also some of the proceeds have fallen into her pocket.
She soon stopped laughing. In this sad and angry place of the people, she had to smile somewhere else and never pull hatred.
Acacia turned to ashes, raised a glass and sang laughter, while killing God fell into a low pressure.
[Guild] [Night Talk Baling] Quit the guild because of different ambitions. From then on, it’s irrelevant to go half way into the sky.
[Guild] [Su Shu] Quit the guild because of different ambitions. From then on, it’s irrelevant to go half way into the sky.
[Guild] [Red tassel silver wax gun] Quit the guild because of different ambitions. From then on, it’s irrelevant to go half way into the sky.
The guild guardian pk lost the battle, and the gods ushered in a short-term retreat. Looking at the new members who didn’t enter for a few days, they retired again because of this incident. Someone Fokko still remembers coming in yesterday! Come in, brother, sister, brother and sister shout happily, and now they will quit the guild soon when they lose this game.