When the old monk heard the joy, he hurriedly called someone to send pen and ink to Qi Yufeng and smiled, "But you can’t do whatever you want."

Qi Yufeng heard him say this sentence again and immediately said, "Wait a minute. I’ll draw you a little turtle on this wall to see if you still pretend to be open-minded and natural."
Immediately, a monk came to wait on the ground pine smoke and fragrant ink. Qi Yufeng shook his hands and held his breath. He asked for a little before picking up Huzhou silver-inlaid mottled bamboo brush. But he thought for a while, but when he saw that there was peace and tranquility here, there was a big lake that was crystal clear, just like he had lived in Taogu, and he couldn’t bear to spoil the fun immediately. He really drew some dough, and the tortoise wrote
Dreamers have this valley.
Flowers bloom and willows are clear.
Fertile soil nourishes everything.
Clear water, clear vision, and heart-warming.
The spring breeze never tires of singing and dancing
The holy pool is as pure as ever
The wounded heal themselves and the dead revive.
Coming back to life is not enough.
These last two sentences were only written to compliment him when he heard that this wave of master Barrage was good at medicine, treating diseases and saving lives by many herders and not accepting medical treatment.
When the old monk saw that his pen was vigorous and strong, he couldn’t help nodding his head and stroking his beard. "Good writing is simple, but this method is good. It’s really rare for young people to have this pen."
Qi Yufeng gave him a white eye and said, "I’m also a family scholar. How can the words taught by Qu Fei Yan be worse?"?
When he knew that this place was called Xi Valley, he immediately wrote the words "Xi Shan Yin", and then he was interested in saying with his heart that you said my words were plain, so I would give you some words and look at the other side. "There is still a wall here, so why don’t I write it for you?"
After that, he meditated for a long time before touching the ink with his pen. The monk Youzi waited and saw that he had left his handwriting on the white wall like a thoughtful one, but he did not stop it.
Qi Yufeng frame pendulum will come out into the palm of Tiger Claw’s hand, grabbed the pen and wrote like a dragon and a phoenix.
Xishan first traced back to Zhenchuan Canal and returned to Bai Quan.
Wencheng left a true trail of the living Buddha and printed the green peak.
The thick trees in the smoke cage are combined with frost to dye the maple forest in one color.
Red stone sails are full of lofty sentiments and send them back to the Central Plains.
The first two sentences of this poem are chanting things, but the last two sentences praise the temple master Bo Barrage. At the same time, in the last sentence, he also points out his ambition to expel the Tatars and restore the great rivers and mountains in the Central Plains.
At this moment, the old monk looked back at these four sentences, but he couldn’t help sighing for a long time without saying a word before smiling, "We have always cherished peace of mind in our tantric studies. It seems that although we have been through the war, we can still always specialize in distracting thoughts and have leisure to practice. This word seems that the old monk Pepe, who is really capable, cannot."
Qi Yufeng heart way always copy you don’t know, just immediately turn head light say with smile "if it weren’t for such a daily poetry for everything, we will fight endlessly to drive the Dalai out and restore the glory of the past Han and Tang dynasties? In the eyes of the original war, it was peaceful one moment earlier, and the people were happy to suffer from this displacement. I still hope that Master Bo Barrage will make a decision early and ask the master to form an alliance with me. I promise that the northwest will be peaceful and worried from now on. "
When the old monk heard this, he coned slightly, but then his expression was indifferent, like I don’t know if the expression is good. Qi Yufeng smiled and turned his head to start writing again, and then he touched the ink and wrote on the wall.
The king’s spirit is heavy, the river and the autumn moon are not separated by water and the north wind.
Heaven deliberately missed Huang Yan’s hunger and fought for it.
The cold light of the sword reflects the tide of the river and wishes to stay in history.
Protecting the country and keeping the country safe, punishing evil, and naturally eliminating demons!
When the monk saw that he dissuaded himself from letting Master Bo Barrage come out as soon as possible, it was not easy to say more. Seeing that one of his poems was more straightforward than the other, he couldn’t help frowning at once. When he finished writing every word, he couldn’t help but deliberately interrupt. "These first few words are very ancient. This last sentence is’ Protecting the country and keeping the country safe, punishing evil and evil, naturally eliminating demons!’ It doesn’t seem to be very coherent. "
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "If the first six sentences of these two sentences are not enough words, it is difficult to get to Daya Gallery. Do you think this is what our generation should do to protect the country?"
When the monk saw that he could shake his head and say nothing, he immediately sighed and turned away.
While Qi Yufeng is accompanied by two monks, it is not good to walk casually. He can think of something in the east and west Qi Yufeng at the command of Qi Yufeng. His handwriting is not ugly, but no one has ever written anything here in this thousand-year-old temple. It turned out to be his handwriting for a while, but it was also a little disappointing.
Immediately, many young monks in this temple who knew Chinese characters simply lined up one place at a time to watch and comment. Qi Yufeng was meditating and chanting for a while, pacing back and forth for a while, and the two monks who served the pen and ink were so tired that they dared not show it.
After such a day, Qi Yufeng wrote 50 or 60 poems straight on the wall. At the same time, his brain was so white that he almost didn’t want to talk. Only then did he let the two monks go back to dinner and wobbled back to his room to have a big sleep.
Wei Yixiao laughed hysterically when he saw Qi Yufeng go back to his room and said, "This small temple is difficult for you, this great god. They want you to do hard work, but they have lost their ugly eyes. It’s really as small as you."
Qi Yufeng felt dizzy and dizzy. This time he played with others, but he also gave back the ink in his stomach to the Chinese teacher. At once, he couldn’t hear clearly what Wei Yixiao said. "The man who has spent several autumn days in Lushan Mountain and the Yangtze River has turned to the east is determined to help the royal master to destroy Monsieur beaucaire and sleep …"
That night, after breakfast the next day, the two of them smiled together and said to themselves, "Is there anything else that the monk can do through these two things?"
Wei Yixiao said, "If he sends you, me and you together again today, we’ll make a scene with him if we don’t see anyone, but it’s not bad."
Qi Yufeng’s heart says that if the monk doesn’t have a long memory and isn’t a bit outrageous, it seems that there will be no arrangement for this day.
Who knows that when the two returned to the guest house, the big monk called someone to invite them. Qi Yufeng inexplicably nodded and promised that Wei Yixiao had already been lying in bed. When he heard this, he immediately jumped up and said, "I will accompany you."
They walked out of the guest house and came to the main hall. Qi Yufeng suddenly saw that the Buddha statue was sitting on the desktop. The tiger was more than twice as big as the average tiger, and its fur was fine and bright. The eyebrows were slightly white. Immediately, he could not help but call "Yukikaze?"
This tiger looks exactly like his domestic Yukikaze, but didn’t Yukikaze follow Qu Fei Yan across to the modern times? How did he end up here?
Wei Yixiao was shocked when he saw the tiger die and said, "How can a big tiger be raised?"
While the old monk looked at the two with a smile, he stroked the tiger’s fur and laughed, "Do you know this tiger?"
Qi Yufeng looked closely at this time and found that Yukikaze was still slightly different in shape and much smaller than it. It was this narrow Buddhist temple that made him look big. He immediately shook his head and said, "I recognized the wrong tiger, which is similar to my domestic tiger."
The old monk laughed. "Now that you have raised a tiger, it would be great …"
"Now the temple is understaffed, please ask me to take care of it for one day, right?" Qi Yufeng interface
The old monk shook his head with a slight Zheng. "Now the temple is short of food, please take care of it and lead him to hunt in the forest one day."
Qi Yufeng laughed. "You are a vegetarian. Isn’t this tiger a vegetarian?"
Wei Yixiao sneered, "Oh, my God, it makes sense that tigers are vegetarian. You are really talking nonsense."
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "My tiger is a vegetarian and occasionally eats personal meat. It is much bigger than this."
He touched the tiger’s thick fur twice. The tiger sat lazily on the ground and moved his ears as if to say hello.
Qi Yufeng took one look at his teeth and laughed. "It seems that he is young or a tiger."
Wei Yixiao listened to him and said that it was really like raising a tiger. He couldn’t help but take a grain of salt and couldn’t say a question.
The old monk smiled and said, "Although this tiger is not a vegetarian, he is also devout. I have two meals a month and I am not afraid of hunger when I practice martial arts during the rest."
Wei Yixiao opened his eyes wide and smiled. "This tiger can also practice martial arts. It really kills people. If the tiger practices martial arts, who can match him?"