Now the twins are at the peak of their careers, and even teammate Billups is sincere. "They are people who have the ability to change the game, so I can safely give the ball to him." McDyess even praised that "their worst data may be better than my peak."

The American media also believe that the twin brothers and Durant pk have now replaced James vs Kobe as the main theme of the future nba, but Durant is still slightly inferior in leadership temperament and strength. James three years ago may be James vs twin brothers in the next few years.
James is Durant’s future now, and both of them can hardly beat the animal brothers.
Like overturning the clippers?
It took 21 summers to find the answer to this question.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen The disparity between strength and weakness
The Clippers returned triumphantly in the "Christmas War", and the winning streak turned into 25 consecutive victories and continued to lead the league.
One day later, on December 27th, the Clippers played away against the Phoenix Suns.
Stoudemire stays healthy in the season, Nash, not to mention that the old woman has hardly been absent from work in recent seasons. Although O’ Neill is still incompatible with the tactics of the Suns, the Suns are a playoff team with Stoudemire and Nash.
The Suns have won five straight games and ranked seventh, but there is still a big gap with the Clippers.
Stoudemire and Nash have always been caught in trading rumors recently, not only because their contracts expired in the summer of last year, but they didn’t really express their willingness to renew their contracts with the team. Now the players are involved in all kinds of trading rumors. It is easy to understand that the original team knew that some players would become free agents in the summer of next year, and all the stars who didn’t trade veto were on the team trading list at the moment. These teams are trying to reduce the loss of the stars after their departure as much as possible.
Nash and Stoudemire have recently talked with teams such as the Lakers, Hornets and Mavericks. These teams have suitable players to exchange. For example, Gasol, the Lakers, still has several years of contracts. If the Suns can definitely leave in 2008, Stoudemire will be a very good deal for Gasol.
But the Lakers are not stupid. Why should they help you?
Bynum, the Hornet, has also performed well this year. His annual salary of 120,000 is much cheaper than Stoudemire’s, and he is naturally a trading partner of the Sun.
The Suns were still tied with the Clippers in the double-core rumor-ridden situation.
Stoudemire and Ji Guo humiliated each other, but O ‘Neill was beaten over by Brother Panda.
Shaq can play for more than two minutes this season, and his athletic ability has dropped dramatically. He has completely lost the style of being the first center in the past, especially when he has to face an incredibly fast pace. Shaq is like a heavy tractor, but Brother Panda is a fast Ferrari.
In the end, the score was 126:119. Although the sun season returned to their deep bone marrow bombardment, even if Nash was nicknamed "Wind", he could play for 30 minutes this season. In fact, Nash is old and he is a little unable to run.
It is conceivable that a shelling team can win a high-intensity competition if their core can run for 30 minutes.
The Clippers beat the exhausted Suns in overtime and won their 26-game winning streak.
Ji Guoqiu scored 26 points, 21 rebounds, 13 assists and 4 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 43 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots. Billups scored 16 points, 6 assists, Crawford scored 1 point and Hill scored 5 points.
Nash scored 2 points and 15 assists, Stoudemire scored 4 points and 15 rebounds.
On December 2, the Clippers finally returned to home to play back-to-back against the Boston Celtics, the old rivals in the East.
It’s only two seasons since the Clippers rose, and Boston people’s hatred for the Clippers is almost catching up with the Lakers. They can’t imagine that if the Green Army reaches the finals again this year and the opponent is the Clippers, the point is that they will be defeated by the Clippers again. Will this hatred surpass the Lakers?
The Celtics are still the top team in the league, but the Los Angeles media don’t pay much attention to it. They have many reasons to do so.
Before the game, Dadan wrote that the Clippers defeated the three strong Western Conference teams, namely, the Spurs, the Lakers and the Suns. Although these three games all encountered some twists and turns, the Clippers still knocked off three big enemies. The stable play of the Clippers’ "Big Three" in the season made opponents more and more afraid. The national hatred, national humiliation and Billups’ shooting percentage all reached new heights in their careers. What’s even more frightening is that the Clippers’ role players such as Crawford, Hill and Afraro also came out from time to time to take over the game and let their opponents take care of one another.
Now no one doubts the Clippers’ championship strength. If the Clippers still encounter many life and death moments in the playoffs, I am afraid there will not be too many obstacles to "strengthen" the defending champion in the season.
For the Clippers, the realistic goal is to lock in the Western Conference championship before, and the historical goal is to chase the Lakers’ 33-game winning streak. The suspense is still there. After all, the Clippers are only three wins ahead of the Lakers in the regular season championship, and it is still unknown. It ended the Rockets’ 22-game winning streak, and the Celtics met the Clippers with 26 consecutive victories. This time, the two sides are bound to show a life-and-death contest.
On the day of the game, it was announced in Boston that Gatt would miss the game with swollen knee.
How can the Green Army play the role of winning streak terminator again when it loses its future strength before the war, as Boston fans lament?
Who can stop the Clippers’ winning streak has become the most talked about topic in the whole league in the past few weeks. No team has given an answer. Around Christmas, a big wave of strong teams launched a wheel war against the Clippers, but whether it is the Spurs, the Rockets, the Lakers or the Suns, they have all been folded in the hands of the defending champions.
Today, in the front row of Staples, a group of big stars watched the defending champion advance his winning streak to 27 games, and he would not be an opponent of the Clippers without GatCeltic.
I want to impress them both personally and as a team.
Ji Guo’s words of shame represent the Clippers’ determination not only to show their faces in front of other stars, but also to make efforts for them to surpass the Lakers’ 33-game winning streak.
In the game, the two sides played sparks.
Even if the Celtics lack Gatt, the sad story in the finals for two years in a row is still enough for the players of both sides to fight for every floor ball, especially since Perkins paid the game only half a month ago. In the face of Ji Guo’s humiliation, he always wants revenge and comes back. The smell of gunpowder is getting stronger and stronger.
At the end of the half-court, there was an accident. At that time, Ji Guosheng blocked Perkins’ shot and their arms were intertwined. Perkins tried to bend the fox’s arm, but Ji Guosheng struggled to break free and dumped Perkins.