This moment changes very quickly. Qi Yufeng can’t help but feel "ouch" and secretly worry about the fox.

The white fox snakehead just handed over one phase, and then divided the white fox into two parts. After landing, he jumped and rushed to the snakehead, but the snakehead persisted for a while and finally fell heavily.
It turns out that this white fox bit the python’s neck first and beat it again.
Python can’t really fight with the white fox, but it can’t escape and hide, and it can’t stand up and dress to death.
No matter whether it is dead or alive, the white fox is biting the python’s tail as if to skin the python. Generally, Nai’s mouth is too small, and it likes to clean its limbs and tear the flesh carefully bit by bit.
Qi Yufeng saw such wonders finally come to an end and couldn’t help rejoicing. The big fellow smiled at each other and wanted to look at it in the first few steps.
Just after a few steps, I felt that the red wind was very thick and miserable, and I had to turn around when I turned my head. But at this time, after listening to the wind behind my ears, the huge body suddenly jumped up to him.
It turns out that although the python has been appointed, it has not yet died. Although the white fox is less than his body, he will kill it for a while, and when he smells the smell of strangers, he will summon up his last strength and bite it with his fangs.
Qi Yufeng was about to run away when he heard the shock, but the python was so used to staying in the mountain forest that the mountains and rocks were flat. How can ordinary people outrun it?
This distance of several feet is that Qi Yufeng can hear it in a blink of an eye, but he can’t even pull out his sword. Immediately, he felt cold as ice.
He was ducking his head to avoid looking for countermeasures. He felt that a flower suddenly appeared in front of him, and then the wind roared behind him. He opened his eyes and turned his head to see that the python’s palate had been nailed behind him with a single knife, and an ancient tree’s tail hung down and dragged out far away.
It was that big fellow Se who saved Qi Yufeng’s life with a single knife.
Facing the test of life and death in succession, Qi Yufeng’s reaction to the crisis just now was weak, but the man stepped in to help him like a flash. Qi Yufeng didn’t see clearly that he made this knife even though his eyes were sharp, and this knife was so powerful and heavy that it was not something that ordinary experts could do.
When Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but bow down and thank the Han for waving his hand lightly, "Don’t let my little brother live in this mountain forest, but be careful. Although these pythons are rare, all kinds of animals and birds emerge one after another, and there are many poisonous ones."
Qi Yufeng thanked the two men again and turned to look at the white fox’s ups and downs and leaped to the python’s side, reaching out with sharp claws, throwing the snake’s belly out of the snake’s gall with a stroke, then climbing the ancient tree and gently pecking and swallowing the python’s eyes.
The poor python was still swimming slowly back and forth before it died, and it was already divided by this little fox.
When the white fox finishes everything, he jumps off a tree trunk and his tail dangles and takes a leisurely rest.
Qi Yufeng felt that the fox’s every move seemed like an old and peerless master, who was arrogant and arrogant, and always kept calm.
Chapter 10 Changbai Sword Sutra
The face campus Han took the snake gall and turned to look at Qi Yufeng.
Qi Yufeng has been in close contact with Tian Shuyan these days, and gradually he feels that these ancient people have nothing to do with each other.
So I hurried over and handed over a ceremony.
The big fellow looked at it. He felt that he had acted rashly, but he was also righteous. So he smiled, "Meeting is a little brother. Do you believe me?"
Qi Yufeng looked up at the big fellow. Although his clothes were sloppy and weathered, Se was tall, tall, with a wide nose and a wide mouth. His eyes were bright and sharp, and his face was full of dignity.
I couldn’t help admiring and immediately said, "Why don’t I believe it?"
The big fellow smiled and raised his hand over an altar of white wine to remove the mud seal, threw the bloody snake gall into the jar and shook it slightly, then handed it to Qi Yufeng to say, "Drink it all."
Qi Yufeng was speechless. Since he was going to college, he had heard that the northeast wine wind was very fierce and far better than the bitter cold. Everyone needed to drink and keep warm. After a long time, he formed a habit and failed to change it until hundreds of years later.
However, it is exaggerated that Tian Shuyan was drunk with a wine gourd when he arrived here, and this skill even broke the sky with the jars!
Qi Yufeng face difficult se couldn’t help hesitating.
Seeing that he was unhappy, the big fellow wanted to provoke him, so he asked with both hands, "Dare?"
Qi Yufeng, a typical Shandong person, was the most stubborn when he heard this and immediately said, "What’s not to dare!" Took the jar and gulped it down.
According to modern measurement, this altar of wine has two or three liters. Qi Yufeng drank it one after another for five or six minutes. He was so angry that he didn’t waste his skirt like the later generations thought that the ancients drank one bowl and sprinkled two bowls, but drank every drop of wine.
As soon as the jar fell, the big fellow laughed, "Good Hu did not see the wrong person!" He held Qi Yufeng’s hands and gently shook them off to dissolve his hiccups.
Qi Yufeng choked back his stomach and burst into pain. While he was still sane, he asked the last question, "Why don’t you drink an altar?"
The big fellow laughed. "The first time this blood-gall wine was brewed, it was the most powerful thing to dredge the meridians. But it was also the first time that I met the snake’s gall like this. It was worth your hard work for three or five years. If you help me today, even if you kill the snake, the poisonous fog around it will not get this fresh snake … Hey, little brother!"
The last sentence is to find that Qi Yufeng staggered and fell to the ground
I don’t know how long it took Qi Yufeng to slowly open his eyes only to find that he had returned to his hut.
Turn over and get up only to find that the big fellow is sitting in the yard fiddling with barbecue strips.
Seeing him wake up, I couldn’t help turning to smile. "Are you used to living here?"
Qi Yufeng seems to give birth to a sense of intimacy and cried, "There is nothing to eat except meat and wild vegetables. There are wild animals in this mountain who come to me occasionally. This is scary and mosquito bites are really miserable."