"This sub-reward is not that the boss falls, but that after refreshing the shortest communication record, it will be given to the level 3 unbound equipment, rare materials, cheats of various sects and so on in the random gift package. If you are lucky, we will send it!"

Zuo ‘an Flower explained a little that "God knows that it is more likely that the random gift package will produce the secrets of various sects. If we can touch the secrets of several sects to enhance our strength, we can also make a unified announcement and brush our faces on the World Channel."
"If you have something, please leave first, and the three of us will continue to try."
Liu guang thinks that his grocery store can’t sell maps, materials, equipment and things. Since this random gift package is the shortest time to refresh, it shouldn’t be too bad.
"Nothing, keep brushing."
Send it to Yuqing pool again. A few people are still in accordance with the first time.
The silver light is dazzling, and the wind is strong around her. Her pike and shield cooperate with each other, and the ghosting image is stagnant. She is an indestructible gun, and the defense shield path is also changed because of her fierce offensive. It is the best defense for her to move forward all the way. It is as tricky as an army’s martial arts, and it is as hard as practicing fast sword fighters to make people unable to see through her routine.
The mobbed snow monsters are like blooming flowers, and the streamers are stamens. These snow monsters are layers of petals.
She looks up and looks soft, which is why she is so confident and remembers. There are still 35 snow monsters around her before she finishes playing soft, but there are only 3 monsters left when she remembers.
The wind roared and streamerd sideways to avoid a wave of snow monster attacks. She was no longer distracted and concentrated on dealing with the snow monster. She learned to set herself back in the Tieqi Sect. Unconsciously, her dps jumped to the top of the list, which was 7 seconds less than the last time she hit the second wave of snow monsters in Yuqing Pool.
This is a good sign.
A "Snow Lotus" was born in the snow.
Wait until the third wave of the snow monster comes, wondering if the faster she hits, the faster the snow monster refreshes, which will not let people relax and breathe.
When the fourth wave of snow monsters came, she already had a conclusion in her heart, and it was shortened when she brushed the monsters before.
"Don’t let me sit up and take notice of your fighting capacity for three days." Rejoice is so confident that he gives her a thumbs-up sign. After playing a look at the streamer, he helps to remember and wants to blame, and her dps has a slight advantage in the first place. You know, streamer is just in the early stage of level 3, and they have already crossed the level 3 and rushed to the level 4 road.
It’s quite easy for the old man to play the left bank flower to pull him to the jade Qing pool, and others violently beat him. When the old man gets angry, he reads the article and jumps into the water to hide it, causing extensive damage and then comes back to continue playing. There is no encounter time. This nurse tests the skills of the left bank flower to release and recover, and when the medicine is stopped, it can contribute a little bit.
When the health value is not threatened, the flowers on the left bank will be hidden in the heart. There was a question for a while and asked, "How can you attack the streamer greatly?"
She didn’t have a buff on her body, not because of external force, but also to observe her equipment. She was the best in the same level of fighters. Probably because the team already had an iron rider like him, she took off her defensive equipment and put on the dark crow building sword clan equipment to increase the attack power, but this number is also right.
"There is a well-honed sect in the Tieqi Sect. You will know when you go back and do it." The streamer replied, "I won’t tell him about ordinary people."
"Thank you" The left bank Huaji Iron Ride has a bad environment, hot temperature and windy sand, and the five senses of the generals are not greatly reduced. The iron riders will not go back to the sects every day like other sects.
"Let’s fight quickly, we are 3 seconds faster than the last time." When streamer calculated, he appeared in the boss’s body. The number of critical hits was repeated, and he was so confident that the two people could not let a level 3 dps go too far, and the efficiency was even faster than the previous encounters.
The flowers on the left bank maintain the hatred of the boss and fix it on his body. The armor reflects the small movement of the lake, which prevents the boss from touching himself, and tries to make them exert their greatest strength in the range of streamer and memory to attack the boss.
Boss came crashing down. He posted the boss drop on the team channel and then put it in his backpack. Rejoice is so confident that he has already brought out the second boss. They must race against time …
"I think we can get older faster. The faster the Snowmonster hits, the shorter the refresh time. When I hit the third wave and the fourth wave, I will refresh it immediately. When there is no pause, this is a time-saving point. The speed can save at least 3 seconds."
Once again, the third child was beaten, but they still failed to set a new record. The shortest distance was through the team. When they were nearly 3 seconds slow, they ranked fifth. The left bank flower did not immediately take people in to brush, but let them sit down and share their experiences.
Clear and clear the lake is very close to the sky. A pool of blue and flowing clouds calm the lake floor like a mirror, and several people sit in the back together. The streamer will share the places she paid attention to in the process of playing.
"I am a drag on everyone." The flowers on the left bank suddenly got up. The tall body gathered the light. "Few people rushed to the honor list with fighters."
It’s sunny after the snow. Jade pool is very quiet on the left bank. The sound behind the flowers is very low. It’s hard to hear that he is depressed and self-deprecating. However, how can he escape from other ears? It’s obvious to all that everyone is an iron rider. His rank is higher than that of streamer. dps can’t even compare her with his embarrassment.
"Left Bank …" Memories are awkward.
The flower on the left bank was fragile for a moment, and he immediately recovered. "I’ll go to the trading bank to buy a set of attack equipment and go back to you to continue the discussion."
"There’s a drugstore next to my second grocery store, which my sister gave you Amway. She sells strength-enhancing drugs, which should be helpful to you, but the price is a little expensive." Liuguang kindly pointed out that it’s the most convenient way to get the attributes from the Tieqi Sect.
"Good" he headed to rub the stone white light back to the city that he had returned to Yuhui City.
Later, she will also chew on a high brush speed, and her technique is still not very good. Go back to the fighters and continue to practice.
Rejoice is so confident, and from his point of view, he points out that the rise and fall of the left bank flower’s health value should be matched with equipment. He said, "You should also pay attention to your health value on the left bank, or you will be knocked down by the boss."
My blood volume on the left bank of the team is still lower than yours. I want to see my joke and tell you that there is no way, no window and no gap!
A few people were laughing and joking, and the flowers on the left bank said that they would come out halfway up the mountain to reset the deputy, but they saw the unknown …
Acacia turned to ashes. Today, I took the new members who are about to join the deputy regiment to Yuqing Pool to test their dps. The team was led by the unknown and others didn’t know it.
I didn’t expect to meet a streamer here, but my eyes were soon attracted by the decorative pattern of her clothes, and my eyes were deep. She still went to the depressed place in her heart to kill God.
The newly-entered acacia members have no prejudice against the members of the God-Killing Guild. The old members are deeply involved with the God-Killing members or friends on the left bank. Their team usually spends more time in the wild with the boss’s brush experience or the activities of the mixed guild are not much.
There was no streamer when the two sides met, and sparks were expected to fly.
"Are you also painting Jade Qing Pool?" Unknown ask one more question.
There are three people on the streamer side. Two melee and one long-range combination of Tieqi, Jianzong and Feiyumen can brush records? He doubts that streamer dps is obvious to all. Jade pool is simple and difficult to say. It also has certain technical components. It is very suitable for the team to hone the tacit understanding and cooperate with this. He does not doubt that streamer team can pass, but if it is the shortest time to record, four people are reluctant.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
"Yes, the captain hasn’t arrived yet. Wait for him here" streamer responded.
Unknown said, "it won’t be long before we are advanced, and you will be able to see our world channel and hope to see your good news."
I don’t know if he will say such exciting things to streamer. It’s like being angry with people and stepping into Yuqing Pool and reflecting on his own business with a wry smile. It’s probably not pleasant for streamer to sell them the city-building documents and then join in killing God.
"I hope to see you brush the World Channel by your kind words." The streamer smiled slightly and the tone was filled with gunpowder.
Team streamer left bank Ow! You’re almost there! You’re not ready to brush! Ow!
The flowers on the left bank at the end of the steps are visible to the naked eye, but they hear the streamer shouting in the team, eager to enter the jade pool to brush the blame, so they should respond.
When the flowers on the left bank of the team arrive in 5 minutes.
Rejoice is self-confidence and recollection. I want to see the unknown and look at the streamer. They have heard that streamer has a personal relationship with acacia, and then they sell Jianchengwen to acacia. They want to please both sides or when acacia turns to ash. But they don’t take the rumor seriously. People may not know whether it will grow up with acacia, whether the egrets are out of the clouds or whether childhood friends have grown up. This is smoke blowing and my sister’s corn soup said it herself.
The president and vice president of the two wrong guilds all know Liuguang and Acacia, and it’s nothing unusual to have a personal relationship. What’s worse, it’s her freedom to sell Jiancheng Wen to others first. If you can’t eat grapes, you can call it sour grapes
The flowers on the left bank came back with heavy armor and tight clothes. The style is that the thin clothes of the Dark Crow House can’t cover the muscles. It is in line with the np aesthetics of iron riding. However, the appearance is like that of the Dark Crow House, which is biased towards Jianzong’s external skill attack and increases the crit equipment. Not many people don’t gamble.
A few people once again into the jade qing pool vice.
This time, four people in one direction, the left bank flower will increase the attack medicine and distribute it to the memory, and it is so confident and streamer.
Time is startled. I didn’t expect that she would also be assigned to small medicine. Elena is the only one with high-end atmosphere and high-grade medicine. There are still many local tyrants who come to buy flowers on the left bank at will, but she still declined.