If the otaku doesn’t take advantage of sharing, it is estimated that the game company won’t check him, but he just posted the pictures without the permission of the game company and made huge profits, so it’s impossible for the game company not to seal him up. Although the game company doesn’t object to the player making money in the game, it will never allow the player to take advantage of things in the game to do other illegal things. The unlucky otaku should never have sold his pictures to the cloud with his superb ps skills. As a result, some pictures were modified in the picture package to increase popularity and attract attention. As a result, this article directly hit the mouth of the game company qiang

Although the game company doesn’t know much about things in management games, and that group of scientific research scientists don’t have any business talent, they directly package their own game company to the special Men operation team for management. Of course, it’s just the fact of out-of-game management. Even those scientists who develop the whole game foundation wisdom brain can’t help it. Of course, the poor otaku was just confiscated and brought back to his house by the way to criticize and educate. After all, it’s not a serious incident in Japan, and Yun didn’t know that jiāo was easy for him until it was broadcast on the TV news.
"It’s a good thiiōng that guy didn’t give me yen." Yun was very glad that he patted himself on the I not ng mouth after checking his personal account, but when he boarded the game, he was surrounded by three guys laughing straight.
"Well, I jiāo confess for me that I want to earn some huā money." Cloud looked at the palm of his hand and leaned over. Zhao Tiezhu ll Xu Fei sighed. He knew that he could not hide things from them when he played games.
The three big men held out their palms toward the cloud together. Of course, they didn’t secretly record Chrisann’s video to sell it. Unfortunately, the speed of hands-on is not as fast as that of clouds. Of course, the so-called "seeing people’s share" is just to distribute a benefit. After all, everything is the cloud itself. Yao Ll, they are not delicious and too hard.
Look at the cloud that sad face took out a gold coin sample ll them these days that y and n depressed mood is finally a little better, for them, there is nothing more painful in this world than being a little nv child nanny, if there must be something, then it should be the strength of this little girl and it must be very horrible.
Chen Kai and his entourage need to follow this little girl around the ruined market in Khedira every day. In the past four days, this little girl has actually walked the whole city of Khedira while watching her bouncing walking posture. No one will think that she can completely visit the city of Khedira with a population of nearly one million in a short time. Of course, it can’t be said that she has completely visited it, but even the main city is as tired as a dead dog. You should know that the city of Khedira is very vast, even Chen. Kay rode Lal from the ruined northern Men to the southern big Men’s mouth, and it took nearly 30 minutes, and it was still a sprint speed. running all the way kept going. Of course, now Khedira Chen Kai did not want to run away, even if he walked, he had to walk carefully. Because the aura power released when Chrisann came almost destroyed all the houses in Khedira, causing the street to almost become ruins.
Walking in such a street, you should not only worry about your feet, but also worry about the rocks falling from time to time. Because most houses in Khedira are built of rock structures, many walls are made of large stones, which can be said to be extremely strong, but once broken, it will become very dangerous. But it is in this environment that this little nv child, who looks less than ten years old, is jumping on the ground with extremely easy steps, singing children’s songs like jumping off a house, and I m: n mouthing bāngbāng sugar.
The original ll they will also worry about whether Chrisann will be in danger, but when they see that she is just a look, they will know that the other party is worthy of being an nv god when they blast a piece of rock with a ton of weight into powder. Although they always feel that a god power should not be so naive or just so weak, in their hearts, there is no way not to think that the other party is a god, not only because of the pure gold Se aperture of the other party’s head, but also because ll can detect the other party’s level by their roots, even if they are closer, they can see the other party’s level or say that she has no level at all.
When Chen Kai and their little girls had enough trouble after visiting Khedira, she went directly to the old mage Sauron who was absorbing soul crystals in the mage tower to impact the higher mage realm. When Chen Kai and their friends asked for benefits from the cloud, she was cordially talking with the old mages jiāo, which was so beautiful and kind when Chen Kai and their friends walked out of the chamber of the mage tower. The Christian Hall neither pulled out the poor Hu of the old mage Sauron nor made Master Kuishi ride as a horse, and didn’t let the old mage Lovers help. She bakes and eats less. When Chen Kai and others walk out of the meeting hall, they all treat what they see as if they didn’t see it, because they know very well that if they force these old wizards to go out, it is estimated that they will never get out of Khedira alive … Although the old wizards may not be able to turn over Chrisan, it is very simple to kill Chen Kai. Chen Kai didn’t tell others what Chrisan and the old wizards discussed, and they forgot it in their minds. After sharing the benefits of the cloud, they concentrated on pressing him there.
Although Chen Kai prayed with great heart, he was saddened to find himself in a shallow believer’s state, and there was no trace of approaching to believers. The saddest thing was that his magic was still in a banned state. Not only did he practice magic, but he also gradually lost his proficiency. Watching Chen Kai’s heart drop a little bit, it was a pain, but he finally kept practicing magic and slowly practiced his proficiency, especially the mastery of the sacred flame. This skill has been practiced by Chen Kai to the point where he derived the attack skill, the sacred flame boxing, and evolved into a flame. Lion attack can be said to be Chen Kai’s coolest skill in appearance. Unfortunately, Chen Kai doesn’t say that he has turned the sacred flame into a lion now, and he can’t even summon a little sacred fireworks seedling. He can’t even make the most basic magic of detecting evil even more advanced.
With a sigh, Chen Kai slowly closed the sacred deed in his hand. He didn’t know what was going on, because the root system didn’t show him the same thing, and he didn’t tell him what would lead to the decline of his faith. He could rely on his own judgment and guess what went wrong at that moment when his faith deviated. In the end, it was more reliable. Then he seemed to forget that he believed in the divine deed and touched M, and the sacred deed in his hand was constantly changing. Chen Kai’s heart was very confused. He hardly knew how he should recall the aurora of the morning Lord.
Although the player can help out of the game, Chen Kai found that if he remembers Aurora clearly outside the game or looks like a god, once he enters the game, he will gradually become blurred, or even if Chen Kai can remember Aurora, he will form a trace of the other person in his mind after praying.
Chen Kai doesn’t know what this is, because even if he asks for a reply, he just asks the players to explore in the game themselves, but they didn’t reply after a dàng time. This is their second depressed place. When others stay in their rooms to rest, Chen Kai keeps searching the Internet for information that can restore their beliefs or messages. However, because the game world is too huge and the number of players entering the game is extremely large now, ten old people from seven-year-old children to seven old are swimming in the game.
The large number of players naturally leads to the increasingly huge amount of information excavated in the game, and this huge amount of information is increasing at a rate of several b every day. Even the game company itself does not know how much knowledge and information in the whole game world have not been discovered. When the players get to know the whole game world more and more, they are saddened to find that even a small village is extremely complicated, which not only makes people feel that dog blood is more likely to involve some secret historical information than interpersonal relationships. Of course, this Some historical information may bring benefits or disasters to players. One of the top ten tragedies in the game is that one player has been hunted by aborigines for a long time because he has found out something they should not know.
The huge game information naturally brings great trouble to Chen Kai’s search for ways to restore his faith. Fortunately, there is a very powerful magic weapon in the online world, that is, the search engine fact. Aiya Consulting Search Engine is almost a personal creation of game materials, because many game materials are extremely huge. If players rummage through the past one by one, even if they look for a week, they may not be able to find what they need. Chen Kai naturally won’t want huā to rummage through the materials in a week. When saving, he has a lot of money to find someone. I plan to buy information, but after thinking about it, I still have to search for information by my own search engine. If I really can’t find it, I will find someone to receive it. After all, if I can find it myself, then he can save a sum of money. Chen Kai didn’t expect that his simple idea really saved him a sum of money, or because there was less information in this field. When he entered it, such as restoring his faith, the searcher found out that there were only a few dozen information messages … The first message that came into Chen Kai’s sight was actually two words, that is piety. The message expressed in this message is that an old man grew up as a believer, and recorded that he never believed in life and went to a devout belief. He walked step by step and prayed from his hometown to the sacred mountain where he believed in God. Unfortunately, Chen Kaigen could not regain his faith in this way, not to mention that he could not do that step by step and prayed slowly to the sacred mountain. Just his current position was enough for him to directly ps this method.
Therefore, Chen Kai directly discussed all the similar methods, whether it is three kneels and nine knocks or other similar methods, which were directly filtered out by Chen Kai. In the end, he left two choices. The first one is very simple. Every day, I pray devoutly and recite the prayer words a hundred times less, but the effect may not be very good, because no one is sure how long it will take you to pray to get a response from God, so that you can become a believer. Chen Kai looks more reliable in the second method, that is, carving a statue of God that you believe in by yourself by hand requires constant Y. N reciting prayers requires absolute piety when the statue is finished, especially when carving the face of the idol. Chen Kai doesn’t know if this method can be successful, but he finds that this method is the fastest way to restore faith. After all, it is much easier than not knowing how long it will take to pray and worshiping the idol.
However, after deciding this method, Chen Kai sadly found that he could not carve, or that he had never learned how to carve. Although he thought carving would be very simple, when he picked up the chisel and hammer, he had no clue because he didn’t know where to carve. He looked at the stone he was carrying back from the outside and stayed for ten minutes. Chen Kai let go of the chisel and quickly played in the game. The browser searched and carved information.
When Se turned from dark red to bright red again the next day, Chen Kaihong appeared in front of everyone with his eyes red. He spent more than half a night studying the carving materials. The only achievement was that he broke 17 stones to master the carving strength control, which was also due to his occupation. Otherwise, he couldn’t have mastered the carving strength control method in such a short time. Chen Kai carved it for one night, that is, it looked like a radish in his hand, but it was actually an arm.
Looking at this radish arm in his hand, Chen Kaike imagined that if he carved a sacred statue with his own skill, it would be nice not to be punished by a god. In a short time, he still promoted himself as an artistic accomplishment. The most important thing is that he had to pray while carving. He thought that it might be better to stay pious and carve because he saw that those narratives in the carving materials were focused on them to carve the greatest Chen Kai. A great thing is that he wants this way to restore his status as a knight in the temple. Chen Kai doesn’t know that his utilitarian approach may have gone into a misunderstanding. Let’s not say whether he can carve the Aurora icon while praying. Just because of his utilitarian idea, he is destined to truly believe in a god.
"All right, big guy, you won’t accompany me out today. During this period, I will stay in this mage tower and supervise those old people to build nv God’s Temple. Well, you can give an umbrella to cover the sun." When Chen Kai Su Wan and them stayed at the exit of the mage tower and waited for Chrisan, the little girl I m: n spoke such a sentence with bāngbāng sugar, and then she threw a huge umbrella in Chen Kai’s arms. Looking at this umbrella with at least four meters long, Chen Kai felt that he was struck again because he didn’t know this sunshade.
However, when he came to the top of the mage tower with a heavy sun umbrella, he didn’t understand what this sun umbrella was. Looking at it floating in the middle, it was like a ball of sunlight. Chen Kai had a feeling of returning to the original mainland, but he knew very well that it was just a ball of light summoned by Chrian. Compared with those old wizards, Chen Kai now has a harder career because they have to direct those refugees to rebuild the dilapidated temple in Khedira, which will become a life. nv God will be the only temple in Khedira.
To be continued. okay
The first volume Chapter 92 Little girl God and faith (in)
Chapter 92 Little girl God and faith (in)
Chen Kai feels quite miserable because he is acting as a maid-in-waiting or suspected maid-in-waiting behind the emperor at the moment, but he is waving a huge sun umbrella instead of a fan in his hand. Chen Kai can’t figure out why Chrisann wants to make that ball of light that keeps emitting golden light, but he has to hide in front of the sun umbrella. The most depressing thing for him is that Chrisann is a rich lady. She is wearing a dress and lying in the mouth of a white wooden recliner, sipping a drink made by a bitter man. It doesn’t look like a supervisor, but she is enjoying a holiday.
However, compared with Chen Kai and their poor old wizards, they are even more miserable. These ages may add up to dozens of times more than Chrisann’s (of course, they may not add up to Chrisann’s age! ) At the moment, they are trying hard to do coolies. They need to rebuild the broken Khedira Temple, and they should not help those statues whose walls have collapsed. Of course, most of the statues should be cleared out of the Khedira Temple, and those human heroes who have made great contributions to the establishment of Khedira should be kept. Moreover, these heroes can not stay in the temple but can be stood in the square.
Looking at the statues excavated from the ruins, Chen Kai suddenly felt how cruel it is to fight for faith. Even gods are not necessarily stable with each other. Although most of the deities in Khedira Temple have fallen for a long time, some of them have been ruined to the last thigh, Chen Kai still feels that the struggle for faith is very cruel, because even though the idol Chrisan has been broken, this cute little loli still asks the old wizards to break all the statues and keep the whole statue of the goddess of life in Khedira.
Although ll don’t know why my little girl has such a fierce idea, he can feel what it is from them and each other. It is best for everyone to neutralize Chrisann, a believer in the goddess of life in Rola Chen, and also a holy sacrifice to the goddess. Naturally, Chrisann loves her deeply. Plus, Rola Chen always takes out his mouth to please the little guy, and he also borrows two little guys from ll and Su Wan to temporarily serve as Chrisann’s pets, which has won Chrisann’s favor to a great extent.
But it’s better to connect with Chrisann. It’s not that Su Wan, a female, is not that Chen Kai, a miserable man with a sun umbrella, but that Zhao Tiezhu Han Han Grice, who just grew his arms? Strong, that is, Brother Xiaoqiang and the goddess of life belong to the three sisters of the goddess, and Christian, a believer of the goddess of the earth, is extremely obedient to the believer of the sleeping sister of the goddess. Otherwise, he treated Zhao Tiezhu’s soft shoulders and presided over a ceremony to let Grice? He has become a knight of the earth and is also the rarest guardian of the backbone in the whole temple of the earth. He is known as the guardian of the goddess of the earth. The knight who guards the earth is the most envied by Zhao Tiezhu. Is it Grice? Strong to get the armor of the guardian of the earth vein and the Titan Aegis, which is an absolute defense. Looking at the giant tower shield with a height of two meters, Zhao Tiezhu is drooling in addition to drooling
It’s a pity that Chrisann doesn’t have Zhao Tiezhu to equip her, or she thinks that Zhao Tiezhu’s strength is too poor, and she is afraid that he will be robbed if he takes the equipment. As a result, poor Zhao Tiezhu won’t get any other benefits except being treated with his arm. Of course, compared with poor Yun, he is more lucky. Although Yun believes in the goddess of the moon, the second sister of the three sisters, the goddess of nature, but I don’t know what Chen Kai found that unconsciously Chrisann always showed hostility to the cloud or to him. This also leads to poor cloud being the worst among all people and Chrisann. He is always commanded by Chrisann for several times, and he was almost killed by Chrisann. It is said that several people are most angry with Chrisann, not those wizards, but poor cloud because he doesn’t know that he is like offending the other party. Although he secretly sells the photos of the other party, it is outside the game. It is impossible for Chrisann to know what is outside the game.
Chen Kenai smiled bitterly at each other when he looked at the wretched woman who was transporting charcoal-baked food alone, because he couldn’t understand where Chrisann’s inexplicable hatred came from. It is reasonable to say that the goddess of nature among the three goddesses should be better than the goddess of life, but it seems that this possibility is not high now or from Chrisann’s performance. Maybe the two sides are in the same boat, but there is no initiative between the temple of life and the temple of the moon in the main city. At best, there is no contact with each other.
The old wizards are quick in their hands and feet, or they have settled down in Khedira. Of course, some of them rely on food to mobilize a lot of labor. For example, those who are chubby or originally rely on squeezing others to get food. Unfortunately, the old wizards were not once kind. Mark Hedi, although they have nothing to do with the goddess Chrisan, this does not mean that they have nothing to do with these Mi Chong. All the guys who don’t work or try to steal, play tricks and eat people are lit by the old wizards. They look at the sky lanterns one by one and look at the fat and strong Mi Chong wailing in the flames.
"Barbarians! !” Looking at the practices of those old wizards, the word Chrisann directly sums up each other’s behavior. In Chrisann’s eyes, the residents of Khedira are estimated to be no different from barbarians. Greedy and fear of death are her only impressions of Khedira human beings, but such people are the best believers. Fools are more likely to cheat and sacrifice everything in their beliefs. Of course, generally speaking, people with higher IQ are more difficult to get rid of once they fall into fanatical beliefs, but Chrisann doesn’t need that kind of people, or for God, a large group of ignorant believers will never believe less than a high IQ person. A fool who knows
"This girl is not normal brain? What? I always think she’s gloomy when she smiles! " Yun said angrily in the team channel, of course, he didn’t know that God could perceive emotions. When he was angry, Chrisann turned his eyes to him again.
"Thieves over there! The great Christian temple is hungry. Bring your baked food quickly! !” Chrisann slowly sat up from the recliner. When her voice reached Yun’s ear, he couldn’t help shivering because he knew that he was going to have bad luck again. Although it was not clear how Chrisann would torture him, he was exhausted. Yun decided to rise again. He didn’t want to live like this again.
It’s a pity that he saw Chrisann’s calm and playful eyes before he got up. In others’ eyes, these eyes are lovely and innocent, but at the moment, they are like the eyes of death. At that moment, Yun felt that his courage was poured off like a raging river, and the pouring speed was faster than that of the sluice gate of the Three Gorges Dam. When he bulged his chest, his high chest was instantly shriveled up. His eyes were afraid to look straight at Chrisann’s eyes again because he felt that he was like If you look at it again, you may die. After Chrisann bowed his head again, Yuncai felt that the pressure of real terror disappeared. He never dared to despise the other party because he looked young, because he knew that the other party could kill himself at any time. If you really want to feel the same as that moment, Yuncai can say that his neck was pinched by a pair of eyes and he almost suffocated.
Chen Kai doesn’t understand why the cloud will change from the original indignation to the abnormal respect. It can be said that he is afraid of Chrisann. He has never seen the cloud and a frightened rabbit or kannika nimtragol. He will do whatever Chrisann tells him to do, and he will run as fast as he is afraid of angering the other party. The fact is that Chen Kai is watching the cloud move, and they are all different from each other because they know that although he is not very lazy, there are quite a few times when the traitor plays tricks. Except for important combat moments, most of the time the cloud is lazy, but now he is. However, just as a clockwork machine is afraid that it will get stuck if it slows down for half a beat, such a large amount of physical activity naturally causes Yun’s physical strength to drop rapidly. He has to eat a lot and take physical medicine. They think Yun is working harder for Chrisann than those refugees who are building temples.
"Poor cloud! I really don’t know if he is controlled or not! " Ll looked tired and sighed like a dead dog, but he didn’t know that his bad luck was coming, and he was still chatting with others.
"hey! Big guy! I heard that you were studying sculpture last night? In that case, I’ll leave the relief of the temple porch column to you! !” When the sound of nature sounded in ll’s ear, at that moment, ll was not happy but stunned as if he had been hit by a lightning bolt, because Chrisann pointed out that the porch pillar was the thickest and largest outside the whole temple, and the height of the two pillars was not only 20 meters, but more importantly, the rock of the porch pillar was extremely strong, even if it was hit by the hardest steel force, it might not be able to hit much stone powder.
"This is for you! Remember, I want the most beautiful relief. I want this temple to be the most beautiful building in the world, Goddess! Hmm? It seems that you, a beginner, are not strong enough to forget it. I won’t let you carve those two columns. Carve moire on the front steps for me! " Perhaps Chrisann’s conscience found that she didn’t let Lleyton carve the complicated relief, but she gave him a bigger one. Looking at those huge steps that gradually formed, Lleyton suddenly felt that his brain blood was a little insufficient, especially when he saw the bright red expression in the column, he wanted to give up.
"Assist the little maid of the goddess of life, Chrisann, to complete the moire carving on the steps of the temple, and then you can get the understanding of the morning Lord Aurora through the other party to restore your identity as a believer! Fail little witch Chrisann will definitely tell on you in front of Aurora, and maybe you’ll never return to that temple of the dawn again! " Looking at this dog’s blood, Chen Kai feels that his life is even more bitter than the cloud, but he is still a little comforted by looking at the carving chisel and hammer in his hand. Although these two tools don’t have much special features, the firmness alone makes Chen Kai very happy. Of course, compared with the two tools, their names are the same as living things, and their names are another reason that makes Chen Kai dull.