Hearing Anthony say it again, Leonard frowned and asked, "Did you meet him in naa?"

naa? Barbosa was a Brazilian player who had been in Brazil before the draft. Anthony shook his head and said, "No, but I know he is very fast."
Leonard was impatient and waved, "I see."
He said that and walked away from Anthony.
Anthony stared at Leonard’s back and shook his head. Leonard is an nba veteran. Even if he wakes up with good intentions, he will be misunderstood by the other side.
By this time Marbury had controlled the ball and advanced to the frontcourt. Anthony took one last look at Barbossa so that he could retreat and defend his own people.
Marbury controlled the ball and pushed it to the frontcourt, then gave it to Voskul, who helped him to pick and roll the basket and throw a small shot directly at Camby.
Although Camby was injured, the deterrence of the basket was still in Marbury’s face, and Camby’s palm shook slightly.
"Crash" a ball hit the backboard and was pocketed.
Marbury shook his head slightly depressed and retreated.
Anthony was relieved to see that the Suns’ offense hasn’t changed. Barbossa is a rookie after all, and it’s hard for him to get a shot with Marbury around, which is good news for the Nuggets.
Chapter 16 That buckle domineering
The two sides played several rounds according to the previous style, and the Nuggets still firmly controlled the situation.
Marbury gradually became a little impatient. After half-time, he delivered a few balls in the same place and took a direct three-pointer against Miller.
"Crash" ended in suspense while the iron was hot
But just then Stoudemire threw the ball out from the top of the basket and accidentally fell into the hands of outside position Barbosa.
This is the first time for the Suns, a rookie, to receive the ball, although it was an accident.
Barbossa glanced at Marbury and looked at him again. Leonard’s face flashed with a strong color, and then he quickly ran towards the basket.
Leonard root didn’t take Anthony’s words seriously. He saw Barbossa break through with the ball and stepped back at will, reaching out and reaching for Barbossa’s hand.
Barbossa was delighted to see Leonard move, then suddenly accelerated and flashed directly from Leonard’s side.
Leonard grabbed it and saw that Barbossa had disappeared. Looking back, Barbossa had broken through the restricted area and he shouted "Damn it!" Turned and hurried to chase.
The defending basket is Camby. His attention has been turned around by Stoudemire. Suddenly, he found that the rookie on the opposite side had suddenly come up. He just wanted to make up for it. He just ran out and didn’t step. Suddenly, he found that Barbossa had scored a goal. He stood there with an unbelievable face. It took him a long time to spit out two words from his mouth: "So fast!"
Anthony saw Barbossa break through Leonard and shook his head. This is the consequence of underestimating your enemy.
Leonard looked gloomy. He didn’t want to admit that Anthony was right, but he couldn’t pull his face. Just after half time, he asked Miller for the ball, thinking that you are a rookie. I still can’t handle it. You pick up the ball and break through.
When Anthony saw Leonard’s behavior at this time, he was completely speechless. Leonard was a three-way breakup breakthrough, which was not his strong point. Barbossa had little grasp of the root, but when he thought of Leonard’s attitude before, he felt that it was better to say more and observe first
As a result, there was no doubt that Leonard took two steps and the ball in his hand was broken by Gbagbo.
Anthony pressed Barbossa to get up quickly and ran after him, but it was only half time before Barbossa had scored a basket.
"Brazil Flash" is really too fast!
I’m afraid Bo Ekins can follow the Nuggets, but he didn’t go out with the team today.
The two sides fought a few more rounds, and Leonard put aside his contempt for the enemy, but after all, it was a bit miserable to be over 30 and not be able to keep up with Barbossa’s explosion.
Buzdrick finally had enough of Leonard’s other rookie this year, Seni Betsy Lauwick. Although his situation is better, the latter is still difficult to keep pace with Barbossa. The advantage of the Nuggets is slowly disappearing.
Neither team defended very well. As the game went on, the players unconsciously put their energy into the attack. Anthony on the Nuggets side focused on the Suns, and Barbossa didn’t score.
You come and I go into the alternate lead, and before you know it, it’s the last two minutes.
Barbossa hasn’t seen Anthony since the game, and he played the whole half. The team has been playing tactics around him, even though he has been training before, and he is very tired now.
At 13:11, the Nuggets only kept a slight lead by two points, and the whole effort would be in vain if they were not careful.
The two coaches on the sidelines had already sat still and kept shouting at the players on the sidelines.
On-site fans cheering for the Suns is also a wave of waves.
The last two minutes are tense for two minutes.
As soon as Anthony landed in the frontcourt, Miller’s ball arrived and handed it to the player with the greatest grasp at the crucial moment. This is the most basic requirement of a point guard, and Miller obviously did a good job in this regard.
Marion suddenly showed a bitter face when he saw Anthony catch the ball. He couldn’t remember how many points Anthony scored on his head. He worked hard to defend, but most of the time it didn’t help. The player who embarrassed him so much was Kobe Bryant, who was deeply involved in the Eagle County sexual assault at this time and didn’t report to the league today.
Anthony didn’t care when he saw Marion’s expression. Now Marion’s attack is good, but his defense is far from the peak, which makes him a ready-made bargain.
Anthony looked up at the scoreboard, and the score was delivered in situ, followed by a cross step. He felt Marion’s center of gravity move suddenly and accelerated, passing Marion’s side and heading straight for the line.
"Sean! Follow! "
Coach Johnson shouted on the sidelines that he was so dissatisfied with Marion for the first time in his coaching career. Anthony was as easy as crossing the road in the morning.
Marion is not a coward when his heart is tight, and he runs after Anthony’s back when his face sinks.
Anthony is in front of the basket. He feels Marion running after him, stepping on three steps and preparing for the basket.
Just then, a figure suddenly appeared in Anthony and the basket.
Stoudemire looked gloomy, and Anthony took a risk before half-time. He felt humiliated, and he would see Anthony ready to make a basket, meet him and prepare to block.
When Anthony saw Stoudemire coming, he suddenly moved his mind, holding a basketball in his right hand and pulling it up, making the output jump. The original ready basket suddenly turned into a dunk.
He wants to put out the fighting spirit of the Suns, so that they can completely give up their resistance.
Stoudemire came and later prepared to lean against Anthony. When he saw Anthony trying to buckle him, he had suffered such humiliation. He jumped up in front of Anthony and prepared to block it.
Thanks to Stoudemire’s delay, Marion also ran behind Anthony at this time. When he saw Anthony moving, he was also angry. This was outrageous. He jumped up from behind and prepared to cover Anthony from behind.
Stoudemire and Marion blocked Anthony in tandem. It seems that there is no choice but to be fouled or covered.
Anthony’s face suddenly flashed with a malicious color, and his eyes stared at Stoudemire in front of him coldly. For a moment, he seemed to turn to himself. He was in the nba, and his heart was left with a note to buckle him! Hold him!
Stoudemire jumped up to cover the ball and saw Anthony’s eyes tremble. He felt a smell of death in Anthony’s eyes and his hand shrank back involuntarily.