It was easy for her to understand this secret law after two generations of experience, but now it seems that she wants more.

Thinking of XuanTianZong Xie Yi, she muttered to herself, "Little Patriarch, I really want to cut you some slack."
But if she can’t understand this method, she can choose to give up.
Residual sword illusion can’t hide from the little hierarch for long, and the owner’s method is not easy for Zong Yue to deal with.
Even if the fairy gentleman comes to be influenced by the laws of heaven and earth, he may not be the opponent of Liu Haotian.
Zong Yue naturally has to avoid its sharpness.
She’s not interested in staying in zhongqian world and playing house games with this little patriarch.
"If I can’t find a way, I can feel sorry for my conscience." Zong Yue looked down at his chest and said faintly.
Just then, with the crashing, Lei Zongyue heard someone calling her name.
She lowered her eyes and saw that Xie was soaked with water, and her dark hair was stuck on her sideburns at random, but her painted eyes were dark and bright.
"Zong Daoyou" has joy in his eyes. "Why are you here?"
Zong Yue was silent for a long time and tilted his head and smiled and asked, "Do you want to come and sit for a while?"
Fairy Sect of Penglai in the East China Sea
Cang Yao sat in front of the seaside promenade and looked at the waves not far away.
Junba Venerable approached her quietly and patted her on the shoulder.
Cang Yao was shocked. When he saw who the bearer was, he quickly saluted "Uncle Shi".
Junba venerable man asked slowly with his hands on his back, "Cang Yao, are you still complaining about Uncle Shi forcibly taking you back to the East China Sea?"
Cang Yao Fu Li "Cang Yao dare not"
"Dare not … then heart or hatred" Jun pull honour person faint said with a sigh.
Cang Yao is silent
If you don’t know that your nephew wants to stay in Zhongzhou, your mind is …
Jun Ba Zun said earnestly, "Cang Yao, you are our Penglai Saint and the noblest of our Penglai Xianzong young generation. Is it necessary for a man who doesn’t love you to grovel around him?"
Pale Yao pursed her lips and said, "I didn’t grovel. It was Xuantianzong who wanted to please us. It was them who grovel and flatter Penglai."
Junba Venerable Man could not help sighing when he saw that she was still sticking to her own opinions. "Cangyao, their mysterious days and our Penglai are indeed their mysterious days trying to please our Penglai, but ask yourself, are you and Xie the same?"
Cang Yao is stubborn and silent.
Junba venerable said, "I came to see you this time because I want to enlighten you and tell you something."
"What?" Cang Yao lifts his eyes.
Jun Ba Zun said, "I want to report to Hongyi Xianjun about Zong Yue. I didn’t expect Hongyi Xianjun to tell Zongmen before us. He finally remembered that his female world happened in the past. Please take this short Yu Di world to confirm it again."
"boundary?" Cangyao alpha males
Jun Ba Zun nodded. "If Zong Yue is really Hongyi Xianjun’s daughter, she can say that what she said to Leader Lu in Yangdao Mountain Villa lied to all of us that day. It is very likely that she was not the patriarch of a small sect in Zhongzhou, but was born in a small world."
"Hanazono Sakura world ….." Pale yao chanting these four words metamorphoses, asked "that ShiShu you said ZongYue is it possible that nothing? She is neither the patriarch of a famous sect in Zhongzhou nor a fairy born in Hanazono Sakura. "
"How could it not be?" said Jun Ba Zun. Zong Yue talent you and I have witnessed it. "
"Who knows?" Cang Yao smiled coldly and stared at Tianhai Communication Office. "My intuition tells me that things are never that simple."
Just because Zong Yue has seen short Yu Di doesn’t mean that she is short Yu Di’s master. Maybe she has seen short Yu Di’s master … even murdered her/what he didn’t dare to admit in front of Martial Uncle.
"ShiShu, don’t worry, I’ll check it." Her hand tone is urgent.
Yuan ancheng
Xie Yi changed his clean clothes from another guest room to the lobby and handed over to Zong Yue, saying, "Xie Zong Daoyou took it in."
Zong Yue put a cup of tea and asked calmly, "How can the young patriarch be so embarrassed?"
Xie is also puzzled. "I accompanied Zongmen Shaoshi Mountain for shopping, but I didn’t know that I was separated from my younger brother when I passed by this original Ancheng, and I lost my whole body in the rainstorm. I can’t even get a contact and a dry bag."
Xie Yi said, "If I hadn’t met a Taoist friend, I would be living on the street today."
"Inexplicably lost and lost?"
Zong Yue was surprised for a moment in her heart. These experiences of Lord Xie Shaozong seemed to be announcing that even God was helping her.
But is it really such a coincidence?
Xie also saw her stunned and asked, "What happened to Zong Daoyou?"
Zong Yue recovered and smiled at him. "Nothing is thinking about me and the little patriarch. It’s a lot of fate. Today, I just returned to Zhongzhou and met the little patriarch in the original Ancheng."
Xie also followed Wen Ran and smiled. "I also want to be a coincidence."
He clung to Zong Yue as if to say something, but he didn’t say anything after all.
Time flies, and it will soon be sunset.
The rain stopped, and the air was filled with the smell of earth. Xie also went out for a walk. Zong Yue agreed
Because of the rain, there are fewer vendors in Ancheng night market.
Xie Yi’s eyes fell on an unknown vendor and said, "At the beginning, in Biyun City, I occasionally saw Taoist friends buying candied haws to tease young children. At that time, Xie was very surprised. I didn’t expect that Taoist friends of the old Sect had such a childlike side."
Zong Yue light way "is just to coax the phantom in the city".