Amina nodded again.
Qi Yufeng stole a look to see Amina ask Leila’s body was motionless, her head hung down and her body trembled slightly. Obviously, her heart was extremely afraid and she couldn’t help wondering. He looked up at Amina’s eyes and saw that there was a faint light in her eyes. There seemed to be a temptation in her heart, and I couldn’t help thinking that she was a kind of hypnotic kung fu.
Immediately see amina and ask the sand really three very stupid questions turned to Qi Yufeng, two people look a bump amina, feel a awe-inspiring smell pavement and can’t help but mind a qi and blood poured into the mouth and fell to the ground.
Chapter ninety-five Lonely and blue front on a moonlit night
Qi Yufeng has heard of the secret method of moving the soul since Qu Fei Yan’s mouth, but he thinks it is mysterious and has never practiced it, but he doesn’t know that Amina’s work belongs to strange evil. The root of it is far less than that of his heavy strength, that is, his high mind is fixed. The performer is countered by him, but Qi Yufeng doesn’t understand the method. This counterattack is not very strong. If he can think about it, Amina will be in great danger and I’m afraid he will have to go crazy on the spot.
Amina, on the other hand, could not help but feel tired, dizzy, sore-eyed, exhausted and amazed when she saw a hint of brilliance in his clear eyes during the operation.
Just as Qi Yufeng woke up, he was busy with dark exercise, convergence and spiritualization, and his eyes suddenly lost their moist luster and became sluggish.
Amina stumbled around, and Tamir and Abraham couldn’t help exclaiming, "What’s the matter?" The two of them knew that when Amina used this "master tactic", if the other party made a random arrangement and didn’t speak according to the original intention, it would be doubtful, but once the performer made a mistake, he was attacked by the other party, but he was seriously injured, but he also worried about his life
Amina shook her body slightly, raised her head and glanced at Qi Yufeng. Her sharp eyes seemed to be full of anger, but after a moment, she shook her head and said, "I’m fine."
She looked at Qi Yufeng again, only to find that there was nothing special about him regardless of his manners, eyes and body shape. An ordinary boy couldn’t help frowning slightly and continued to ask three unimportant questions. This time, Qi Yufeng Shenguang gathered the dim light in his eyes, and she was confused again.
After asking, she nodded to Tamir and Abraham, and the three of them went away.
Qi Yufeng and other people went back to the tent and couldn’t help being very strange. After Qi Yufeng confirmed four people, Sun Ruilai asked softly, "Leila, what is the reason why she asked us those questions?"
Amina stuttered Chinese very reluctantly, but those questions were very skillful. As soon as I heard them, I prepared a line of four people in advance, and they were all as confused as Zhang Er monk. Immediately, Sun Ruilai asked and could not help but gather around together.
Leila’s body trembled slightly and said softly, "What she asked you is an important question for the Assassin School. If the heart knows different answers, it will definitely die of blood flow. I was really afraid at that time …" She looked up at the four people and sighed when she saw that they were all smiling.
Qi Yufeng then asked, "So after this card, even if you entered the Assassin Sect? Is there no second card? "
Leila nodded and said, "It is not voluntary to join the Assassin Sect, even if it is a slave prisoner of war or an enemy who wants to be seen by them, they can get started and get rid of the shackles and handcuffs. If they don’t want to go through seven, they can leave the Assassin Sect on their own."
Qi Yufeng wondered, "But what if I took off my shackles and ran away directly?"
Leila shook her head and said, "I don’t know how reluctant I am in the past six months, or how the Assassins hate the sea. They have to go through seven tests. In the end, they are all like a family. No matter how dangerous they are assigned to do, they are always happy. No one has ever been able to stick to it and recover their hearts."
Qi Yufeng thought for a moment and didn’t understand the reason. Then he asked, "What else do they have in these seven cards?"
Leila bit her lip slightly and thoughtfully for a moment. A pair of clear eyes stared at Qi Yufeng. "She will teach you to kill many, many people …"
Qi Yufeng ha ha a smile also didn’t see Leila look unbearable color to Sun Ruilai and others laughed "turned out to be such a simple thing I have to calculate what chickens and rabbits in the same cage nine chapters arithmetic what turned out to be so easy"
Leila saw Qi Yufeng’s face, or she couldn’t help looking dim.
A group of people took a break and talked for a while. Leila was about to leave when suddenly footsteps rang and a man gradually came over. Leila said something for a while and turned to Qi Yufeng and said, "She wants to see you."
Zhu Xiong lay on the carpet and turned his head to frown. "Don’t let people sleep at night?"
Qi Yufeng asked, "What did she say she would do?"
Leila shook her head. "She didn’t say she told us to wait for her by the pond."
Qi Yufeng nodded back trail "everyone play it by ear".
Three people each nodded and five people filed out and went straight to the pond to see two huge torches. Amina was dressed in an orange brocade robe. Two waiters stood behind him on the spot. The moon was shining here, and the dense green trees were everywhere, and the water waves were stagnant. It was a beautiful moonlit night, and this place had no breath, not even birds, but it was a little weird.
Amina saw a group of people coming for a quick look, so she ignored her mouth and spoke a string of Persian fluently, and then looked at Leila to show her the translation.
Leila saluted her with a slight service road.
"At first, it was far and dark.
When hatred broke out, there was a fire wound, and the scab was the soil pain, and the cry was born. The wind and the sky were permeated with a sea of tears. We were born in the dark, and the world was full of anger, injury, pain and sorrow. "
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help frowning when he heard this, saying that this Sect is so radical that there is pain and hatred in life, but it’s really a chat.
But I saw Amina’s mouth was full of excitement after listening to it, and she seemed to recite a poem, but this time the words were a little shorter, but the cruelty and anger in the words were a hundred times better than before.
Leila body trembling a bound but heard Amina cold hum a quickly small translation way
"Ashes burn from the abyss, burning up the enemy, spreading nightmares, frightening gods, thunder, earthquakes, tearing apart life and shocking the mortal world."
Qi Yufeng said, "What does this mean? Do you want to brainwash people to work for her with a few silly slogans?"
Just as he was thinking, he suddenly walked past two waiters and escorted a man. Amina mumbled something while Leila translated, "This man is a famous drama thief in the desert. If you don’t kill him, you can go back to sleep today."
Qi Yufeng saw that the man’s eyes were deep in his eyes with a fierce look and his face was covered with fierce colors. His face was covered with taupe blood condensation. Obviously, he was captured by Assassin and suffered a lot. At first glance, he knew that he was not a good man. Immediately, he did not look sideways to avoid Amina’s eyes and asked Leila, "What she said is true?" Is this man really a robber? "
Leila was taken aback when she felt a soft sound coming into her ears, but she was always cautious and immediately shook her head slightly, obviously in great pain.
As soon as Qi Yufeng reached her, she immediately said, "Okay, give me a sword."