Qi Yufeng motioning with his hand, "I’m not very busy with my superficial help. Two younger brothers, J and jīng, are very impressed."

They heard the fog and I didn’t know what was going on when Ling Huchong got dumped and soaked in clothes. "Congratulations to the two younger brothers for getting through the Du Er pulse and taking a step further."
Liang Fashen Se was very excited, but her face was tired but her eyes were bright and bright. When she clapped her waist sword and suddenly moved, her waist and feet laughed. "Boy, you are full of strength."
When they heard that these two men actually got through the Du Er pulse so quickly, they were really unheard of. They were surprised and admired by Lu Dayou and asked Qi Yufeng, "What about you? Didn’t you play?"
Qi Yufeng laughed. "I have been beaten by my master for a long time, but this medicine has enhanced my strength."
Lu Dayou said with carefree longing, "You’re even more powerful when you have a natural talent and treasure for the second pulse."
Several people exchanged ideas and told each other how they felt. When Ling Huchong asked, "Can you give this snake soup to your younger brothers and sisters according to your feelings?"
Liang Fa thoughtfully for a moment and said, "It should also be a hindrance to have our guardian push the palace through the acupoints to help them straighten out the meridians and evacuate the stagnant gas."
Lao Denuo said, "The third younger brother said it was good, but the great increase in our eye skills should not hinder it."
Ling Huchong said, "Well, let’s try it while J and NG are in full swing at this time."
When Shi Dai, Gao Gen, Lu Dayou and other dozens of people drank snake soup and sat in the chair.
It’s been a quarter of an hour and they didn’t feel any change. Lu Dayou suddenly felt disappointed. "Is it cold?" This bowl is too small to eat. I’ll go to Lao Wang and fry some dishes. "
When you say "step", you have to walk outward. Before you get halfway, you feel a copious internal heat in your chest and abdomen. You can’t help crying, "Oh, there’s a heat." Then you quickly sit back in your chair and look at the master elder brother closely.
Yue Lingshan also gradually felt hot and physically agitated and couldn’t help frowning and said, "It’s so hot …"
Ling Huchong knew that it was an exhaustion of qi, which had been coming towards the cave of Shanzhong. He had to immediately draw and guide the forces, and immediately looked around at several younger brothers, all of whom showed panic. Se immediately shouted "Bleeding into the abdomen and binding to the abdomen".
He made these two words of Zi Xia’s magic seriously, and the thunder spread far and wide, and everyone’s gv 10 was shocked immediately.
The younger brothers’ skill is worse than Liang Fa’s, and a lot of drugs are scattered to detain them. They are all dizzy and dizzy, and they immediately act according to law to ease the true qi and gradually relieve it.
But after a while, everyone felt that the true qi exhausted the yang heat as if it were a magma that would burst in the abdomen and could no longer be tied up, and then someone sent it out painfully.
Ling Huchong frowned and shouted, "Gathering Dantian will be in Shanzhong."
Everyone heard that this is exactly the practice of Huashan School’s mixed Yuan-Yi Qigong, and they immediately followed suit.
But this qi is really overbearing and abnormal. Although everyone is guided by the method of "mixing Yuan and Qigong", it is scattered in Dantian and Shanzhong, but it is still very hot and abnormal, like a fireball burning violently.
Ling Huchong touched several people’s pulse condition and realized it carefully for a while. Immediately, he said, "Leading Yutang acupoint". Immediately, everyone was surprised. Is this going to impact the pulse?
Most of these people’s skills are shallow, but they can’t reach the Yutang Cave. But at this time, they guide this heat flow and feel that Yutang Cave is getting hotter and hotter, as if it had been scorched by burning tongs, and then the heat flow is unblocked and blocked, just like a jade dragon at first sight of a dam, and it is very comfortable and carefree.
Ling Huchong gently took the Yue Lingshan pulse door to realize her physical skill operation and then shouted "Purple Palace, Huagai" in succession.
Everyone will lead the heat to one acupoint after another according to their words, and feel that the heat is flowing faster and faster, and the bones are slightly exploding from time to time.
Ling Huchong added, "Xuanji, Tiantu, Lianquan, Chengjiang …"
He saw that several people’s clothes in front of him were soaked with sweat, frowning and biting his lips. Obviously, he tried to resist the pain of hitting acupuncture points again and again. He immediately raised his hand at one point, Baihui point, one inch and five points later, and then went on to strengthen, brain, wind house, Dazhui, Taodao, body column, Shinto and gv 10 all the way in the future.
It takes a lot of money for one person to point out the figure and then go to one person to push the palace and blood, and Zi Xia’s magic to help people break through the mystery.
Seeing that the purple gas in his face was not obvious at first, it became thicker and thicker in a short time, and his face turned into purple Se, and the first smoke was persistent.
On the one hand, the second generation brothers were dumbfounded when they saw that Master Gong had become so advanced.
Ling Huchong’s work is strong, but after all, he is young. After a while, he also feels that his arms are sore and numb, and he is getting harder and harder. His mouth is panting and his body is wobbly and he is very supportive.
Liang Fa saw that Ling Huchong was gradually showing signs of fatigue and shouted, "Brother, let me help you." Then he pushed his hands behind Gao Gen to help him break through the mystery.
While Lao Denuo and Qi Yufeng also hurriedly danced with their hands in front of each other to find a Huashan brother, and each of them clicked Baihui point on his head to cross a pulse of true qi.
After an hour, four people gradually became strojīng and collapsed in the chair, but a dozen people were all j and ng. They got up and felt like mercury was flowing and the true qi was flowing, which was more exciting than they could say.
Among these dozens of people, Shi Dai, Gao Gen, Lu Dayou and Yue Lingshan have got through the second pulse of the governor, but the rest are also greatly improved in their skills and benefited a lot. If you want to take a vacation, Ri will become a master.
Yue Lingshan Ling Huchong seemed to be fished out of the water when he wiped his sweat with pity.
Ling Huchong lie on your back in the chair but show your eyebrows and say with smile, "I’ve been treading on thin ice since I took over Huashan School, and I’m afraid I’ve failed the great trust of Master Shi Niang. I didn’t expect us to have six or seven experts to get through the governor’s second pulse until I die, and finally give an account to Master Shi Niang."
Yue Lingshan immediately hugged his knee in tears and said, "Big Brother, don’t talk nonsense."
Ling Huchong couldn’t bear to scare her again when she saw her true feelings, but her heart was full of joy.
Chapter 57 Hidden dangers
In addition to Yue Buqun’s nine eldest brothers, Ningzhong left six female brothers, Yue Lingshan, with seven female brothers.
These sixteen people are the highest-ranking people in Huashan School now.
Since then, more than a dozen second-generation younger brothers have been collected by Ling Huchong, Liang Fa, Shi Dai and Gao Gen respectively.
Among these second-generation brothers, Ling Huchong’s brother Fu Baoshou.
At this time, these second-generation brothers saw the master and uncles, and all kinds of visions were said to have greatly increased their skills, which made them envious.
Ling Huchong have a rest and look at all the faces with expectation. Se can’t help laughing. "Fubao, there’s still half a bowl left for your younger brothers."
He has been thinking for a long time just now, and he thinks that although the younger brothers are less skilled, there is still no problem in drinking half a bowl.
Fu Bao said timidly, "What about the remaining half bowl?"
The other disciples in public couldn’t help laughing. Ling Huchong said, "There are still a lot of snake eggs in our cellar for you to drink. You should drink half a bowl of exercise first and then practice for one night before going to sleep."
"Wait until I see your skill level before deciding how much you can drink this snake soup at a time."
His brother was overjoyed when he said this, and they both drank a lot of snake soup in a bowl.
The other disciples did some tossing and turning to help the dozen children push the palace through the acupoints and press the meridians to help them digest and absorb everything, and it was after midnight.
Then none of the Huashan Sect members went back to their rooms to sleep and gathered in the dining hall to practice their own skills. When they could not sit still, they went out to practice swords in the courtyard.
When the day dawned, Qi Yufeng opened his eyes, and it seemed that he could not help sighing that Huashan School was a big hang. If these ten snake eggs were all finished, Huashan School wouldn’t become a master?
Liang Fa also quietly got up and walked out the door to see Gao Gen practicing swordsmen’s eyes and posture outside the door. It’s the most rare thing that his sword is sharp and flickering, and it’s like a snake dancing. The light of the sword has recovered, and it has become a master swordsman.
When he couldn’t help but draw his sword, he gently rubbed his wrist at an old tree in front, shook the tip of his sword slightly, scratched it and listened to a few willow branches, so he should fall.
When he cried in his heart, he couldn’t say how happy he was, and even sighed, "This is the za’s Qizong Jianfa." There were quite some regrets in his tone.
At this time, someone behind him shouted, "Third Brother, this is not necessarily true."
Liang Fa looked back and saw that Qi Yufeng was smiling at himself and couldn’t help laughing. "Listen to Brother Qi’s advice?"
Qi Yufeng said, "Two cases of firm but gentle are indispensable. If Brother Ri didn’t have this high swordsmanship today, how can he exert this sword like cutting clouds and cutting water? I heard that there was a god monk in the Shaolin Temple in the previous dynasty who was superb in his strength and reached the realm, but he couldn’t even beat the little thief with one move."
Liang Fa shook his head and said, "Teacher Qi, you misunderstood me. It was the master who always said that Qi controlled the sword in those years. If you want to practice Qigong, no matter whether you use your fists or move your sword, it will go against you. However, we can’t reach this level until today."
Qi Yufeng had previously heard that Liang Fa was a "little Yue Buqun" and thought that such as firm but gentle separation from his plan would hinder his ears from listening to this statement, but he knew that he had misunderstood this simple Han and immediately handed over to make a gift. "Three seniors are right, but it is a lot easier to do it."
Liang Fa laughed. "I benefited a lot from this night thanks to your younger brother."
Qi Yufeng said, "I joined the Huashan Sect and worked for it myself. Besides, I couldn’t have done this if the Huashan Sect didn’t have this treasure."
As two people talk about international Ling Huchong walked out the door to say with smile "qi brothers this night entry, such as? "