Tianxin transformed the nine-color sword domain to protect all the key areas of terrestrial magic, allowing the weapons of the Seven Immortals’ Xuanyu Guanghua to wreak havoc. Can’t, seven guys at an altitude of ten billion light-years, positive and negative matter can’t play so far, and the battle for the creation of heaven can’t reach this high position. The warships can arrive, but when the warships arrive, the seven nirvana immortals may have already left.

"There’s still a way to go to compete with these guys!"
As sighed, will maintain the task of nine color sword domain to HarmonyOS sword spirit. Thinking about ways to break the enemy, we can’t just keep being beaten. The seven nirvana immortals, Xuan Yu Guanghua, who knows what will be exhausted.
There’s a war here Watch the war over there.
Qing led the Immortal Immortal Immortal at the beginning and the Nirvana Immortal at the middle of the Eighteen Immortals League to observe this boring war.
Why do you say boring? It’s mainly because at the beginning, after a hand-to-hand combat, one side will attack from a distance. One side tries its best to defend itself, but the viewer gradually loses interest in watching, and the voice fights.
"Seven guys dare not approach the fantasy space. Xuanyu Guanghua is always useful. After a distance of billions of light years, it was filtered by the light cathode Yang Er gas. When it hit the fantasy space, it was already very powerful."
"The Lord of the fantasy space is too calm to take off and fight back."
"Oh …"
Eighteen Nirvana Immortals of the Eighteen Immortals League are chattering, and they really want to see the close combat between Tianxin and Lougao Seven Immortals. It seems that this dream cannot be realized.
Qing leads the immortal immortal in the first place, but his eyes shoot strange light, and his eyesight will never be shallow.
"With one enemy seven, nine color sword domain seems to be very easy. The building is high, the building is high, and your plane is going to be long. "
What Qing cited the Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal Immortal. The two moves made by Zi Tiejianyu to pierce the mysterious sky of Lou Gao were so gorgeous that he only saw a wonderful one, but he couldn’t think of a broken one.
Glancing coldly at the Seven Immortals on the ground floor in the battle, he rushed to the Seven Immortals with a wave of gods’ knowledge, and asked the Seven Immortals to descend to six billion light-years to attack the spiritual fantasy space.
Perhaps the Seven Immortals of Lou Gao also felt that it was not painful to attack the spiritual space at an altitude of 10 billion light years. When the instructions arrived, the Seven Immortals of Lou Gao conveniently changed into seven stars, which were divided into two groups, accounting for yin and yang and five elements. Yin and Yang are the main attackers, and the main attackers are, of course, the old immortals who have suffered losses and the immortals who want to do something. The five Nirvana Immortals in the Five Elements are the main restraints and the shields of the two Nirvana Immortals in the Yin and Yang.
Now, I’m satisfied with the immortal in the first place.
In the range of billions of light years, Zitie Jianyu has been able to "reach" the attack, and he will never miss the opportunity to attack instead of defending. Zitie Jianyu has performed the trick of opening the sky with one yuan at the beginning of Kendo one after another, stabbing seven nirvana immortals like anti-aircraft guns.
"Good smart, attack fairy not attack yu. Accurate, steady and malicious … "
I was amazed at the speed and locking position of Zitie Jianyu’s piercing, and at the same time, I was surprised at Zitie Jianyu’s tenacity. I was able to continuously pierce the shield-like instruments of seven nirvana immortals Xuanyu Guanghua without loss.
The old fairy with a high floor and the nirvana fairy with a meteorite spirit were so angry that they vomited blood. Where did they want to get the initial move of the heavenly heart’s kendo so fast? They attacked, but they couldn’t attack at all. As soon as they were prepared, the purple iron sword awn was attacked. Five Nirvana Immortals in the Five Elements almost vomited blood. The five elements shield condensed by XuanYu Guanghua was pierced every time, and the dense XuanYu Guanghua could not achieve the expected blocking effect.
In the fight, more than a dozen interstellar days passed unconsciously.
It is found that the occupying array attack can’t hurt the enemy, but instead, the main attack of the old fairy and the nirvana fairy at the beginning of the meteorite spirit are scarred by counter-attack, and the five nirvana immortals who are pinned down by the five elements are not pinned down, so they can freely attack the spiritual fantasy space at the cost of being stabbed by their own mysterious sky.

Chapter six hundred and sixty-five Ya Yu falls
Fighting to this point, Tianxin is already aware that the Seven Immortals of the Tower will not destroy the spirit.
"You are not afraid of getting hurt, so why are you afraid of getting hurt in my fantasy space?"
Mind move, heaven, mind and gods summoned nine women, with Tong Ya and Xuan Yuan Fantasy Sunny commanding 300 billion troops to form an iron bucket space with 200 million light-years thick spiritual fantasy strategic policing space by using armaments and positions, and starting the spiritual fantasy central land belt based on the construction of Xuan Yu Guanghua’s temporary energy shield.
After the notification, Tianxin summoned the original lighter armor to drill into it, which made HarmonyOS Sword Spirit withdraw the nine-color sword domain, and then personally moved the purple iron sword, which appeared at an altitude of six billion light-years between flashing and shrinking, and the sword turned to the beginning of Kendo to open a heaven and cut the enemy Xuantianyu that he met head-on.
The old fairy with a high floor and the nirvana fairy with a fallen spirit were frightened. The two immortals, who occupy a position of yin and yang, never thought that the owner of the spiritual fantasy space would be under the high pressure of the Seven Immortals, but they were willing to give up their homes and take the initiative to attack. And they are also muddy, until the nine-color shock wave reappears all over the sky, only to find that the master of the illusion space has attacked the front.
Desperately releasing XuanYu Guanghua is the only thing ErXian can do at present.
One to two, Tianxin is desperate. Nine-color sword domain was handed over to HarmonyOS Sword Spirit to fight against the tall and old fairy and Xuanyu Guanghua, while he put on an exhibition at the beginning of Kendo to attack the fallen spirit Xuantianyu.
"How dare you!"
Look at the purple iron sword and sword awn that broke through the curtain of Xuanyu Guanghua. The fallen spirit nirvana fairy shouted and rotated Xuantianyu to resist. However, in view of the fierceness of Zitie Jianyu, the meteorite spirit controls its Xuantianyu to shift and move from time to time.
In a short time, several rounds.
Tianxin finally confirmed one thing, that is, Nirvana Xuantianyu is not terrible, at least the moving Nirvana Xuantianyu is not terrible, and the Xuanyu Guanghua released is less than half. Look at the scene where Lou Gao Lao Xian and Yan Ling Nirvana Xian would rather spin the mysterious sky in the same place than move sideways and retreat after several rounds. As a heavenly heart, one heart is certain.
That is, the meteorite spirit Xuan Yu Guanghua is fierce, but it can’t stop the purple iron sword; Xuan Yu Guanghua, whose building is high, is in a seesaw confrontation with Jiuse sword domain, and no one can do anything about it in the short term.
Tianxin suddenly found that as long as the relationship between the nine-color sword domain and the extreme condition of kendo is well handled, the victory may not be impossible. Nine-color sword domain is formed by the release of nine-color shock wave by Purple Iron Sword Yu, but the extreme condition of Kendo is the attack method of Purple Iron Sword Yu, which breaks the enemy with sharpness and both attack together. When the power doubles.
After several rounds of fighting, Tianxin adjusted the attack mode and adopted the method of combined attack, with nine colors of sword domain attacking in the front and Zitie Jianyu attacking in the back. The possible attack on the ontology is handed over to the air energy space formed by the original igniter armor.
The attack mode changes, and the battlefield pattern changes suddenly.
The heart of the fallen spirit nirvana fairy is cool and cool. The enemy’s nine-color sword domain, who was originally used to fight against the old fairy Xuanyu Guanghua, suddenly turned to him, and the endless nine-color firm but gentle cut his Xuanyu Guanghua to pieces. Then the enemy Zitie Jianyu, who he had been wary of, instantly became magical and quietly stabbed into his Xuantianyu, and was expanding his Xuantianyu. Just a quarter of an hour. His expansion to the mysterious sky with a diameter of three billion light-years was hit hard and pierced. Pull out a hole hundreds of millions of light-years deep. Cracking rocks and flying clouds, Yin and Yang are shaking wildly. If he doesn’t feel right and move sideways quickly, his mysterious sky will definitely be picked on the enemy’s purple iron sword.
As a recruit hit the meteorite spirit Xuantianyu, however, there is no chance to expand the results. The protection behind him was attacked by the old fairy, and the billion light-years gas energy space formed by the generation mechanism of the original lighter armor gas energy space was defeated, so we had to temporarily give up the meteorite spirit and turn to deal with the old fairy.
The high-rise old fairy is facing the heavenly heart for the second time. Especially jealous.
When I was hit by a bad click, my heart turned against my blood, and my heavenly heart was not at all polite. Nine-color sword domain attacked the old fairy with a high floor, while Zitie Jianyu was brewing the extreme moves of Kendo.
The building is tall and slippery. His Xuan Yu light curtain also tried his best to block the explosion of nine colors of firm but gentle, so he retreated to the sky while playing, after all, Li Yu was six billion light-years high. Nirvana is less than 20% in the mysterious sky, and there is no way to deal with Tianxin with all one’s strength.
The building is high and willing to retreat, but Tianxin will not follow up. The reasons for not following up are very complicated, one of which is to win the mysterious sky of the fallen spirit. Xuantianyu, the meteorite spirit, was hit hard. Although Xuanyu Guanghua can still be released, its power is insufficient, and its movement is slower than when it was intact.
Purple Tiejianyu pointed to the sky, and nodded at nine o’clock in an instant, leaving nine thick layers of nine colors of sword domain. Then there were ten thousand pieces of chaotic thunder in the tenth generation of super-power-level space, and Tianxin turned to pick up the escaping meteorite spirit Nirvana Xuantianyu.
One dollar to open heaven, two instruments to create heaven and earth, and three yang worlds …
Tianxin exhibited three tricks in one breath.
Xuantianyu, the meteorite spirit, cracked and was stabbed through a big hole with a diameter of one billion light years, and then the biggest illusion of purple iron sword disappeared, leaving a hole in the nine-color firm but gentle world.
The fallen spirit Nirvana Fairy spat out one mouthful blood and two swords. Just before and after two swords, his Nirvana Xuantianyu was ruined and almost fell apart.
Of course, the attack of heavenly heart, like the first sword, failed to continue, and the old fairy was killed back. The other five Nirvana immortals also found that the two immortals in Yin and Yang had gone wrong and were coming over.
Tianxin didn’t want to be jiaozi, so he had to jump out of the war circle first and wait for an opportunity to move again.
The five Nirvana Immortals in the original five elements came soon, and they were shocked by the horror of the fallen spirit Xuantianyu, and their eyes radiated cold light, even the eyes of the normally gentle Qing Ning Yong Yu female fairy also shot sharp light.
The old fairy can’t come.
Quick, nine floors and nine colors of sword domain need him to cut down, and ten thousand pieces of chaotic thunder explodes one by one to destroy the space clearly, unless he collides with Xuantianyu, otherwise it will take a long time to crack it by Xuanyuguanghua alone. You should know that a super-powerful space-derived lightning bolt will eventually generate as many as 48 million spaces. Ten thousand space-derived lightning bolts will burst, and the building height will be faced with endless space, one bursting, another pile generating … As long as there is chaos, yin and yang, these spaces will continue to evolve until the setting is completed.
The way forward is blocked, and the high temper of the building is gloomy and great. At this time, I can’t help but be furious. Xuantianyu, a fallen spirit, suffered a heavy blow, which made him an old immortal who fought side by side with Nirvana, a fallen spirit, lose face for many years.
Xuanyu Guanghua spews, Xuantianyu rushes, and the space generated by the chaotic thunder of ten thousand pieces of space is shattered one by one …
Just angry and active, the star road is easy to break through, but the enemy is hard to guard against.

It’s too late. At that time, it was fast, jumping out of the heavenly heart and offering sacrifices to Zitie Jianyu. It was still the first step of that move to open the heavenly sword road with one yuan, which struck the tower and the lofty sky several billion light-years away.
The building is on fire, because Tianxin is showing his sword billions of light years away, so he has time to guard against it. This old fairy didn’t dodge, but released Xuan Yu Guanghua to the best of her ability, simulating the gold sand vortex with the most firmness, toughness and sluggish mobility in her mind, and facing the purple iron sword that came from the drill.
There was no sound, and the vortex was punctured like a piece of paper.
But as a mind a shock. The purple iron sword was driven by the vortex, and the deeper the stab, the greater the drive.
"Old guy, will fight with you. See how wide a swirling sand flow you can form. "